The 2009 Scream Awards was Coated with True Blood

October 18, 2009 by  


Rose, one of our great readers, had the opportunity to go to the 2009 Scream awards and was very kind to provide us with a bat’s eye view of her experience! What follows is what she sent us:

Alexander Skarsgard kicked off the night with a win for best villain. He dedicated the award to his 5th grade shop teacher who was an evil man. He was leaning over to talk into the short microphone (later the announcer announced that you didn’t have to lean over) and had some tightesque trousers on.

Best Horror Actor Male went to Stephen Moyer who came out with a limp and a cane. He said something gushy about Alan Ball being a matchmaker and we all went ‘awww’.

Best Horror Actor Female was Anna Paquin, she kept her acceptance speech short. Wearing a lovely purple dress and a simple but elegant ponytail.

Best TV Show – Alan Ball accepted, said that the award (which is a spike) looked like something they used on set. Sam Trammel said ‘This is the raddest audience I’ve ever seen at the Greek.’ When the people in the audience went crazy pants for Sam, Alex was golf clapping his giant hands off. I noticed Rutina and Michael McMillian onstage beside Anna and Stephen.

The set had a giant rabbit face à la Alice In Wonderland, though the rabbit looked like it was rocking some bondage gear. The cast all seemed in good spirits and it was a entertaining night all in all.

Rose did a wonderful job in tough circumstances jotting things down while flames shot over her head and the crowd was going wild for our True Blood Favorites! Thanks so much Rose!  If you ever have a ‘True Blood‘ moment, at a convention, booksigning or other event, please submit it to and maybe we’ll publish it!

(Photo credit: SpikeTV)

  • laura

    Above Rose said “Sam Trammel won and said…” Sam didn’t win so it should say “Sam said…” I wish he would have won though! I was so excited that between the cast and the show, 4 awards went to True Blood! AWESOME!

    • antonio

      Dont get Me started! LOL I was So upset that a 17 year old “kid” beat him out!! He deserved it! And yet he still showed enthusiasm and showmanship…He’s a Real Pro! Luv ya Sammy!!

  • Allie

    I’m confused a little. The scream awards don’t take place until the 27th. How did Rose go to them?

    • They AIR on the 27th. They filmed already, so voting is over, and the winners have been chosen… It’s a really common practice in Hollywood

      • Allie

        Oh! Thanks for explaining. I feel so behind the times lol.
        I can’t believe Sam lost to Taylor Lautner *gag*.
        I voted for Sam a hundred times! Twilight just needs it’s own award show so it stops tainting the rest of our shows.

        • antonio

          AGREED Taylor Get OUT of Bon Temps!! Go Home to La Push!!
          🙂 🙂

          SAM You should have Won,Man!! Rock ON TB!!!

  • Lizzie 1701

    Good on you Rose! I wish I could have been there! I would have cheered the house down!