Tru Blood Samples at WonderCon

March 29, 2010

For all of our Tru Blood – the beverage – fans, you will have a chance to sink your teeth into this fabulous beverage at the WonderCon event in San Francisco on April 2nd through the 4th.

WonderCon is one of the largest comics conventions in the country.  They always have an amazing roster of special guests from the world of comics, science fiction, and fantasy.

This event will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The Tru Blood drink samples will be available at Booth 519. The booth will be open April 2nd from 12:00pm – 7:00 pm, April 3rd from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, and April 4th from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. So come out and experience Tru Blood – The Beverage!

To find out more information about WonderCon check their website here.

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VIDEO: True Blood Season 3 “Waiting Sucks” Promo With Sam

March 29, 2010

As promised HBO gave True Blood fans a taste of season 3 after the final credits from its encore presentation of season 2 of True Blood last night.  This time they gave us a glimpse of Sam Merlotte and it seems that if he is not careful he might have some serious trouble on his hands.  Enjoy the official clip from HBO below!

Season 3 In Production: Sam

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VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard In “Beyond the Pole”

March 28, 2010

Alexander Skarsgard‘s “Beyond the Pole” has been generating alot of buzz on the internet among his fans eager to see the movie on the big screen. Alexander, who is best known for his role as Eric Northman in Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series True Blood co-stars with Rhys Thomas, Stephen Mangan, Mark Benton, and Rosie Cavaliero.  Alexander plays the role of Terje, a gay Norwegian environmentalist in this Arctic-set mockumentary where Stephen Mangan’s character is an environmental crusader with Green Wing who is determined to become the first vegetarian, carbon neutral explorer to make it to the North Pole in an attempt to draw attention to environmental causes while his friend just wants to get into the Guinness Book of Records.  Alexander Skarsgard is cast to play the role of  in this British comedy which seems to be quite funny as you will see in the trailer below. Below is one of the latest clips released of the movie with Alexander speaking Norwegian.

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True Blood Season 3 Casting Call for Holly

March 28, 2010

According to, a casting search is in the works for a new Merlotte’s barmaid.  Her name is Holly and she is the mother of two, probably single and in her 30’s.  Holly has a natural gift for “seeing” future events, which long-term Merlotte’s employee Arlene finds very creepy.

It seems the Holly character will appear regularly in Season 3 episodes and will possibly be a Season 4 regular in the series (yes, there will be a Season 4).

Fans are now speculating on who would fit the role.  Feel free to post your own suggestions.


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Kristin Bauer Joins Dragon*Con Guest List

March 27, 2010

True Blood‘s” Kristin Bauer, who plays Fangtasia co-owner Pam, will join Sam Trammel and Nelsan Ellis at this year’s Dragon*Con.

The multi-media and popular culture convention, which focuses on science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film, will be Labor Day weekend, Sept. 3-6, in Atlanta, Ga.

A confirmed 154 guests and bands will attend, according to the convention website. The event will also feature writers workshops led by A.C. Crispin, best selling science fiction and fantasy author, and chairwoman and co-founder of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’s famous volunteer group, Writer Beware.

Memberships cost $80 until May 14, $90 until July 15 and $100 after. The fee covers admission for all four days of the convention, all panels, events, demonstrations, concerts, performances, contests and refreshments.


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True Blood’s Kristin Bauer as Pam

True Blood Season 3 Rumors Abound

March 26, 2010

With the upcoming June release of Season 3 of True Blood, rumors abound as to what is in store for Sookie and company. If you have read Charlaine Harris‘ books, you will certainly wonder what new spin Alan Ball and the writers have put on the next installment. Season 3 casting calls provides some indication of the new characters that will arrive on the scene, but HBO’s viral ad campaign and short teaser clips have still left much to the imagination.

In probably the craziest speculation yet, the New York Post claims that fans have surmised the death of Arlene Fowler based on the short clip HBO released this week (the one that shows Sookie with a gun and Eric, bloodied and struggling with a man’s arm, on the floor). The Post supports this theory with the fact that actress, Carrie Preston, recently signed a guest starring deal with The Good Wife, and that her husband, actor Michael Emerson, purportedly stated that “something shocking happens to Arlene” this season. Clearly the fans the NY Post talked with were not aware that many actors appear on more than one show simultaneously. Last season’s Ashley Jones completed her stint as Daphne on True Blood while still appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful. Additionally, Alan Ball has stated that the character who dies in Season 3 is “hated”. Arlene hardly meets that criteria!

So, that leads us back to square one. Who will die in Season 3, and will it be a primary or supporting character? Does Sookie shoot someone in defense of Eric (as the new HBO spot seems to imply)? I have my own theories based solely on what I have read in the books, but I would rather not speculate here given that Alan Ball’s creative license always seems to take me down a path I never expected! In the coming weeks HBO will release more short clips and posters that are sure to get the rumor mill spinning. By the time Season 3 premieres, fans will have well developed theories as to who dies, who kidnapped Bill, and why Sookie was holding that gun. In the meantime, enjoy the Season 2 encore and stay tuned after each episode to catch the Season 3 teasers. Season 3 begins airing June 13.


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VIDEO: Ryan Kwanten at the Race For A Cure Event

March 26, 2010

True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten ran the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure, a fundraiser for breast cancer research, on March 14, 2010 along with more than 15,000 supporters who attended the event at Dodger Stadium. Below is a video of Ryan being interview at the event.  Thank you Ryan for supporting such a great cause!


True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Film to Become Video Game

March 26, 2010

“Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” is about to get interactive. The movie that utilizes the voice of Ryan Kwanten, Jason Stackhouse of HBO’s True Blood, will get the video game treatment.

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment announced a video game inspired by the upcoming animated film “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole,” will be available for most systems, including XBOX 360, Nintento Wii, and Playstation. The game release will coincide with the film in September of 2010.

Samantha Ryan, Senior VP, Production and Development, gave a few details about the new game:

“…The videogame gives players a fun, new gameplay experience capturing the excitement of owl fight and flight with intuitive and smooth controls. Players will be able to do much more than fly, as they race, attack and grow their abilities for a more immersive experience throughout the expansive environments beautifully depicted in the game.”

Sounds like fun. Let’s hope both film and game are hits.


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Charlaine Harris at a Book Launch Party at Ground Zero Blues Club

March 26, 2010

Charlaine Harris fans are in for a real treat this Saturday, March 27, 2010 as Charlaine Harris will be joining other authors performing onstage at a book launching party at the Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The book launch party and signing is for the short story collection entitled, “Delta Blues“, which features best-selling authors, such as Charlaine Harris, James Lee Burke, John Grisham, Ace Atkins and others. The foreword of the book is also written by Academy Award winning actor and Ground Zero co-owner Morgan Freeman.

To celebrate the event and literacy in Mississippi, the contributors in the book have formed a blues band called the “Blues Muse.” They will be performing at the Ground Zero Blues Club at 6 pm, followed by Blind Mississippi Morris later in the evening.

“The Blues Muse is made up of 15 project contributors who will be playing instruments and singing,” said Virginia Schafer, President of the Delta Writer’s Association (DWA), the organization of local writers who are hosting the event.

Forty percent of the proceeds from the sale of “Delta Blues” during the launch party this weekend will be given to the Rock River Foundation which is a grant-matching, charitable organization that strives to improve the level of education in the state of Mississippi founded by Morgan Freeman.  With every book sold in the future, $1 will be given to the foundation to help literacy.

“The Delta Writers Association is honored to be working with Rock River Foundation and these fabulously gifted authors,” said Schafer. “We are overwhelmed with their generosity and that of the publisher, Tyrus Books, to help bring literacy to the Delta. We hope that events like these will motivate the students of the Delta to explore journaling, writing, and other forms of creative expression.”

If you are in the area why not spend a Saturday evening supporting a worthy cause and having fun at the same time.  And you just might see Charlaine up on stage singing or playing an instrument!

The Ground Zone Blues Club is located at Ø Blues Alley next door to the Delta Blues Museum in the heart of historic downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi. Clarksdale is just 75 miles south of Memphis, TN.

For more information on the club you can visit their website here.

SOURCE:  The Clarksdale Press Register

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True Blood’s Kristin Bauer To Attend Chiller Theatre Expo

March 25, 2010

True Blood’s Kristin Bauer will be attending the Chiller Theatre Toy, Model and Film Expo, which is set to take place at the Hilton Parsippany in Parsippany, NJ on April 16-18, 2010. Kristin, best known for her role as the smart-mouthed, tough Fangtasia vampire hostess Pam on Alan Ball’s HBO hit series, True Blood, will be joining other celebrity guests at the event including:  Alice Cooper, Sherilyn Fenn, Brett Wagner, Lou Ferrigno, Vincent Pastore, John Ventimiglia, and Richard Chamberlain,

Along with dealers selling their wares, celebrity guests will be signing and selling their autographs, musical bands will be performing and attendees will have the opportunity to participate in various contests.

“For many kids living in the New York City/Long Island area in the mid-1970’s through the early 1980’s, WPIX’s (Channel 11) CHILLER THEATRE was a welcome addition to the Saturday night lineup with a plethora of horror/sci-fi films”.

In honor of these memories, the Chiller Theatre Toy, Model and Film Expo was created in 1990 and has continued in the Spring and Fall of each year since.  The Fall 2009 guest list included Patrick Stewart, Peter Fonda, Ann-Margret, Mickey Rooney and Elvira (“Mistress of the Dark”) among many others.

As you can guess from visiting their website,, this convention focuses on all things dealing with monsters, witches, vampires, horror and scary sci-fi stuff.  Sounds like fun to me!

Advanced tickets must be ordered by April 4th and the order form can be downloaded and mailed in, or you can pay online with PayPal.  Prices are as follows:

General Admission

AT THE DOOR: General Admission  is $25.00 per day.
ADVANCE: $20.00 per day, or $60.00 for all three days (VIP).

Pre-Show Tickets

Pre-show tickets give you access to the show one hour earlier than the general public on Friday night or Saturday morning.

AT THE DOOR: $30.00 each.
ADVANCE: $25.00 each.

Pre-Show & VIP Tickets


Entry for the entire weekend plus ONE HOUR EARLY on Friday OR Saturday is $65.00.

Pre-show BOTH days, plus all day Sunday is $70.00.
Children age 12 and under FREE when accompanied by an adult.

Hotel reservations can be made online with a special Chiller Theatre rate.

For more information you can visit their website here.

To see the complete list of all the celebrity guests attending click here.


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