1st Printing of True Blood Comic Sells Out

August 20, 2010 by  

True Blood ComicZap! Bam! Pow! Okay, wrong comic book. But just as exciting to the fans of HBO‘s True Blood TV series is its very own “official” comic book. Launched at San Diego’s Comic-Con, HBO and IDW Publishing have announced that the first issue, True Blood #1, has sold out of its 53,000 copies. It had multiple covers. The VP of Global Licensing and Retailing, James Costos, said:

“The passion fans have for True Blood has elevated the series to new heights and it continues to grow as the story unfolds… With the sell-out success of the comic’s first printing, it is clear that there is an insatiable thirst for different iterations of the television series, and we’re excited to expand the impact of the comic series and get it into even more hands with this second printing.”

The first issue of the comic book series contains a plot developed by Alan Ball, creator of the TV series. The comics will continue with the adventures of our True Blood favorites – Sookie, Bill, Tara, Eric, Jason, Sam, Lafayette and Jessica.

Yes, there will be a second printing to be available in stores on August 25th. It will have 32 pages of full color action scenes, selling for $3.99.

True Blood Comic Alternate CoverTrue Blood #2, also 32 pages and the same price, became available in stores on August 18th.

Sink your teeth into them before they fly off the shelves, again!

SOURCE: IDWPublishing.com — HBO® and IDW Publishing Announce Second Printing for True Blood® Comic Book Series

Cover #1 is the second printing design by J. Scott Campbell.  Cover #2 is Issue 2.

Both covers by ideaanddesignworks.com