VIDEO: Stephen Moyer Explains The Nature of True Blood

November 28, 2009

In this video interview with Stephen Moyer taken back during the summer, Stephen explains the nature of True Blood.  Not only does he go into detail about the preparations he took in developing his character, vampire Bill Compton, but also the whole concept involved in creating the believable world of Bon Temps.  As usual, another very entertaining video interview with Stephen.


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True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Meet Grant Bowler

November 28, 2009

grant-bowlerAccording to the Sunday edition of the Daily Telegraph, 41-year-old Grant Bowler, from “Ugly Betty” and “LOST” has be cast in season 3 of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.  Though he does not mention what role he has been cast in, he is quite excited to be part of the show.

“Mate, it’s HBO and it’s the King … it’s the chance to work for an Oscar-winner [series creator Alan Ball] and alongside an Oscar-winner [Anna Paquin],”

It is going to be interesting to see what role he has been cast in as the anticipation for True Blood will begin to grow as the cast is set to return in early December to begin shooting Season 3.

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Alexander Skarsgård in Sweden’s Metro Magazine

November 28, 2009

MetroCover111-copyTrue Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgård recently spoke with Sweden’s Metro Magazine, in which he talks about his role as Eric Northman, the Vampire sheriff, discusses his acting career in general, and addresses some of the tabloid rumors that have come along with his increased fame. The folks at AlexSkarsgå translated the article.

According to Alex, he’s trying to settle in to life in Los Angeles and is looking for an apartment in Venice Beach close to his friends and costars, Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) and Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse).  Alex says that he and Stephen have gotten to be close friends during filming and the two of them get along very well:

Stephen is one of the crew that I work the most with, so we’ve really gotten to know each other. He is bloody funny, wicked British humor, relaxed as hell. A very good friend.”

Unlike his vampire alter ego, Alex has a tan from life in L.A., and he says:

“It’s one of the few areas where you actually can walk around. I grew up in Söder and I’m used to having my friends living some blocks away and that you meet up at the regular places and I miss it. So I will try to re-create a mini-Söder in Venice.”

Alex spoke a lot about some of his other acting work outside of Alan Ball‘s True Blood HBO vampire dramaseries. According to Alex, he was the first person to record his lines for the Swedish animated film Metropia. However, he says that the first time he saw the film there was “a three minutes long scene between me and my old man. He recorded his lines two months after me, it was bloody absurd.”  Alex told Metro that his acting work in the United States has really increased the number of Swedish roles he’s been offered as well:

“Yes. Five years ago there wasn’t a casting agent who would’ve placed me in a Swedish Generation Kill. I was like the high school guy.”

Alex has also just finished another Swedish project, Puss, under director Johan Kling, whom Alex feels is “one of the best directors in Scandinavia. Gustaf Skarsgård, Alex‘s little brother, also appears in the film, though they do not share screen time together.  Working with his family is something Alex would like to do more of, he says:

“We’re not looking actively for any projects together, but it would be so bloody fun. I would like to work with both my old man and my two brothers, who are actors.”

Since moving to Los Angeles, Alex “has gone from unemployed to celebrity,” and sometimes that increased attention he gets in the United States can be intimidating:

“You’re driving everywhere in L.A., so you always sit in that bubble of plate. But sure, after True Blood season two, I noticed a big difference. Of course I see that some things are written, but I never read fan sites or blogs. I don’t think it’s good for me. If it’s negative I know it will get to me. Or you just read positive things and your ego grows and sort of explodes.”

Alex doesn’t think that his fame has gone to his head, however.  He tells Metro, “Nothing would hurt me more than if they [his friends] said that I have changed.”

In addition to discussing his career, Alex also talked a little about his personal life.  He is content as a single guy.   When Metro pressed for more information about his love life, he responded with a laugh, saying, “Are you asking me if I get laid? No, not really.”  Alex dismissed the rumors about his supposed connections with costars Kate Bosworth and Evan Rachael Wood by stating:

“There’s not a young woman I know in Hollywood that I haven’t been connected too. But things like that happen. If I walk into a taxi with a girl, we’re married.”

Alex says that Kate Bosworth, his co-star in Straw Dogs “is incredibly strong in this film. She threw herself out there and took a big risk. There aren’t many good looking Hollywood chicks who would do that. She’s f-ing smart and a wicked girl. We are really good friends.”

As for his “Paparazzi” music video costar Lady Gaga, Alex says he doesn’t really know her.

“…we had one day of work together. It was crazy. She’s a bit sliced, but she’s also very driven. We had a blast.”

On his True Blood costar Evan Rachel Wood (Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq), Alex was all praise, stating his belief that “She is one of her generations best actresses, really good. I think she will become one of the biggest. F-ing young, only 22 years.”

Finally, Alex says of blogger Perez Hilton who has written extensively in praise of him:

“I don’t know him. It’s really funny that he does his thing and that people like it. I really don’t know, I have no relation to him what so ever. But apparently he’s got something.”

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Happy Birthday Wishes To Ryan Kwanten!

November 28, 2009

We here at want to wish Ryan Kwanten aka Jason Stackhouse a very Happy 33rd Birthday today!!! We are all looking forward to seeing Ryan return for Season 3 of True Blood and seeing what type of trouble Jason is going to find himself in this time.  Have a wonderful day Ryan!

Don’t forget, Ryan will be celebrating his birthday at the Lavo Nightclub located at the Palazzo in Las Vegas on tonight, Saturday, November 28.  So why don’t you join him in the celebrations! To get more information about the event go to or for table reservations call 702-791-1818 or e-mail:  So True Blood fans here is your chance to wish Ryan Kwanten a Happy 33rd Birthday in person and join the party!

Ryan Kwanten

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VIDEO: Sam Trammell Explains Why We Love Vampires

November 27, 2009

Sam-Trammell-Sam-MerlotteSam Trammell, who portrays the lovable shapeshifter Sam Merlotte in Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood spoke with E!Online and tried to find the explanation behind the vampire craze.  Also Sam reveals in the video that he has never seen Twilight but perhaps he should since it is so widely popular.  A nice little interview with Sam who is always a pleasure to watch.  Enjoy!

SOURCE: E!Online

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Alexander Skarsgard: From Sweden to LA

November 27, 2009

alexander-skarsgard-as-vampire-eric-northman-on-hbos-true-bloodMention the name Alexander Skarsgard these days, most people would cite his roles in Generation Kill or True Blood. Now, after the success of the hit HBO series True Blood and Generation Kill, Alexander Skarsgard finds himself on the cusp of playing in an even bigger league. To date, these are his two largest roles; as ‘Iceman’ Brad Colbert in Generation Kill and as the Viking vampire Eric Northman in True Blood, these roles have garnered him respect among his peers and celebrity status among his growing fan base but in spite of this, Alexander Skarsgard remains low-key and unassuming.

But as fans of Alexander Skarsgard know, his career as an actor started in Sweden where Alexander delivered a string of impressive performances in European films and acted in several Swedish TV series.

For example, he wrote and directed Att döda ett barn (2003), played Leonardo in Lorcas’ Bloodwedding at Gothemburg State Theatre in 2003, appeared on stage in Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf at Södra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden (2002), starred in Om Sara (2005), Never Be Mine (2006), Kill Your Darlings (2006), Cuppen (2006) and Exit (2006), Leende guldbruna ögon (2207) among others.In 2003, he was nominated for a Guldbagge for male supporting role in the movie Hundtricket – The Movie (The Dog Trick).

Currently, in addition to his role in True Blood, Alexander can also be seen in the recently released David L. William’s Beyond the Pole Rod, Tariq Saleh’s Metropia, and the upcoming Rod Lurie’s Straw Dogs. Lurie’s film is a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s 1972 cult classic of the same name. Straw Dogs was filmed in Shreveport. Only a couple of hours from New Orleans, it is a medium-sized town in the middle of the classic American South.

In Lurie’s re-make, Skarsgard works opposite Kate Bosworth, who plays his ex-girlfriend. During a break in shooting Straw Dogs, Skarsgard also recently returned to Visby [the largest city on the Swedish island of Gotland] where he completed complete filming Johan Kling’s new movie Trust Me aka Puss (‘Kiss’ in Swedish).

Of his role as Charlie in Lurie’s Straw Dogs, Alexander indicates that he plays an alpha-male,

“I play Charlie, a football player who’s the best in his team in college, a “jock” with a promising future. But he gets injured and has to stay in his small town as a carpenter. He’s bitter that he didn’t get to go. After a while his ex-girlfriend comes back with a new guy, an intellectual script writer from Hollywood. The movie is about how Charlie deals with his ex being with someone he sees as not a real man.”

Now back in LA, he is about to commence filming the third season of True Blood. Since moving to LA two years ago, his career as an actor is going very well, and he is now poised on the edge of moving among Hollywood’s elite.

As Martin Gelin observed recently of Alexander Skarsgard’s presumed glamorous life,

“[Alexander] claims, like actors usually do, that there isn’t such a life. […] But as usual in LA, reality tends to blend with fiction. Alexander is having a meeting with the agency Endeavor, founded by, among others, Ari Emanuel – who Ari Gold’s character in Entourage is based upon. Most of the scenes from the agency are recorded at their real office, located on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.”

A couple of years ago, Endeavor would have been the perfect home for Alexander, but as we all know, since his career defining roles in Generation Kill and True Blood, a lot has happened in his career lately. And despite Endeavor having a respectable profile in Hollywood, partly due to its appearance in the TV series Entourage, it is a relatively new firm and has found its niche among the younger, hipper actors. But it isn’t the most prestigious agency around. Consequently, in addition to having meetings with Endeavor, Alexander also finds himself having half a dozen meetings at other agencies. As Gelin observes,

“[I]t’s a grateful ego-trip to go from office to office where everyone tries to convince him [Alexander] how good he is and why they must work together in the future […] Right now, Skarsgard is balancing on the edge of that exclusive group of actors whose names are, that’s right, brand names, and he’s aiming higher when it’s time to switch agent. He wants to end up in one of the largest agencies.”

As Alexander himself explains,

“They have always carried a lot of weight, they make things happen, make sure you meet the right directors and producers. At the same time you want an agency that makes you its priority. If you’re in the same agency as Tom Cruise there’s a risk of ending up at the bottom. I’m guess I’m not really interested in that side of the industry, I have to trust my manger and my gut feeling. Like, “Nah, that guy felt like too much of a flashy LA agent.”

Following a series of meetings with different agencies, it soon becomes clear to Alexander that he has to dump his old agent and as Gelin observes, Alexander is obviously nervous about the upcoming conversation he’ll be having with his agent admitting that it will be “as hard as breaking up”. However, following the meeting, it becomes immediately obvious that the conversation with his agent isn’t as bad as he feared it would be,

“She understood me. I mean… if I would have stayed at her agency it would have been like Zlatan [Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a Swedish football player] deciding to go to Brommapojkarna instead of Ajax after Malmö. [Brommapojkarna and Malmö are smaller Swedish football clubs, Ajax is a large celebrated football club in the Netherlands.]”

It soon emerges that the agency that Alexander has chosen is Creative Artists Agency (CAA). He is now in the big league as CAA represents stars like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Shakira, Sean Penn and Bob Dylan.

Alexander SkarsgardIn between meeting with prospective agencies and catching up with friends, Alexander Skarsgard took some time out to talk about his love for football, especially of his support for Hammarby (Swedish football team), reminisce about his early life in Sweden, reflect on his career trajectory to date, his roles in Generation Kill and True Blood, and how living in LA is very different to Sweden and takes some getting used to.

But behind the easy going demeanor of a söderkisen [a person from Södermalm, which is a neighborhood and island in central Sweden] in a Bajen hat [Bajen is a nickname for Swedish soccer team Hammarby IF] is an astute, well-read, contemplative European man who reveals himself through his speech which is liberally peppered with slang, curses and quotes from Tolstoy and Ibsen.

When asked about how shooting conditions during True Blood compared to Generation Kill, he explains,

“It’s a piece of cake compared to Generation Kill. Sure, we might work 16 hours straight sometimes, but then you’re off and can chill around for two days. Generation Kill was a 145 days shoot in Africa and we shot 142 of them, 12 hours a day. I lived like that for seven months.”

Alexander admits that his two HBO roles has helped lift him into the bigger league in Hollywood. He reveals,

“I actually got the part in True Blood before Generation Kill, but it took so long before we started recording that I did Generation Kill first. Then they called me again about True Blood when I was in Mozambique and did Generation Kill. Lucky for me, there was the script strike. Then True Blood was delayed and I could still make it. I was lucky.”

In terms of how his career in Hollywood commenced, Alexander explains,

“I was here on vacation ten years ago, when dad was filming. His manager heard I was an actor back in Sweden. She suggested I would try some auditions and got me some. The first one I did was for Zoolander – and I got that part. Then I got my own agent. After that I was in Sweden for two years and did theatre, but got no interesting movie scripts. In 2004, I started commuting between Stockholm and LA. I thought, if I already have representation here I might as well try.”

Alexander goes on to explain that it was Stellan Skarsgard (Alexander Skarsgard’s father) who introduced him to the acting and actor’s life,

“He [Stellan] used to bring the whole family to movie shoots, so we travelled a lot, but he hasn’t actually recorded that much here in LA. He shot in Holland, Scotland, Ireland, France, Greece, Cambodia, Hungary […] He wasn’t an international actor when I grew up. It wasn’t until Breaking the Waves that it happened, and then with Good Will Hunting after that, but at that point I’d already moved out. I have younger siblings that are almost 20 years younger than me, so they’ve lived an entirely different life with him, they’ve experienced the Hollywood glamour much more. When I was young he mostly worked at Dramaten [The Royal Theatre in Stockholm]. I never saw him because he had rehearsals at night. If you wanted to meet dad, you had to run around the catacombs of Dramaten.”

While Alexander is now appreciative of his early upbringing in a colourful bohemian household, he admits that it wasn’t always thus for him. He reveals that as a young boy, he was jealous of his friends because of the perceived normalcy of their lives. He admits that for a while he was tempted to avoid acting in the hope of pursuing a more conventional career,

“[…] I did a few jobs as a children’s actor, but never had any thought of it as a career. As I got older and started thinking of how my buddies and their parents were living, of status and those things, wearing the right jeans […] Then I thought, what the hell, a red-wine-drinking theatre-bohemian who’s naked in the kitchen smoking? The buddies who had dads with shiny suits and drove a Saab 9000 and were home at night were much more attractive. It was tough, with a dad always away at night […] But as I got older I saw the positive sides to it, that there were a lot of creative and interesting people in my life, thanks to the discharged punks my dad dragged home.”

But Alexander did quit acting for a period whereupon he spent the next eight years turning down every offer he received. Instead, he studied Political Science in the UK, completed his military service as a Sergeant in the Swedish marines and planned on studying architecture in Stockholm. However, his longing for the theatre and acting never left him; he moved to the United States in his early 20s to attend Marymount Theater School in NYC, but he soon dropped out after six months.

Of his period serving as a Marine, he admits that it was partly in reaction to the bohemian lifestyle of his background, saying,

“Sure, I actively sought that position. I was 19 and felt I could either go backpacking by train for 6 months, go to Bangkok to some cafe, or do this. But of course you ask yourself when you’re lying buried in a swamp for four days: Why am I doing this? Especially when you got postcards from buddies in Australia who were hanging out with kangaroos. But looking back, I haven’t regretted doing it for a second.”

Of his move to New York to enroll in the Marymount Theatre School to study acting and his subsequent dropping out, he explains,

“I was twenty and got into an acting school there. I had planned on living there for four years, studying. But then I met a girl in Sweden first summer break. So I dropped out of school and went home for love. She was 17 and I was 20. We didn’t even know each other, we had only hung out for four weeks and had just fallen in love. It ended after four days.”

Once he moved back to Sweden, Alexander Skarsgard had a string of roles in European films and on Swedish TV but LA beckoned, and he moved to LA permanently two years ago. However, he admits that living in LA takes some getting used to. Although he mostly hangs out with the gang from Generation Kill, among others, when asked if he can imagine staying in LA, he replies,

“No. I feel comfortable as long as I’m working, the whole town is made up around the movie industry. It’s a very creative environment. But I miss the intensity of regular cities. You don’t see any people here, just cars. There are 15 million people in LA but you see more people on the streets of Skövde [trans note: Swedish small town] than here. There are good restaurants, cozy cafes, all of that, but the spontaneity disappears a bit when you have to take your car everywhere. You have to park all the time. Then you have dinner and you’re like: shouldn’t we have another bottle of wine? But you can’t because you have to drive home.”

He continues to explain that he still finds it hard to adjust to living in LA, especially to the lifestyle and the mindset,

“People can be kind of fleeting. There’s a lot of “Great, we’ll have lunch tomorrow then!” and then you’re kind of Swedish saying “Okay, should we say 2pm?” But it never happens. A lot of stuff gets planned that never gets followed through, and you’re not that accustomed to that. At the same time there’s an awesome energy here. You’re allowed to dream and have visions of doing things that might not follow the norm 100%, which people have a harder time accepting in Sweden. Everything that sticks out is considered a little bit frightening back home.”

In addition, he observes that the people in LA have a very different fashion sense compared to the Swedes or to Scandinavians, for that matter. When asked about what he thinks about the dress sense or clothing style in LA, Alexander observes,

“There are hipsters at the rock clubs in Silverlake that look like those in New York or at (the rock club) Debaser in Stockholm. In Hollywood, there’s a lot of money. Preferably, it should be very visible, and they go a little overboard. Instead of a regular suit jacket, they buy one with skulls on the back and large fringes hanging from the sleeves […]They have to “toughen things up” a little, they want shirts that show that they aren’t boring agent guys that sit in their offices all day, so it’s important to have skulls on your back. There’s a lot of Ed Hardy-fashion here, but it’s not really my style. It gives me a headache.”

In contrast, in spite having lived in LA for several years now, Alexander Skarsgard retains the typical understated style of a Scandinavian man, preferring the classic styling provided by Whyred, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Acne, Raf Simons and Rick Owens. He does admit, however, that he went through a typical rebellious phase where

“[he] bought pink pants, a bunch of strings and, like, a kids’ hat saying “Alexander”. I wish I could say I was 14. But I was probably 21. Fuck, can we say 14?”

Later in the day, Alexander hangs out with his acting friends from Generation Kill. They are there to meet Evangeneration kill 2 Wright, the embedded reporter whose book was turned into the hit HBO series Generation Kill. Wright has just released Hella Nation and has a book event at the Farmer’s Market. Wright’s new book is about the darker underbelly of the USA. The book itself gives an account of his time spent with neo-nazis, crystal meth junkies, porn stars and those who spend their time spinning insane conspiracy theories. Wright, who continues to keep in touch with the Generation Kill actors, meets the actors at his Barnes & Noble book reading and they later decamp to a nearby restaurant for a catch-up. As Gelin observes the dinner conversation, he notes Wright making an observation of Alexander. Wright attempts to sum up Alexander by indicating that he,

“[Alexander] is trying to act like a “complicated Swede” by “coming alone to parties and talking self-pitying about his hard life as a single.” The level of truth of this is unclear. Alexander laughs, shrugs and says: “Sure…””

While he becomes used to being recognized in his native Sweden, following his HBO roles in True Blood and Generation Kill, Alexander does admit that there are advantages and disadvantages to being increasingly recognized in LA too. For example, of the recent paparazzi gossip and internet inspired spin regarding his dating Evan Rachel Wood (also in True Blood), Alexander states simply,

“We’re just friends from the show. It’s the kind of garbage you have to live with.”

Tariq Saleh, director of Metropia, further explains,

“On the outside he looks pretty free of sorrows – he has a fantastic job in Hollywood, he’s a tall guy all the girls want, a lot of guys envy him. But if there wasn’t anything underneath he wouldn’t get the parts he gets. He can play an ungrateful character, but you like him anyway, because it feels like there’s something inside him that could break. A mysterious vulnerability. Another thing I like about Alexander is that he really can really drink! If you try to keep up with him you end up with alcohol poisoning and embarrass yourself irrevocably.”

On the other hand, the advantages of getting increasingly recognized for his HBO roles has meant that he is now managed by CAA and along with that comes the possibility of even bigger roles. However, Alexander Skarsgard is not a man to rest on his laurels career-wise,

“But I still notice I have these thoughts about what will happen next. What do I do in six years? I guess you’ll have to live with that uncertainty as long as you freelance.”

He admits that it would be great to take a break from the alpha male roles he’s played so far, and that he would love to work with Gus van Sant,

Paranoid Park was so tremendously good, it hit me extremely hard. I’d love to play someone more insecure, someone less alpha male. It’s been a lot of that.”

Who knows what the future holds? But now that Alexander is with CAA, maybe he’ll get the chance to tackle those type of roles. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that the future does look bright for Alexander Skarsgard. And judging from his work to date, we can be assured that no matter what roles he takes on, he is bound to continue delivering fine performances, creating, at the same time complex, nuanced characters on both the big and small screen.

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How To Deal With Vampires

November 27, 2009

BillVampires are now considered as boyfriend material. Correct me if I’m wrong but some would even want to present themselves to be bitten by the odd creatures. But if the likes of True Blood’s Bill and Eric or Twilight’s Edward Cullen and Stefan Salvatore of Vampire Diaries and oh, let’s not forget the old time favorite – Dracula would fall for you, can you resist?! Anyway, here’s the “how to” list in dealing with vampires.

How to make sure he’s a vampire…
True Blood vampires are out and about in public. So, Bill, Eric, and the others would surely tell you that they’re vampires and well, they’re night creatures so you’ll be able to only see them at night time. Twilight saga’s Edward Cullen has icy skin, and changing eye color and when he’s exposed to sunlight, he’ll definitely sparkle. But it’s difficult to tell if Stefan of Vampire Diaries is a real vampire because you need to ask him so it depends on him if he’ll tell you the truth or not. On the other hand, Dracula’s the easiest to spot – he doesn’t have a reflection in a mirror and he wears the his legendary cape and tux.

How to make him fall in love with you…
If Bill’s your type, you have to treat him equally and you shouldn’t be afraid of his odd vampire ways and be generous enough to let him taste your blood. You have to smell like Edward’s favorite dinner and dessert if you want him badly. You also need not to freak out when Stefan tells you that he’s a vampire. But if you love the old Dracula, you should perfect the lust craft and it would also help if you resemble the woman he used to love in the past hundreds of years.

How to keep him away and protect yourself….
Don’t invite Bill inside your humble abode – he can’t let himself in if you don’t give your permission and anything silver will cause injuries. You need to look into Edward’s eyes for an indicator – if it’s black, it means ravenous and risky and if it’s golden, sated and safe. To drive Stefan away, wear a locket around your neck that contains vervain and just like Bill, he can’t come inside your house if he has no permission but just try not to look in his eyes – he can hypnotize you for sure. On the other hand, garlic and a cross will do for Dracula.

How to kill him…
A stake right through Bill’s heart would definitely end him. As for Edward, you’ll be needing the help of the Volturi. If you’re aching to kill Stefan, weaken him using vervain and then stake him. And still you need to stake Dracula preferably when he’s resting in his favorite coffin.

How to keep him yours forever…
Persuade Bill to be your maker – that is letting him drain you and drink some of his blood then spend a night together buried. Or convince Edward to bite and inject lots of venom into your body when you’re near death so that you’ll transform into a vampire like him. You have to get bitten by a vampire, feed on his blood, die, rise from the dead then feed on a human if you want to be with Stefan forever. And if you wanted to be Dracula’s companion, he must bite, drain and kill you but don’t worry because the next night, you’ll be like him.

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Chance To Win The Original True Blood Pilot Script Signed By Creator Alan Ball

November 27, 2009

True-Blood-Pilot-Script-Alan-BallMany thanks to The Vault for sending this post to us and allowing us to post it on our site.  The Vault is giving away four very special unique collectors items in an online raffle of which ALL the proceeds will go directly to the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

HBO and Alan Ball graciously provided The Vault with an original script of the pilot episode of True Blood and a Blu-ray of True Blood season 1 both signed by the creator of the show himself: Mr. Alan Ball. True Blood actress Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby) will also give away a personalized t-shirt and head shot photo.

Choroideremia is a degenerative hereditary eye disease that attacks the peripheral vision and slowly erodes it over time until total blindness. Scientists discovered the exact location of the Choroideremia gene on the X chromosome in the early 1990’s. New research based on these findings now drives the search for a treatment. However, at present there is no effective treatment or cure. With proper funding the Choroideremia Research Foundation (CRF) is potentially within two short years of human clinical trials to CURE Choroideremia!

Deborah Ann Woll is personally involved in the fight to find a cure for this disease as her boyfriend, E.J. Scott has Choroideremia and so do several of his family members.

Here are the rules on how you can participate in this raffle:

One Raffle with 4 winners:

  • 1st prize: 1 Original script of the pilot episode of True Blood signed by Alan Ball
  • 2nd prize: 1 Blu-ray of True Blood Season 1 signed by Alan Ball
  • 3rd prize: 1 I ? Vampire Jessica t-shirt signed and personalized by Deborah Ann Woll
  • 4th prize: 1 signed and personalized head shot of Deborah Ann Woll signed by Deborah Ann Woll

How to participate:

  • 1 ticket for the raffle costs $5.
  • You can buy as many tickets as you like, but you must buy them 1 at a time, because the transaction number is your raffle ticket number.
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  • The 4 winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to leave a valid email when you purchase your ticket(s).

The raffle will close on January 10, 2010 at 8pm EST, when The Vault will take down the PayPal button. They will draw the winning raffle ticket numbers on January 11, 2010. All four winners will be notified and the winning raffle ticket numbers will be published on the Vault after they have contacted the winners.

To purchase your tickets click the link here to be taken to The Vault’s site and be directed to the secured PayPal site.

For more information about the CRF visit The Choroideremia Research Foundation website.

The CRF is a registered charity and therefore buying a raffle ticket is like making a donation to them and these donations are tax deductible for US citizens.

Thanks to all True Blood fans for participating in this wonderful cause and helping find a cure for this disease.

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A Nest of Vampires in Old San Juan

November 26, 2009

Stephen MoyerStephen Moyer, the actor, best known for his role as Vampire Bill Compton in the hit HBO series True Blood is currently in Puerto Rico working on his role in the The Caller. The film also stars Luis Guzman and Lorna Raver. Rachelle Lefevre, who plays Victoria in the Twilight saga, replaced Brittany Murphy, who stepped down from the role. It does seem that some of our favorite vampires are down in Puerto Rico at the moment and as local newspapers state Stephen is very charming and likeable. Puerto Rico also happened to be the island where both Pirates of the Caribbean and The Rum Diary were shot.

The cast met with the technical team on Thursday, November 19, where they had their first read through of the script and Friday, November 20 was the official start of filming, which took take place in San Juan. Some of the scenes will be filmed in an apartment located at Norzagaray street in Old San Juan, while others will be shot at the popular restaurant La Bombonera. Other locations include La Puntilla where Stephen and Rachelle are currently preparing for several night shoots including a steamy sex scene that Stephen and Rachelle‘s characters will share with each other.  According to local newspapers this is the only sex scene that will occur in the film to the dismay of perhaps many Stephen Moyer fans.

The Caller is about a divorcee, Mary Kee (Rachelle Lefevre), who begins to receive mysterious calls on her antique phone from an unknown caller named Rose. She quickly begins to feel haunted in her own home and her fears heighten when she discovers that Rose is calling from the past. When Mary threatens to end contact with Rose, the mysterious woman threatens to harm Mary in the past, forcing Mary to come to the dawning realization that she will have to kill this person in order to survive. But how does one kill someone in the past?

Stephen Moyer plays John Guidi, Mary’s new love interest and main support. Ed Quinn (also of True Blood) plays Mary’s abusive ex-husband. There are also several Puerto Rican actors who have been cast for this movie, namely, Alfedo de Quesada, Gladys Rodriguez, Cordelia Gonzalez, Grace Connelly and Aris Mejias.

Gladys Rodriguez, for example, has already filmed her first scene where she plays Concheta, the mother of John Guidi (Stephen Moyer). Rodriguez says of her experience with working with Stephen and Rachelle,

“I worked with both and they are charming. They are stars and yet are very simple. He is a sweetheart and as does my son, was very kind to me, giving me lots of kisses and hugs. It’s nice to work with them because they dominate the art of cinema…They are young people full of vitality and good actors. For me, it was an honor to work with them and with the director (Matthew Parkhill).”

The Caller is scheduled to be released sometime in 2010.


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Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico

November 26, 2009

Anna Paquin and Stephen MoyerIn an interview with Entertainment Tonight Anna Paquin stated that she will be in Puerto Rico during the American Thanksgiving.  Stephen Moyer is currently filming there in his latest thriller entitled “The Caller” alongside Twilight star Rachelle Lefevre, Luis Guzman and Lorna Raver.  Since Anna is a Canadian-born New Zealander and Stephen is English, the American Thanksgiving holiday is not celebrated in either household.

“I’m not American, so Thanksgiving is not really a huge tradition in my household. And my fiance is English. We’re going to be in Puerto Rico, so I think I’m going to lie on a beach and start working on my tan.”

However, Anna does mentions the things that she is thankful for in her life right now by stating:

“Things in my life right now are so incredibly amazing that sometimes I can’t quite believe it’s all really happening. I have a lot to be thankful for and I’m very grateful for all the things that have landed on my lap!”

We all need to be aware of the things we should be thankful for not only on Thanksgiving but perhaps everyday and it is wonderful to hear Anna reflect upon this.


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