10 Things You Should Know About Kristin Bauer

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Wetpaint Lists 10 Things You May Not Know About Kristin:

Kristin Bauer, True Blood's vampire PamRecently Wetpaint listed 10 interesting things you may not know about Kristin Bauer, star of HBO’s True Blood. See how many on the list are things that you may not have known about our fave blood sucker, Pam:

1. She’s a Smokin’ Gun- That’s right. She’s born and bred Wisconsin. She knows how to ride and shoot a gun!

2. She’s a Talented Artist – Some of which you may have seen up for auction on True Blood Net.

3. She’s a Seasoned Actress – Making many appearences on both the small and big screen.

4. She’s Married to a Hunky Musician – His name is Abri van Straten and Kristin freely admits that she stalked him. They were married six and a half months later!

5. She Rescues Animals – Recently she helped to free Tony the Tiger from 10 years of captivity. Soon she will be appearing as a regular writer on True Blood Net, as an animal activist.

6. She’s a Vegetarian – No meat for this blood sucker!

7. She Got Naked in Dancing at the Blue IguanaKristin played the role of a porn star.

8. Her Swedish on True Blood is Totally Fake – The lines are translated for her by Alexander Skarsgård himself. She has no idea what she is reading, Alexander could be feeding her anything!

9. She has Man-Hands – Any Sienfeld fan will be able to explain this one!

10. She Works Hard to Stay Slim – She is one of the few celebrities who will admit to how hard it is to stay thin. But she also adds that it is probably adding years to her life.

Source: Wetpaint – 10 Things You Need To Know About Kristin Bauer

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