True Blood SE2 EP4 Shake and Fingerpop Promo

June 30, 2009

sookie-tara-ep16Even though we have until July 12 for the next episode of True Blood, we can always watch the  next Season 2 promo video for  True Blood Episode 4 Shake and Fingerpop to keep up the anticipation.

I know we can hardly wait!


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Who Is The Fangtastic Five?

June 30, 2009


And where do our favorite Sexy True Blood vampires fit in?  Sorry fanpires you are going to have to watch the video to find out.
Now we all know True Blood’s two leading vampires Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) have brought back sexy on and off the screen.

Since this an all time list (which you need to keep in mind before you have a fit.)  The video gives us a brief view of vampires on the big and small screen.

Personally in recent memory except for Nosferatu and the vampires from “Thirty Days of Night” (I’m sure their is more so be nice when reminding me.)  I found most vampires to be sexy, seductive and misunderstood.   If you remember most of the old movies there was always some long lost love that the female character resembled which made the vampire obsessed and needy of her love.
Alex Fox of Bizarre Magazine gives us her rundown of her “fangtastic five” in her short video interview on ITN Extreme.  Let us know your comments below if you think she has the “Top 5″ correct!

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Chat Live with True Blood’s Anna Paquin

June 30, 2009

Anna PaqinTrue Blood’s Anna Paquin will chat live tonight, Tuesday June 30, 2009 at 4 p.m. PDT / 8 p.m. EDT over at Gold Derby on L.A Times.  Here’s your big chance to ask her your most interesting and exciting questions.

Visit the link here to chat live tonight with Anna Paquin

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Is True Blood the Twilight for Adults?

June 30, 2009

twilight-truebloodClevver TV has a video on the True Blood Season 2 Preview.  They  mention the huge gain in HBO subscriptions than any other show on the cable channel other than Sopranos.  No spoilers on the video, but they mention what we have forward to look for this season which is Bill and Sookie,  Dallas and the mysterious Maryann.

They also asked,  Is True Blood the Twilight for Adults? Post your comments below.  This is a question that appears many of you have a lot of True Blood fans have a huge debate on lately..

View the video below

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Rutina Wesley Daemons TV Interview

June 30, 2009 has a great interview with Rutina Wesley where she discusses her acting background, her character as Tara Thornton and much more.  The interview is gives a little more background on Rutina and what’s going on with Tara for True Blood Season2.

Some of the interview below

Can you talk a bit then how Tara evolves throughout the season?

Rutina Wesley: Like I said, we’re going to see Tara getting taken care of. There’s going to be some romance and then there’s chaos of course, but without giving too much away I do think that just generally it’ll be a softer side of Tara that we’ll see this season. I mean, her edge is still there, but she’s not as edgy as she was last season. She’s definitely a lot more vulnerable and I think it’s very beautiful to see a Black character on TV that the writers have given so many levels to and so much complexity. She’s not just the angry woman. She’s got so much more to her and that’s why I enjoy and love playing her.

Who’s your favorite character, apart from Tara?

Rutina Wesley: Oh, everyone. I’m being totally honest here. It’s really hard to have a favorite because especially this season the creative team has given everyone something so meaty and juicy to work on and everyone is playing it so well. I think that all of us have been cast right on and so everyone is playing their part brilliantly and there’s no one person that I lean more towards. I mean, I love Nelsan Ellis. We went to school together. I’ve always loved him, since we were in school. I enjoy working with Anna Paquin and Adina Porter who plays my mother and of course Michelle Forbes who is amazingly…her and Adina are two of the most amazingly grounded women and actresses that I’ve worked with in my life. They’re just there. I’ve learned so much from working with them. It’s been a real treat.

Read the full interview at

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True Blood “It Gets More Bizarre”

June 29, 2009

carrie-preston-2 Says Carrie Preston who plays Arlene Fowler on True Blood. Ms.Preston spoke with Fred Topel from were she was  in attendance representing True Blood for the Saturn Award nomination (I think someone should stake the judges, it didn’t win).

In The article Ms. Preston talks about the first two episodes of this season, And in Carrie’s words exclaims:

“Oh, my gosh, you’re going to see characters do things that you would never expect them to do,”.  You’re going to see them do things they would never expect themselves to do.  It goes to a pretty crazy place”

I am personally loving this season of True Blood and everyone’s reaction to it.  For me the crazier the better, it has been too long since network or cable TV aired anything even slightly edgy.  If I had to watch another formatted sitcom or some other junk that industry executives found acceptable for me, I was going to end up either in a boredom induced coma, or broke from buying DVD’s.  OK slight editorial there, to much caffeine ya think?

The full article is available at:

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Starpulse Entertainment True Blood Recap

June 29, 2009


There are many editorial comments  from last night’s True Blood episode on the web. Starpulse gave the best break down for those of you (VERY BAD fanpires who missed last nights episode). If you did this would be a SPOILER ALERT; just warning you now. So just like the directions on bleach bottles that say do not ingest (obvious but people still drink it!).

The humorous insights fit my sense of humor. In the first paragraph there is one that I love, it discusses last week’s cliff hanger when Bill arrives at Jessica’s house “to clean up Sookie’s mess”:

Bill only had to glamour her family. Tch! Very disappointing, “True Blood.” I promise, we’d still love Bill even if he murdered an entire family … probably.”

That’s OK I would Too!

I also like Pam’s reaction on not wanting to ruin her pumps when asked to go searching for, In Eric’s words “The Bull head creature”. In another paragraph the author humorously discusses the relationship with Bill and Sookie and some of her not so smart stubborn choices: “Anyway Bill and Sookie have their usual OMG I HATE YOU OH WAIT NO I LOVE YOU YAY OH NO SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED back and forth relationship this week. It’s as strangely endearing as ever. They fight over Sookie’s choice to bring Jessica to see her family Bill snaps at her (rightfully), and Sookie (stupidly) goes stomping out into the darkness. Because she apparently doesn’t watch this show. And of course something bizarre pops out – half bull half man? – and cuts her open. I love whenever something weird happens to Sookie; her reactions never disappoint. This time she just goes “what the….” and then runs like hell.”

Now of course we know this is leading to enlisting Eric’s help to save her which introduces us to the straight forward fun little doctor, Dr. Ludwig played by the talented Marcia deRousse [See the TBN interview here], then putting her in debt to Eric. Those damn vampires and their nothing are for free politics, they are like working for a crime syndicate!

So next episode (IN TWO WEEKS!) off to Dallas they go.  I only wished the Starpulse article had included the Sookie’s line to Eric when he implies he might grow on her:  “I prefer cancer”.

To read more the full recap is available at:

By the way not only was Eric flirting with Sookie, but check out Eric’s little exchange with Lafayette!  And what about Bill’s fit when finding Jessica and Hoyt together?  Was that an “overprotective dad” moment or what?  When next we see them we’ll find out if Bill‘s growl is worse than his bite!

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True Blood – Sookie Stackhouse

June 29, 2009

sookie-stackhouseExploring Characters from the HBO Southern Vampire Mystery Series.

True Blood Season Two premiered in June 2009. Here is a look at the main characters who make up Alan Ball‘s hit series based on Charlaine Harris‘ vampire books.

Sookie Stackhouse (played by Canadian born Anna Paquin) is the lead female character who appears in the HBO Series True Blood. True Blood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Sookie makes her first appearance in the True Blood episode Strange Love.  She is called many names by the locals and calls her telepathic gift a disability, acknowledging that the towns folk think she is crazy.  

Sookie Stackhouse’s Family History in True Blood.

Sookie lived in her family home with her grandmother Adele Stackhouse until Adele was killed by the Bon Temps serial killer.  Sookie also has a brother Jason Stackhouse who is somewhat promiscuous and coincidentally slept with two of the women killed prior to the death of their grandmother

One additional family member is Bartlett Hale, Sookie’s great uncle who is killed not long after the death of Adele Stackhouse.  It is revealed that Bill Compton had killed Bartlett not long after Sookie tells him that her great uncle had molested her when she was a child. Both of Sookie’s parents died in a flash flood when she was 7.

Sookie Stackhouse’s Living Arrangements in True Blood (Season One):

When Adele Stackhouse is killed, Sookie learns that the house was left to her in her grandmothers will. In order to make ends meet Sookie works at the local bar called Merlotte’s (owned by Sam Merlotte) where she first encountered Vampire Bill Compton. Her house is close to Bill Compton’s and the local grave yard situated between the properties divides their land. Sookie’s parents, grandparents and ancestors are all interred in this cemetery.

Sookie Stackhouse’s Romantic Involvement with Bill Compton:

While working at Merlotte’s one night Sookie meets Bill and is attracted to him for two reasons – he is a real Vampire and she cannot read his mind. During this first meeting Sookie uses her gift to save Bill’s life and the two strike up an unlikely and sometimes clumsy romance. Sookie admits that she, at 25 is still a virgin and that this is her first romantic relationship with another. One of the reasons she sites for taking so long to get involved with another is that her telepathy usually messes things up as she can hear the impure intentions of any potential suitor. This, to Sookie, is a big turn off.

Relationship Dynamics Explored in True Blood (Season One):

Although 25, Sookie acts like a teenager in love, dealing with numerous adolescent feelings and emotions. As she has never experienced a relationship before Sookie learn to master her jealousy and manage her response to the sexual overtones Bill’s vampire friends display.  Sookie brings an air of naivety and innocence to the interactions between her and Bill sometimes leading to many tense moments. On one occasion Sookie indignantly tells Bill that she will not call him again, as he has not courted her and she has done all the chasing up to that point.

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Is Maryann A Maenad?

June 29, 2009


Greek Mythology defines Maenads as the female followers of Dionysus.  A literal translation of the name means “raving ones” In Wikipedia the Maenads are said to be inspired by Dionysus “into a state of ecstatic frenzy, through a combination of dancing and drunken intoxication. In this state, they would lose all self control, begin shouting excitedly, engage in uncontrolled sexual behavior, and ritualistically hunt down and tear animals (and sometimes men and children) to pieces, devouring the raw flesh. During these rites, the maenads would dress in fawn skins and carry a thyrsus, a long stick wrapped in ivy or vine leaves and tipped by a cluster of leaves, weave ivy-wreaths around their heads, and often handle or wear snakes.”
If you remember the first time we saw Maryann she was in the woods, naked carrying a staff which would be her “thyrsus”. In the previous two episodes of  True Blood we saw Maryann influence the patrons at Merlotte’s into an uncontrolled “frenzy” of dance, also putting a kind of aphrodisiac type spell over the crowd. Now the party at her house  in the third episode made the party at Merlotte’s seem tame.
In the following paragraph from the hermetic fellowship it describes many of Maryann’s personality traits.
“The Maenads are called nurses and foster mothers — they not only nurse and mother the young God (referring to Dionysus), but young animals in the forest as well.
They have the power to make the Earth bloom and the wild animals come to them.”

The same document also lists the power of maenads as such:
· To awaken the God
·    To run with the God
·    To share His attributes
·    To tame wild things by nursing them
·    To call forth water and wine and milk and honey from the Earth
·    To fight and not be harmed
·    To destroy
·    To prophesy

We have seen the nurturing side of  Maryann in her relationship to Tara and Eggs. These are two people who were strays of society to some degree, we learned Eggs was homeless and Tara never had a mother who was emotionally there for her needs, she was left her entire life to fend for herself then re-abandoned when her mother saw herself as “saved”.  We also saw Maryann‘s interaction (which more seemed like communication) with the pig at her house. Briefly we saw a picture at her pool which showed Pan with his human lover, maenads were known to be lovers of Pan and the Satyr which is described as a half man half goat creature.

The Question is why would she attack Sookie? Also why would she have killed Ms. Jeanette? The two things these women have in common is Tara. As for Ms. Jeanette I feel  Maryann believes she was avenging Tara , in her confrontation with Tara’s mother she may have not physically ripped Tara’s mother’s heart out but her words were meant to.  I am sure their is a whole other reason for her attack on Sookie we will have to watch more to find out(I love and HATE  that everything in this show is a cliffhanger.)

And watch out Tara this women may be nurturing when you are on her good side,the other side well  NOT so good.

To read more on Maenads and Dionysus information is available from the following sources

meanad on wikipedia

Dionysus on wikipedia

(photo credit: HBO inc.)


True Blood Contest – Help Sam Trammell Find Sam Merlotte a Woman

June 28, 2009

samtrammel-contestOk True Blood Fans here is the new Round 4 contest giveaway!   When we recently interviewed Sam Trammell,  he wanted to know what kind of woman Sam Merlotte should date.  So now we’d like your help.  Answer Sam’s question in a few words   And we will pick a winner randomly from all the submissions.  Only one submission per person and keep your answer to under 140 characters so we can tweet the ones that really tickle us!

And since Sam asked, we’ll be sending your answers on to Sam Trammell!!!

The winner will get a True Blood Season 1 DVD Set!!

Here’s Sam’s question:

Do you want Sam to find a woman and if so, who should it be?  Or who or what should it be?  Should it be Sookie? Or should it be one of the /other /characters on the show?  Or if not what kind of girl or woman should it be?  What should her qualities be?

true-blood-season1-dvdContest Name: Round 4 – One True Blood Season 1 DVD Set Giveaway- Help Sam Trammell Find Sam Merlotte a Woman

Deadline: July 12, 2009 11:59:59 EST

Prizes: One True Blood Season 1 DVD Set

( sponsored giveaways are not affiliated with HBO.)


Contest Closed! Winner L. Emme, MN

Dont’ forget to follow us on Twitter @truebloodnet! We will have another Twitter Giveaway to win a Free Sookie Stackhouse Living Dead in Dallas Book 2.  Our followers will get a special link to register for the twitter giveaway for Living Dead in Dallas Book 2.

Congratulations to our first Twitter contest winner Stephanie Quill-Giroso!  She was randomly chosen to win the Sookie Stackhouse Dead Until Dark Book 1 Giveaway

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