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June 28, 2009

Congratulations to the True Blood Giveaway – Win True Blood Music Soundtrack – Round 2 winner Emily V.

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Hollywood Life’s Interview with William Sanderson

June 28, 2009

williams-hlHollywood recently had the chance to interview True Blood’s William Sanderson.  William has starred in film classics Coal Miner’s Daughter, Blade Runner, and HBO‘s Deadwood.  In the interview, William talks about what appealed to him about True Blood, working with True Blood cast members, the types of roles he’s played and his childhood. 

Some of the interview below.

The cast is stellar. What do you glean from them on set?

Especially Anna, she has this incredible energy. That’s probably my biggest talent is to keep up with them. They’re half my age or less. Or more, I should say. Or Stephen Moyer, a wonderful actor from England who plays her love interest. Anna never fumbles with her lines, she’s very professional. And inventive! It’s exciting anytime I get to work with an Academy Award winner. Well, I wouldn’t say always fun – but educational.

To read the full interview,  read on at Hollywood Life

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Hollywood Life’s Interview with Deborah Ann Woll

June 28, 2009

deborahaw-hlHollywood recently had the chance to interview True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll. In the interview , Deborah talks about her first appearance in Season 1 of True Blood and how she prepared for the role by watching animal attack videos.  Deborah’s goes on to talk about the difficulty talking with fangs.

Some of the interview below.

Your character, Jessica, was a sheltered girl who transformed into an outspoken, bratty teenage vampire. Could you relate to any of that from your teenage years? What were you like?
I was nothing like Jessica. I was very shy. Very quiet. I was a hard worker and I really just did my own thing. I was very un-popular. I certainly was not in the in-crowd. I was a big nerd. I did not have the attitude or the sort of self confidence that Jessica has. And part of me wishes that I did, because I wouldn’t have been such a doormat my whole life. She really doesn’t let anybody tell her what to do or tell her she’s inappropriate. And I think that’s a great quality in a way. Jessica will learn to balance that out a little bit, I hope. But, no, I didn’t really draw on my own experiences. I tended to watch a lot of specific celebrities who maybe had a similar feel to them, and I just thought a lot about what it would be like to have never been allowed to express yourself. To always have been told that what you thought and felt were wrong, your entire life. And what would it be like to finally be able to say ‘Never again am I going to let someone marginalize me or make me feel less than.’

To read the full interview,  read on at Hollywood Life

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10 Reasons Why You Should be Watching True Blood

June 28, 2009

13210283Blast Magazine has an article on the 10 reasons why you should be watching “True Blood”. At first thought there are probably more than 10 reasons to watch True Blood, the majority are on the list that Blast Magazine names, but there are many others as well.  Post to the comments area  your reasons to watch True Blood Season 2!

From Blast Magazine:

Not just for the romance between vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and psychic waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), and not just because it’s about vampires. Make no mistake: “True Blood” is not your little sister’s “Twilight.” It’s got action, intrigue, plenty of steamy scenes, Southern charm, creatures of the night, Anna Paquin, a guy that turns into a dog, and enough blood splatter to make a Jackson Pollock painting jealous.

Here is what they list:

1. The supernatural
2. Bon Temps, Louisiana
3. The opening credits
4. Love Triangle meets unrequited love meets star-crossed lovers
5. Beefcake
6. Cheesecake
7. Tara Thornton
8. Jason Stackhouse’s clueless face
9. Lafayette
10. Vampire Bill’s string quartet

Read the article at Blast to get more details on the reasons to watch True Blood Season 2!


Anne Rice Weighs In On True Blood and Twilight

June 28, 2009

Aaron Tellock on had a question and answer with Anne Rice.  If you are anne_rice2wikiunfamiliar, Anne Rice’s novels beginning with “Interview With The Vampire” defined a genre of change in the way we saw vampires.  It also inspired an entire subculture although already existing to, OK I will say it, come out of the coffin. I have been a vampire and horror fan since I was young, I actually ran home from school in second grade to watch “Dark Shadows”.  Alright So I was a little freak but hey if you are reading this you have all joined my ranks.

In the question and answer Ms. Rice not only talks about the popularity of her books but, weighs in on her opinion of  True Blood and Twilight.

Here is an excerpt talking about both series:

“Q: What do you think about the direction that the vampire legend has taken over the past few years?”

On Twilight Ms. Rice states: “I am intrigued by the direction the vampire legend has taken. I think the teen vampire romance, Twilight, was a curious film in many respects, one obviously made for 12 year olds, and it presents a very tame picture of the vampire and one that does not entirely make sense. We are to believe that a group of immortals choose to live in a tiny town rather than a metropolis, and that they go to high school over and over again, which certainly sounds horrible. But obviously this appeals to very young kids and the vampire, Edward, is charming, and strong, and is a powerful metaphor for the outsider and also he represents what teenagers dream of: a boyfriend who is really deep and caring and powerful and protective. In a way, it is about a young girl’s desire for an older man.”

As for True Blood:
True Blood“, the HBO series, is infinitely more complex. The show is clever, satirical and yet deeply involving. It is full of humor and yet its characters have tender and emotional scenes. I find it very engaging and fun to watch. Obviously it has too much sex and violence for very young teens. But for an adult audience, it is an amazing development in the vampire mythology, putting the vampires right into the mainstream of the modern world. I like the show. I think the vampire Bill is the usual metaphor for the outsider and the sensitive outcast who suffers. He’s excellent.”

Now do not fang the messenger I am just bringing the excerpts of her article, if you read both responses she is not slamming the series she just feels that the vampires of “Twilight” just present a much tamer version of the vampire genre which would appeal to young teens. And also says that True Blood is meant for a more mature audience because it has too much sex and violence for the younger teens.

None of this says that both series cannot be enjoyed by everyone but… well… you all know where I weigh in. I just love my True Blood.

To read the full article go to:


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True Blood’s Sam Trammell Talks

June 28, 2009


Dave Walker a TV columnist from “The Times-Picayune” talked with Sam Trammell who plays our favorite shapeshifter Sam Merlotte.  During a recent phone interview with Mr. Walker he discussed Sam’s hometown and  growing up and dealing with his surprising new found fame.  I like the way the article comes across revealing Mr.Trammells laid back personality, and the humbleness in how he deals with being recognized with the wide spread popularity of True Blood.  Since he moved around with his parents, the article focuses more on Sam’s time in Louisiana where the fictional town of Bon Temps exists and also where much of True Blood is filmed.

On living in Louisiana Sam says :

“I remember it being pretty big,” he said during a recent telephone interview. “I went back a few years ago and it’s just so tiny. I remember playing kick-the-can right before dusk. It was such a great neighborhood to grow up in. I also remember going to Mardi Gras parades and just yelling at the people, ‘Give me something, mister!’ That was what I was taught to yell. I think that’s what all the kids yelled back then. I remember the doubloons and the beads. It was really fun, really exciting.”

Also how his life seemed to go full circle:

We shot in and around Shreveport, and one day we were going to shoot this scene and we were driving and driving into the country and all of a sudden we turned this corner and go over this railroad crossing and I realized we were in Doyline.  Doyline is a tiny town where my father’s side of the family all grew up. I have 13 relatives buried in the cemetery.  The scene itself was shot near Lake Bistineau, on land that Trammell’s great-grandfather once owned”.

In Sam Trammell’s words which I felt most revealed what a genuinely nice person he is on the subject of being recognized he stated:

“I was in a Starbucks and one of the baristas sort of was looking at me and came up really timidly and asked if I was Sam Trammell. ‘Yeah, it’s just me. I live right down the street. I’m nothing special, but I’m really flattered that you’re so impressed.”  “It’s all exciting. At this point, I’m not even going to pretend that it’s a hassle. It’s awesome. It’s great to be in something that people like.”

It is great that he enjoys his role in the show and where it has taken him, and also that he truly appreciates his new found fame those are the people I believe most deserving of it.

Read more at:

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Jace Everett Talks True Blood and New Album

June 27, 2009

jaceeverett-usaweekendJace Everett, the songwriter for True Blood‘s theme song “Bad Things”, talked with Lorrie Lynch at USA Weekend. Jace talks about releasing his third album, “Red Revelations”, True Blood and his background.

Be sure to check out Jace Everett‘s official Website and Myspace page.

So tell me about how Bad Things ended up on a cult vampire series.
That’s actually a really cool story of synchronicity. ‘Bad Things’ was on the Sony record back in 2005, and my friends at iTunes actually gave me the opportunity to be the iTunes Single of the Week in 2006. So ‘Bad Things’ was downloaded by about 210,000 people, and one of those people happened to be Alan Ball, the creator of True Blood

Read the entire interview at USA Weekend

Video of Jace Everett performing “Bad Things” on The Tonight Show.

Photo Credit: David McClister


True Blood’s Evan Rachel Wood Artisan News Video Interview

June 27, 2009

The Artisan News has a video interview with  Evan Rachel Wood where she discuss her latest film “Whatever Works. Evan Rachel Wood is set to film her part for the HBO series True Blood and fresh off her appearance in Whatever Works, which is in select theaters.  She mentions that she will play a French vampire in the last two episodes of True Blood Season 2.


Check out the video interview here


The Critical Condition Wants an Emmy Call To Arms For True Blood

June 27, 2009

tabu_true-blood-cast-5209-588aA recent video blog from Mark Blankenship calls out for an “Emmy Call To Arms” for two HBO Shows True Blood and Big Love.
He feels both of these shows are as he says “barometers of the new liberal America”.

In his video he breaks down different reasons as to why he enjoy these shows.

On Big Love he likes the performance of the actors specifically mentioning Chloe Sevigny, and the pull between conservatism of the polygamous Mormon family centered in the show.  He sees the family on the show as although following a conservative controversial style of life, they are at the same time being an outsider in their own pier group.

On True Blood he first mentions the hot shirtless factor of the men we know and love.
Yes Mark we love those scenes also. Then goes on to talk about the metaphor of gay rights in America the whole “coming out of the coffin” which clearly resonates with G.B.L.T. (for those of you unfamiliar with the terms) it stands for gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgendered.

I agree with most of his statement ,but I feel he left out the capability of the actors on True Blood To make the unbelievable, believable.

Every one of those characters stands out and delivers memorable scenes.

It’s amazing to me in the casting of the show how Alan Ball has picked actors who give top performances from the main cast, to those who have one or two lines.

Here is the youtube video for you to enjoy Mark’s funny and insightful commentary.


True Blood’s Evan Rachel Wood Appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

June 27, 2009

evanrachelwood-jimmyfallonEvan Rachel Wood appeared June 25 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Evan Rachel discussed her latest movie “Whatever Works” and her new role as Queen Sophie-Anne on True Blood Season 2.

Check out the video segment where Evan appeared.


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