True Blood Ratings & What They Mean to HBO

October 30, 2008

Bill in Fangtasia

Bill in Fangtasia

Nov. 9th, first airing:
TRUE BLOOD (50 minutes) Episode 10 1.4/2 HH 1.3/3 A18-49
Estimated viewership: 2.47 million
“I Don’t Wanna Know”

Caught in a compromising position, Sam shares a secret with an incredulous Sookie. Thinking she’s been purged of her demon, Tara celebrates with Lettie Mae – but goes off the deep end when she uncovers Miss Jeanette’s true intentions. Sookie has a disturbing revelation during Arlene and Rene’s engagement party at Merlotte’s; Jason and Amy debate what to do with Eddie; and Tara speeds into a bizarre roadside encounter that lands her in jail. At a vampire tribunal to decide his fate, Bill faces a harsh penalty for his offense, but the magister decides on a more creative sentence involving a young human named Jessica.

TRUE BLOOD (54 minutes) Episode 10 1.4/2 HH 1.2/3 A18-49
Estimated viewership: 2.28 million
* 02 Nov 08 “Plaisir D’Amour”

Bill breaks a vampire taboo in protecting Sookie – and must pay a steep price as a result. Jason and Amy break their own taboo by kidnapping a vampire named Eddie in order to harvest his blood. With Lettie Mae apparently cured, a skeptical Tara consults with Miss Jeanette about exorcising her own inner demon. Sookie returns home to yet another horrific tragedy, prompting Bill to enlist an unlikely bodyguard – Sam – to protect her while he’s away.

October 26th, first airing:
TRUE BLOOD (56 minutes) Ep 8:(A18-49:??; HH:??; V:2,075,000)

The October 26th first run showing of True Blood Ep 8 drew 2.07 million viewers! No breakdown is currently available.  This is only slightly down from last week’s record high of 2,098,000 first run viewers and 6 million viewers across the whole week.  Congrats Alan Ball, Stephen Moyers, Anna Paquin and the rest of the cast and crew!  ROCK ON!

October 19th, first airing:
TRUE BLOOD (53 minutes) Ep 7:(A18-49:1.1/3; HH:1.2/2; V:2,098,000)

As a comparison:

ENTOURAGE (27 minutes)               1.0/2   0.9/2   1,586,000
LITTLE BRITAIN USA (29 minutes)      0.3/1   0.3/1     447,000

This is up .2 in the targeted viewers and .2 in HH from last week (and up .1 in HH from the previous High).  Also, Neilsens are only first showing.  So extrapolating from previous numbers on second showing TB got about a million views on the second showing bringing the Sunday showings to over 3 million viewers!  The data on 6 million views shows that the previous extrapolations I did, estimating half the weekly views on Sunday and half from on demand and later views during the week are fairly reliable and I will continue to assume that from now on unless I see data to the contrary.  Since our goal number as detailed below is 3.5 milliion views..
Ratings week of October 12th first airing:
– “True Blood” (HBO) Ep 6:  (A18-49: 0.9/2; HH: 1.0/2)

Below is the ‘high’ point when the series was renewed:

Week of September 21st:

– “True Blood” (HBO) Ep 3: 1.82 million viewers (A18-49: 0.9/2; HH: 1.1/2)

We haven’t gotten the number of viewers total lately but the A18-49 demographic hasn’t changed at 0.9 although households has dropped by a tenth of a percent from the high. (that might be just because of all the politics and sports and might be a very small fluctuation that rounds down).

The way HBO looks at a show is total views in a week including on demand and DVR.  Currently, True Blood’s second run on Sunday is bringing in half as many as the first run.  I can’t even guess at the rest of the week they are showing it a couple times a day in addition to on Demand.  But just taking the first two viewings brings us to 2.4 million views.  To keep True Blood on the air they would need to have one of two things, viewership greater than 3.5 million total (my guestimate that might need to be slightly higher depending on the cost of production)  If fifty percent of the views are on the first showing then we’re at 3.6 million viewers already.  Some shows have had historically as little as one third of it’s views on it’s debut night and considering that it’s up against sunday night football it’s likely that it’s first play views are no more than fifty percent of it’s total viewership so we’re already safe on this level just based on total views.

The second thing is that a show can pull in a particular demographic that HBO has trouble with and that makes them giddy. And who is that demographic?  Women.  Well.. look around ladies.. we’re a in like Flynn!

To complicate the question (in our favor) is the problem with the economy.  Many folks are cutting back on ‘extra’s’ like HBO and I don’t know how the subscriber pool has dropped.  They may be willing to accept a lower viewership if things are getting slim.  Of course, anything we can do to grow the viewership is a good thing.

And finally, HBO keeps shows on the air if the only reason you are subscribing is that show.  So if anyone asks, tell them what is likely the truth, you subscribe for True Blood.


Stephen Moyer Named Top Vampire

October 29, 2008

Bill in Fangtasia compiled a list naming the top 20 vampires of all time and Stephen Moyer from “True Blood” was named #1 on their list. To see the complete list follow the link below.

SOURCE: The Top 20 Scariest Bloodsuckers

(Photo credit: HBO., Inc.,)


Stephen Moyer to Attend Re-Opening of the Brentwood Theatre

October 29, 2008

Stephen Moyer will attend the re-opening of the Brentwood Theatre in Brentwood, U.K. Tuesday Nov 4, 2008.

Brentwood-born Hollywood actor Stephen Moyer, who will be joined on the opening night by Oscar-winning star Anna Paquin, who played Rogue in X-Men, said: “It has been brilliant just to be able to see it change. It’s when you go upstairs and you see that rehearsal space – it’s really fantastic.”

Since Brentwood is Stephen’s home town, it’s great to see that he’s supporting his roots.

To Read more visit the article at


A Close Up Look On Anna Paquin

October 28, 2008

Sookie Stackhouse

Annika Harris from the decided to take a deeper look into who is Anna Paquin and what we do know about her. Annika covers the various areas in Anna’s life: Love, Career and Crew and discovers through her research that Anna has had a very successful life in all three areas and hopefully her good fortune and down-to-earth personality will continue in the future. To read the article follow the link below.

SOURCE: Who is Anna Paquin, Anyway?

(Photo credit: HBO., Inc.)


Sookie Stackhouse Novels

October 26, 2008

sookiestackhouseboxsetSouthern Vampire Novels by Charlaine Harris. In the eight novels collectively dubbed the Southern Vampire series, author Charlaine Harris has vividly imagined telepathic barmaid Sookie Stackhouse and her small-town Louisiana milieu where humans, vampires, shape-shifters and other sentient critters live, not always in harmony but often in some state of arousal.

Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress in a small town in Louisiana, who just happens to be a telepath. The series begins a few years after the vampires have “come out of the closet” and started to integrate into mainstream society. The vampires are officially suffering from an “unknown virus” and feed on synthetic blood as a rule.

In the first novel of the series, Dead Until Dark, Sookie met and fell in love with Bill the Vampire. While some of her neighbors look askance at Sookie for her relationship, others are more accepting of her unusual boyfriend. In addition to the uneasiness of her human friends, Sookie has some challenges from the undead side of her relationship. Touching on the mostly secret and politically complex society of vampires, Sookie is obligated to assist them when her unique talents are needed.

As Sookie navigates the world of vampires, she finds out that other supernatural creatures, which she thought were only myths, turn out to live in the shadows of human society, some of them helpful, others deadly.


True Blood Merchandise

October 26, 2008

There are several new True Blood merchandise available now from T-Shirts to Shot Glasses all available on HBO Shops, Cafe Press, Ebay and Amazon

Be sure to check out this area every week for new merchandise to shop.


True Blood – Addicted(Sookie and Bill)

October 26, 2008

Here is a nice Youtube video put up by a fan to the song Addicted. This video has become a favorite on blog posts, myspace and viewed over 10,000 times!

The video is of course about Sookie and Bill’s romance from True Blood


True Blood Renewed for Second Season

October 26, 2008

Going from 1.4 million in its first airing to 1.8 million in the second episode, “True Blood” will be renewed for a second season. The new HBO TV series about vampires living with human being, will get its second season production in 2009 in Los Angeles and its air date in summer that year.

President of Programming Group and West Coast Operations, Michael Lombardo said, “We are absolutely thrilled that the critics and our viewers have embraced TRUE BLOOD.” He added a complimentary to the series’ creator, saying “Alan Ball has done it again made an addictive series that is unlike any other.”

“True Blood”, starring Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, is based on the book by author Charlaine Harris called “Southern Vampire Mysteries”. Lombardo continued, “I am thrilled to be able to continue to work with such a talented group of writers, cast and crew to explore the characters and world created by Charlaine Harris in her novels. It really is a joy to go to work every day and I couldn’t be happier to be back home at HBO.”

The production house announced that production will take place in Los Angeles next year with premiere target in summer.


Tara Thornton – Rutina Wesley

October 26, 2008

Tara Thornton – Rutina Wesley. Though she won’t win any congeniality awards, Tara has been Sookies’s loyal best friends since childhood. She’s built up a though exterior taking care of her alcoholic mother at home, but the stress can make her quick to anger, and hard to emply. She may have found her perfect job, after talking her way into a bartending job at Merlotte’s where she can turn her temper to keep unryly customers in line. Still, she has a soft spot in her heart for Sookie and her brother Jason.


Sam Merlotte – Sam Trammell

October 26, 2008

Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte Photo Credit: HBO / John P. Johnson

Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte Photo Credit: HBO / John P. Johnson

Sam Merlotte, the guy with the puppydog eyes.  Everyone has met someone like him, he seems too good to be true.  Loyal, caring, affectionate, warm, protective, hard worker, shows up in the morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed.  You’ve always thought one day you’d start dating but then  a new guy shows  up and woah.. the fangs come out.

Not to turn Sam’s tail tale into a shaggy dog story but well, that’s just what it is.  It’s clear from the first episode that there’s some odd relationship between Sam and that cute little doggie that follows Sookie around, hiding in the bushes and licking her face eagerly after she confronts the V stealing Ratrays.  Bill and Sam recognize each other from the first moment but it takes us much longer to stop barking up the wrong tree and realize that Sam sometimes IS that cute little dog.

Sadly, Sam’s story echoes that of many dogs, left behind by his people at a young age, Sam has to make his own way in the world.  While we still don’t know what his full story is, it’s clear he’s made a bundle of money along the way because he owns a significant amount of real estate in Bon Temps especially the local tavern where much of the story occurs, Merlotte’s.   Obviously panting after Sookie, Sam has kept his feelings mostly to himself until Sookie shows interest in another man, Vampire Bill.  After repeated attempts court Sookie, Sam’s canine side comes out when he turns to Sookie’s best friend Tara for a little play time. You just know Sam’s going to end up in the doghouse for this choice.

At the end of season 1 we’re left with a lot of questions about Sam and Sam is left howling out in the cold rejected by both Tara and Sookie despite his heroic efforts to save both Sookie and Bill from the mysterious serial killer in the cemetary and threatened by the mysterious and sometimes naked MaryAnn.  One of the last scenes is of Sam stuffing a valise full of cash.  Will he make yet another shape shift and rabbit out of Bon Temps?  Will he stop dogging Sookie about being with Bill?  Is he just going to buy the biggest dog bone in the world to bring in tourist traffic to Merlotte’s?  Will we ever get to see him hanging his head out the car window?  Only time, and Alan Ball’s twisted mind, will tell.


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