True Blood Spoiler News: Season 2 Episode 4

January 27, 2009

billsookietogetherMore spoiler news came out today from Spoiler TV regarding Alan Ball’s successful HBO TV series “True Blood”.  Word has come out that Episode 4 of “True Blood” will be entitled “Let’s Take A Trip Together”.  In this episode Jason becomes a soldier for the Fellowship of the Sun church but soon realizes there are strings attached.  WhileBill, Sookie and Jessica are in Dallas, Sookie finds out that she is not the only person who can read minds.  For people who have read Book 2, you probably have a very good idea as to who they are referring to.

In addition to the information regarding the plot for episode 4, more casting calls have been sent out.  The following characters are required for upcoming episodes in Season 2. 

This character is approximately 30 to 45 who seems to be quite aggressive and has been sent by Fellowship of the Sun to kidnap Sookie when she arrives at the airport. However, Bill and Jessica are able to intervene and glamor the driver causing him to experience  a wide range of emotions and outbursts, from fear, to relief, to embarrassment as Bill and Jessica control his will and his behavior. Eventually he is released and returns to his superiors and tell them that Sookie “never showed up” (which is what he now believes).

This character is a sleek, female, European desk clerk at a Texas hotel who gets a room ready for Sookie, Jessica and Bill according to their needs.

This character is a  uniformed, 19-year-old bellboy at a Texas hotel who sends Sookie and Jessica room service (a handsome guy to feed off of). Sookie is surprised to realize that Barry the Bellboy, can read her mind and he becomes more freaked out as they communicate silently.

This character man approximately 50ish who is very handsome, well-groomed and surprisingly country and he  picks up Jessica and Bill’s travel coffins to take to the airport.

This character is a 21 years old male who is very handsome and dressed in a hotel bathrobe who comes to Jessica as her polite, barely legal “room service” meal (B negative blood).

SOURCE : Spoiler TV

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True Blood on Two Networks in the U.K. this Spring

January 27, 2009

truebloodlogo3Alan Ball’s successful HBO TV series “True Blood” will not only be premiering on one television station but two in the U.K. this spring. According to Variety, Channel 4 U.K. has bought the UK terrestrial rights to “True Blood” as well as HBO’s “Generation Kill”.  Both “True Blood” and “Generation Kill” will first premiere on the digital FX Channel followed by Channel 4 U.K. which is a public-service television broadcaster and publicly funded. This will allow “True Blood” to be seen by a wider viewing public audience and will definitely increase its popularity in the U.K.


Channel 4 takes two from HBO

Channel 4 Buy True Blood and Generation Kill



Rutina Wesley Interviewed by

January 27, 2009

HBO Post Emmy reception had the opportunity to interview Rutina Wesley who plays Tara Thornton, Sookie Stackhouse’s best friend on Alan Ball’s successful HBO TV series “True Blood”. Rutina explained to KING-MAG that what attracted her to take the part in “True Blood” was the opportunity to work with Alan Ball. She stated that once she read the script she knew she could play the role of Tara Thornton because she understood the character and what she was going through and as a result she could related to her. She stated that she was nervous at the beginning of the show because of its graphic nature, however she states that she would not remove her clothes unless it is absolutely necessary. In regards to some people’s criticisms that her portrayal of African Americans may be stereotypical she states:

“I’m trying to make sure I always play a human being with a range of emotions, not this screaming robot. It’s funny—there are people who think I’m hilarious on the show and people who are offended, both black and white. They’re like, “I don’t talk like that. She’s ghetto.” I love hearing the differences, because there are people exactly like Tara—don’t lie and tell me there aren’t.”

She further explains that although Lafayette is a drug dealer in the show, Alan Ball has done “a great job of creating real-life characters that aren’t these stock ones we’ve seen in the past.”

To read the article you can visit and click the link below.

SOURCE: Killer Curves

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True Blood Nominated for the GLAAD Award

January 27, 2009

nelsanfanThe GLAAD Award nominees were announced today, January 27, 2009 and Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series “True Blood” has bee nominated in the Outstanding Drama TV Series category.  Other contenders in the category include:  Brothers & Sisters (ABC), The L Word (Showtime), South of Nowhere (The N), and Torchwood (BBC America).  The GLAAD Award is for the recognition for media representation of  the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in 26 English-language and 15 Spanish-language categories.  The award ceremonies will be held in several cities on various dates: March 28 at the Marriott Marquis in New York, April 18 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and May 9 at the Hilton San Francisco.  To see the complete list of all the nominees in the various categories click the link below.

SOURCE:   ‘Milk’ among GLAAD nominees

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Alexander Skarsgård Podcast Interview

January 26, 2009

alexswedenThe wonderful ladies at had the privilege to do a telephone interview with Alexander Skarsgård on January 25, 2009.  Alexander answered questions that were submitted by fans to The questions were wide and varied and ranged from how he started his acting career to what we may see in season 2 and what to expect from Eric Northman, the 1000 year vampire on Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV Series “True Blood”. 

Alexander provides a few details describing how he got the part of Eric Northman and how he prepared for the part.  What was interesting in the interview is Alex mentions that he had to work with a dialogue coach to sound more American when he was in “Generation Kill” and then when he started “True Blood” on the first day somone told him that he sounded too American and if he could sound more Scandinavian.  Alex mentioned he bascially had to unlearn what he learned from working on “Generatin Kill”.  As for details regarding “True Blood”,  Alex stated that he has read up to book 5 and is aware what occurs in the books as to if the show is going to follow the same path he states “we will have to wait and see.”  As to which was his favorite book he stated that Living Dead in Dallas, Book 2 intrigued him the most.  All that he could say regarding season2 in resepect to his character is that he will try to present a deeper level and more sides of his character’s personality.  Go to the’s website to hear the complete podcast and hear in detail his description regarding his acting career and some tidbits that Eric fans will enjoy.


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PopWrap’s Look at New Blood on True Blood

January 26, 2009

true-blood-castingJarett Wieselman from PopWrap takes a look at all the new actors joining Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series “True Blood” for season 2.  Jarett takes a look at Preston Jones, Ashley Jones (no relations), Wes Brown and Anna Camp and explains the roles that each has been assigned and what we may expect or hope to see with these new characters.  The only actor not assigned a character as of yet is Preston Jones who maybe someone or something that is not from Book 2 of the Sookie Stackhouse series.  Jarrett also examines the four new cast members from season 1 returning in perhaps larger roles in season 2.  Michelle Forbes (Maryann), Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica), Todd Lowe (Terry), and Mehcad Brooks (Eggs) will provide more intrigue, questions and add to the emotional rollercoaster ride that the show puts its audiences through each week.  To read Jarett Wieselman’s detailed summary please click the link below.

SOURCE:  Introducing “True Blood’s” Fresh Meat

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New Cast Member Announced for True Blood

January 26, 2009

prestonjones3Variety has announced that Preston Jones has been cast in a recurring role for Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series “True Blood” for Season 2.  It is still unknown as to what character he will be playing but readers of Book 2 can take a few guesses as who he could play.  However, knowing Alan Ball, Preston could be cast for any of the new characters that Mr. Ball introduces in each season leading even book readers wondering what is going to happen next in the series.  Preston Jones has appeared in Superbad, Jar and Miracle Dogs Too and he has starred opposite Chris O’Donnell, Adam Goldberg, John Goodman, and David Carradine in several projects.  Currently he has several movies in post-production including 818, Spring Break ’83 and Road Trip II: Beer Pong which will be release in the summer of 2009.


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True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård Radio Interview

January 26, 2009

alexvidclipAlexander Skarsgård from Alan Ball’s successful HBO TV series “True Blood” conducted a radio interview back in November 2008. During the interview Alexander discusses his role in “True Blood and how he was casted for the show. He also mentions some information regarding his others works and some details regarding himself.


Spoiler News: Photos of Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin on the Set of True Blood

January 25, 2009

Spoiler TV has more spoiler news but instead of information of what we can expect on Season 2 of Alan Ball’s hit TV series “True Blood’ they are photos of Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin on the set. The cast and crew are busy filming season 2 which is to premiere in the summer of 2009.

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SOURCE: Spoiler TV
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True Blood’s New Cast Member: Mehcad Brooks

January 24, 2009

mehcadbrooksRecently we introduced you to Michael McMillian who will be playing the role of Steve Newlin in Season 2 of Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series “True Blood”. We would like to introduce to you another new character that will be in season 2: Mehcad Brooks who will be portraying “Eggs” Benedict Talley. The following video is a short interview of Mehcad Brooks where he mentions being cast for “True Blood“ and his other works.




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