True Blood’s Stephen Moyer to be Honored for CLARE Foundation Support

October 31, 2010

CLARE Foundation Helps Substance Abusers

Stephen MoyerMainstreaming Vampire Bill continues to prove that chivalry is not dead.  Stephen Moyer will be honored for his support of the CLARE Foundation at the foundation’s annual dinner on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in the Arcadia Ballroom.

The CLARE Foundation provides treatment and recovery services for substance abusers and their families with 11 residential, outpatient and community-based programs in Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, and Los Angeles.

Tickets to the event can be purchased or donations made at

Source: – 13th Annual Friends of CLARE Tribute Dinner

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True Blood Cast Supports Ryan Kwanten’s New Movie

October 31, 2010

Mini-True Blood Reunion at Red Hill Screening

Ryan Kwanten Red Hill PremiereTrue Blood’s Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) had cast support  at the Australians in Film Hollywood screening for his new film Red Hill. Fellow True Blood costars Rutina Wesley (Tara), Jim Parrack (Hoyt) , and Lindsay Pulsipher (Crystal) came out to show Kwanten some love. The movie is a Western about a young police officer who starts a family in a small country town which is terrorized by an escaped convict. 

Kwanten’s new True Blood love interest, Lindsay Pulsipher, even took time to pose for pictures and chat with fans outside the event (see video below).  Pulsipher was gracious and seemed to enjoy the fan interaction. 

Lindsay Pulsipher Red Hill Premiere

Rutina Wesley Red Hill Premiere

Aussie Kwanten will be back in Australia to support Red Hill and attend the IF Awardsin Sydney in November.  Kwanten’s career is taking off with not only this role, but his upcoming feature turn as Charles Manson.

Source:– True Blood Stars Step Out to Support Ryan Kwanten’s Red Hill – True Blood’s Lindsay Pulsipher @ Red Hill Premiere in Los Angeles!

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Win a True Blood Comic Book

October 31, 2010

Complete the Scenes to Win!

Comic Contest Scene 1If you haven’t had a chance to check out the True Blood Comic Books here is the opportunity to win one! is running a contest for fans who can win a copy of the first comic book. 

Comic Book Contest Scene 2

Comic Book Contest Scene 3

Comic Book Contest Scene 4

Comic Book Contest Scene 5

Contest Rules

  • 1) Hover over each frame to get the dialogue set-up.
  • 2) In the comments box here, list the scene number.
  • 3) Fill in the script for each of the characters.
  • 4) After you’re done, vote for your faves by liking.
  • 5) Make sure your friends “like” your comment — Click the Twitter or Facebook icon below your entry before posting or after posting click on the timestamp next to your name to get the link.
  • 6) The top 10 comments with the highest number of likes will win True Blood Comic #1. Game open until Monday November 1 at 9pm ET.


  • Scene 5:
  • Sam: Sookie, why are you standing out here in the rain?
  • Sookie: I heard Joe Francis was coming to Bon Temps.
  • Sookie: Think I have shot at Girls Gone Wild: True Blood Edition?

Be sure to be creative and remember the top 10 entries with the most comments will win.  Come back here and post the links to your entries in the Comment section so we can all vote for you!

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Eric Northman Named One of Television’s Top 5 Villains

October 31, 2010

Eric Makes the List at No. 4

Freddie Kruger, Voldemort, Michael Myers, Jason and Dracula.  Everyone knows these popular movie bad guys.  Numerous lists have been created dedicated to movie villains but what about the fabulous TV villains?  Moviesonline.cahas come out with a list dedicated to our favorite TV badasses.  True Blood‘s Eric Northman made the list.

5.  The Cigarette Smoking Man (“The X-Files”)

Cigarette Smoking Man X-Files

The Cigarette Smoking Man played by William B. Davis, made the list due to his subtlety.  Quietly sitting in the corner of the room in a cloud of smoke and delivering news that you just knew wasn’t going to be good.  He wasn’t in every episode of the X-Files but his presence was felt throughout the entire series.

4.  Eric Northman (True Blood)

Eric Northman True Blood

True Blood’s viking vampire, played by the wonderful Alexander Skarsgard, makes the list for the way he rides the line between good and evil.  From one episode to the next you never know what you are going to get with Eric, from ripping the limbs off the humans chained in his basement, to showing his softer side with Sookie and Pam, Eric kept us guessing.  That is part of what makes Eric such a fascinating villain to watch. 

3.  Mr. Burns (The Simpsons)

Mr. Burns The Simpsons

Charles Montgomery Burns makes the list primarily due to the fact that the only thing he loves is money.  Burns will step on whoever he needs to (including children and animals) to achieve his goals.  If that wasn’t scary enough he owns a nuclear plant as well!

2.  Eric Cartman (South Park)

Eric Cartman South Park

Even though he’s an eight year old cartoon character, Eric Cartman easily made the list.  He is spoiled, selfish, racist and sexist and is another character who will do whatever it takes to get his own way.  Including kidnapping a friend and holding them in a bomb shelter to get an invite to a birthday party. 

1.  Dexter Morgan (Dexter)

Dexter Morgan Dexter

Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall, is a unique serial killer.  He only kills people who deserves to die and has a strict policy against killing the innocent.  So nice to see a serial killer with a conscious.  When not killing people Dexter works for the Miami Police Department as a blood splatter expert.  The ability to hide the psychopath beneath is what earned Dexter the number one spot.

Tell us what you think – do you agree with this list?  Anyone missing?

Source: – Top 5 Villains in Modern Television

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Video: Ryan Kwanten of True Blood Talks ‘Red Hill’

October 31, 2010

Chatting About Red Hill and His Sex Symbol Status

Ryan KwantenRyan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) went on Sunrise in Australia to talk about his new movie ‘Red Hill’.  The movie is starting to garner some serious praise and Ryan is proud to have done a film on his home turf.  He has this to say about Australian story telling:

“We Australians are notorious for being a little wild and for adding our own kind of rawness to a story”

In the interview Kwanten says he has worked hard to get to the place he is at now where he can be more selective of the roles that he chooses and he looks forward to challenging himself.  

Legend of the Guardians

Kwanten describes the process of working on the animated film saying that you have to learn to suspend reality even more than a normal film as there are no other actors or props there to help.  It’s just you and a microphone.

On His Sex Symbol Status

Sunrise asks Kwanten about his Men’s HealthCover and his sex symbol status and he seems genuinely shy about this and jokes withthem about the pictures they are showing with him wearing little to no clothing.  He goes on to say that when he is working on True Blood the nudity comes from a story point and not just for the sake of being naked.

Sunrise clearly knows what fans all over the world are getting to know – that Ryan is a genuinely nice guy and deserves all success he’s gaining.  ‘Red Hill’ comes out in Australia on November 25th.

Source: Sunrise Videos

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The Franklin Files — The Dinner Party

October 31, 2010

“A minister? Franklin was a minister? What the hell is it about me that attracts sick religious people? I know you are a good God, at least that’s what Sookie says, and she still has me believing – but you got some messed up people that say they’re working for you.”

And with that “prayer” Tara stuffed the envelope full of money into her jeans, tucked the journal under her arm and headed back towards Sam’s trailer behind the bar. Luckily, Sam was away “playing Lassie” as Tara now thought of his absences since he’d shared with her the secret that he was a shape shifter. So, she knew she could look at the journal at his place without being bothered by anyone. She found the key where Sam kept it hidden, let herself in, grabbed a beer, then went and sat on the porch.

Tara still couldn’t believe the seemingly psychotic vampire who kidnapped her, wanting to turn her into his vampire bride, had been a man of the cloth in his human life. She took the journal in hand and finally got up the nerve to open it. The entry she’d been reading continued:

Wednesday, October 31, 1855

My text for the day was Revelations 7: 2-17, but I focused on verses 13-14,

And one of the elders answered, saying unto me,

What are these which are arrayed in white robes? And whence came they?

And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest.

And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation,

and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb

And I didst thou indeed preach my heart and soul unto the rafters of the great tribulation that awaits those who sin against God and man!

And surely I have borne my own tribulations and truly I have wanted nothing more than my own sweet death that would free me from my tormentor and I would find myself arrayed in white before the glorious throne for all eternity.

Tonight was another tribulation, a celebratory dinner held on my behalf by my oppressor. And even though it was held to mark my first sermon, my mother could not deign to seat me in a place of honor. She took her place at the head of the table while she placed me down near my father where he always sat, at the lower end. Mr. and Mrs. Meagles were there, of course, the greatest benefactors of the parish, and they did their best to keep the dinner conversation light and jovial in the face of my mother’s punishing parish gossip. God Bless the Meagles!

I do have to credit Mother with inviting my Dearest Gwendolyn. I know it pained Mother to invite her, but it would have seemed impolite not to invite the young vicar’s intended. My heart ached to look down the table to see her seated next to Mother. I wanted to jump up and remove Darling Gwen from her clutches. I was so distracted during the dinner I hardly touched the food what with watching the light reflecting off her golden curls and listening to the music of her voice in conversation.

Mother’s shrill voice pierced my reverie, “Gwendolyn, darling, what a lovely frock you’re wearing this All Hallow’s Eve. If the Spirits were not already inclined to leave their deathly repose, one look at your lovely figure and even the most deadly male would find reason to rise from his earthly grave. Don’t you think so, Mr. Flintwich?”

I was livid with fury, but dared not cross her, and turned to the strangest couple ever to grace my mother’s table at the Vicarage. It was a Miss Waters and a Mr. Henry Flintwich with whom Mother had recently become acquainted at a meeting of the Royal Society at Somerset House. What a strange pair they were, especially Mr. Flintwich who looked entirely unwell. He was the very color of death and his hand was cold as ice when I held it within my own. Upon my greeting his eyes met mine and I felt embarrassed and could not hold his gaze, feeling the greatest discomfiture. Truly, I do not see at all what Mother sees in them. Miss Waters appears to be the most unseemly sort of character. I’m surprised that Mother would allow them into the vicarage at all.

Both Miss Waters and Mr. Flintwich seemed to leer at Gwendolyn whose head was bowed in deep embarrassment, but Mr. Meagles interjected to save the conversation, “I do believe I hear quite a few revelers out this evening so I fear Mrs. Meagles and I really must be going. It has been quite a lovely dinner Father and Mrs. Mott. Young Vicar Mott, quite a success on your sermon this morning. You quite, quite made me long for that day when I, myself, will be dressed in white for all eternity.”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Meagles, you always look quite lovely in your nightshirt,” said Mrs. Meagles.

“I just imagine you do,” said Mr. Flintwich. “Do you two live near here in Twickenham?”

“Yes, we have the Portnoy Estate,” replied Mr. Meagles.

“Well, I must call on you some evening.”

“Oh, yes. You’d be quite, quite welcome, Mr. Flintwich, anytime.” Invited Mrs. Meagles as if she weren’t even aware the words were leaving her lips. “And you too, Miss Waters, of course.”

I wonder why an elegant young man like Mr. Flintwich would want to spend an evening with the boring old Meagles? Something is not quite right with him or Miss Waters. I didn’t like them one bit, but I was glad for their presence tonight. For after dinner, Father excused himself to bed, poor soul. Mother withdrew with Miss Waters and Mr. Flintwich to the drawing room, surprisingly leaving me alone with Gwendolyn. Mother has never left us alone before, being quite jealous of my feelings for her.

As we waited for her carriage to be brought round, for the second time in my life I was able to take her in my arms and attain one of the sweetest kisses on earth imaginable.

Tara slammed the journal shut. “Enough! That sick, sad, bastard! Sweetest kisses on earth??? I’m going to be sick. I wonder how Gwendolyn would have liked a kiss with a big old mouth full of fang? And tribulation? How about my tribulations, Franklin? What about my being clothed in white? Yeah, I was clothed in white, Franklin, with your sorry ass blood and guts all over me…”

Tara stared at the journal not sure whether she wanted to keep the journal or throw it in the trash. “Aw, hell, no, Franklin. I’m going to learn every dirty little detail of your sick little life.” Just as she’d been drawn to Franklin when he was “alive” she was drawn to him now. She knew she had to read more.

Disclaimer: The Franklin Files are provided for entertainment purposes only and is a parody of the fantasy series, True Blood, and as such, is presented here for your amusement. “Franklin Files” and the various writers who contribute to it, have no relationship/affiliation to HBO, True Blood, or any of the cast or crew of said program nor any relation to Charlaine Harris, or the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Written By: Sarahfina

Photo & Graphics By: Sarahfina


EyeCon Auction: True Blood Personal Celebrity Autograph Session

October 31, 2010

EyeCon Auction Header

Help a Great Cause and Meet Your Favorite True Blood Stars

EyeCon attendees now have the chance to experience a 45 minute autograph session with the True Blood stars. This event will be catered with finger foods and only 20 guests will be allowed to attend! Included with your attendance to this exclusive event is a private autograph signing, four free autograph tickets (a $100 value) and you can take your own cameras and items to be signed!!

The event will take place Saturday, November 6th and a portion of the proceeds from this auction will go to the Avon Foundation for the Treatment of Breast Cancer. The Avon Foundation’s mission is to find a cure for breast cancer and advance access to care. Their focus is on the disadvantaged, elderly, minorities and those without proper insurance.

All four True Blood stars will be in attendance at this event. Here is your opportunity to have some one on one time with Sam Trammell, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Joe Manganiello and Allan Hyde. Ask all those questions you’ve been dying to ask – although don’t expect any Season 4 spoilers. The cast is apparently as in the dark as the fans when it comes to what Alan Ball has planned for this year!

Click here to purchase some one on one time with the stars and help a great cause at the same time.

EyeCon Info

EyeCon, a True Blood celebrity convention, is being held at the Florida Hotel and Convention Center November 5th to 7th. Events include Celebrity Autograph sessions, Celebrity Photo Op sessions, a Celebrity Banquet, a Cocktail Party with the stars, a Fangbanger’s Ball, Panels, Games, Guitar Hero, Celebrity Breakfast auctions, Blood Drives and more!

To find more information, purchase tickets and keep tabs on newly signed guests, click here to visit EyeCon’s website.

General Ticket Info

Tickets are available online and pricing is as follows:

General Admission
Friday: $10, Saturday: $35, Sunday: $36
3 Day Weekend: $70
Silver Weekend Pass: $125
Gold Weekend Pass: $175
Platinum Weekend Pass: $275

Special rates are available for all attendees who stay at the host hotel. Hotel information and room rate information can be found at

Sources:– EyeCon True Blood Personal, Catered Celebrity Signing


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A Taste of Last Year’s Eyecon-Nelsan Ellis

October 30, 2010

Last year at Eyecon we all got to mix and mingle with True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette), Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), Ashley Jones (Daphne) and Allan Hyde (Godric). It was incredible! The actors were really fun and friendly and accessible, mingling at the cocktail party and sitting down to breakfast and dinner. Well this year’s Eyecon 2010 is rapidly approaching and we thought if you were teetering on the edge of going .. this little article might help you make up your mind.


Question: University of Florida vs. University of Alabama in the NCAA Football championship, who wins?

Nelsan: ALABAMA! I’m from Alabama, ya’ll.

Question: What is the difference between you and Lafayette?

Nelsan: Well, me and Lafayette are one in the same. The difference is in what we do in life, but we’re the same person. Of course I’m not a prostitute and I don’t sell vampire blood and sleep with the same people he sleeps with, but you know, we’re from the same place in life. The street type; we have a little street smarts. I’m shyer than Lafayette but if I’m pushed, I can certainly be as bold as he is. I would like to clip some tail every now and then.

Question: How did you get into acting?

Nelsan: It was accidental. I went to Chicago to stay with my father’s side of the family. In Alabama, in my town, we don’t have any arts or acting or dance or anything like that. I went to high school in Chicago for three years and discovered acting, put it down to the military, then I picked it [acting] back up and honestly, it’s the only thing I think I know how to do. It’s the only thing that holds my attention for more than 30 seconds. So I guess they picked me because it’s something I know how to do. I discovered it in high school and I picked it up after the military.

Question: How about the fierceness that the character has? How do you prepare for that? You just seem so calm and poised but when the character comes out, who do you think of to become Lafayette?

Nelsan: My Mama. My Mama, yeah. I don’t think nobody’s as bold and fearless and as courageous as my mama, so all that stuff I get I mold from my mama. That stuff I get from Lafayette comes right from Ms. Peaches, the best in Alabama.

Question: You mentioned the military, what branch were you in?

Nelsan: Hoorah Marine Corp! The best branch of all. The others were a bunch of pussys! I’ll say it and I’ll say it to their faces.

Question: Nelsan, are there any other future plans for something we might be seeing you in other than just “True Blood?”

Nelsan: Well, there’s a movie coming out in June called “Secretariat.” It’s a Disney flick with John Malkovich and Diane Lane and Debra Ross. I play Eddie Sweat and hopefully it’s coming out in June. Hopefully, it’ll come out. ~laughs~

Question: Hoorah! Can you give us any funny stories about fans coming up to you thinking you are Lafayette?

Nelsan: Well, you know Lafayette is a sexually free individual and he certainly welcomes, for the right amount of money, he’ll welcome anything. I’ve gotten some weird propositions. I’ve also been groped at parties; I’ve been followed home. Those are funny, they are funny in retrospect but when you got like three following you home … But people think that I’m Lafayette so they sometimes deal with me as if I’ll excuse the things that Lafayette will excuse which nooo, no. ~laughs~ And they think I’m as fun as Lafayette. I’m actually boring.

Question: I’m from and we asked our readers what thesy would like to know from the actors here. They asked us to asked you guys, has “True Blood” changed your life and if so, how?

Nelsan: Well, I can pay rent now. And my father’s glad about it. I can pay rent; I gained weight because I eat consistently now. It hasn’t been a big change only in that I can pay my own bills. I’m not struggling as much as I did when I first started acting. And, you know, having to be careful with certain people because some fanatic fans get out of hand. But you know, I make more money and I can take care of my family now.

Question: That’s good. I wanted to talk to you about when you went to school with Rutina?

Nelsan: Yes, we’re good friends so it’s crazy then when three years out of school, we’re playing cousins on the show. Funny story about Rutina – I know I’m gonna get in trouble for telling this – but we’re very, very, very good friends. Her husband‘s school was also Julliard. We went to go see a play in New York and Rutina was stopped by the police because they thought she was a hooker. Because Rutina has a body out of this world and it was in the summer time so she had on some shorts and she had on this nice shirt and the police actually stopped her. I looked at them like, “What’s going on?” She’s a first-year student at the Julliard school; she is not on the corner trying to get rent money. Funny story. She’s gonna get upset that I told y’all that. She’s gonna read it somewhere and call me ~high pitched scream~ “NELSANNNN! Why’d you go and tell people that?” No, we’re very good friends. My sister was murdered my third year of Julliard and Rutina and I were supposed to go off and do a play together and I couldn’t do it. It was during the summer but she was sort of my representation there to be like, “Look, he can’t be here for obvious reasons.” She has sort of always been in my therapy process. When my sister was murdered, I sort of checked out of school and Michael Conna told me, “You’re not really doing anything in school,” and I said, “Yeah, because my mind’s somewhere else.” He gave me the option of either being kicked out or, he said, whatever you need to do, I’ll help you do it. So I said I would do a play and I did a play, a whole lot of readings about it, and Rutina was one of the main people involved all the way until the end. I’m still working with domestic violence stuff. People think I’m crazy but she’s always one of the main people who will come out and help me though it. Yes, she’s a very, very, very, very good friend.

On Being Chained

Question: Was it very difficult to film the scene where you’re chained in the first episode of season two?

Nelsan: At first it wasn’t difficult. I’m not one of those actors that have to come in and relive a bad experience. I just go in and do the work. But with that scene – also because it was graphic and violent – it just creeped me out. It was only difficult in that the body looked real and all the blood. It was cold and wet and stankin’ so it was only difficult in that respect.

Question: Where is this going to lead between you and Eric? Is there something going on or…

Nelsan: You mean in real life or …

You know I honestly don’t know. Well Alex said his intention was that Eric is attracted to Lafayette’s character because of Lafayette’s entrepreneurship but there was never intended for anything funny between the two characters. It’s something to explore, I think. Maybe Alan will go there, have a dream or something, I don’t know.

Question: Do you think it would be funny to play a vampire? Do you like vampires?

Nelsan: Not now. I think one of the things that makes Lafayette, Lafayette is the fact that he’s human and he can do as much as he does in terms of his survivor skills. If he was a vampire, I think he would be evil and cruel. The power, I think, would go to his head. Eventually I think Alan can make him a vampire but not till the seventh or eighth season.

Question: We love those words.

Nelsan: Hopefully, y’all continue to watch and all that stuff and buy the DVDs. That’s Alan’s shameful, “Buy the DVDs” plug. ~laughs~

Question: I am very sorry for your loss with your sister that you mentioned. Do you work with charities for violence against women or violence against people? Do you have a charity that you work with?

Nelsan: I do. I do anything with domestic violence and child molestation. Halle Berry has an organization in Southern California called the Genesis Center and I always work worth them. Whenever we do something, the proceeds go to them and, more importantly, they come out with all their resources and make it the life of the event on behalf of the cause. Domestic violence is an epidemic worldwide and particularly in America but because it’s so taboo, we still don’t want to deal with the fact that some of us beat our women and children in secret and so it’s just a destructive secret to have. It’s called The Genesis Center. It’s a wonderful organization and its in Southern California they do great things. They will actually take a whole family and put them in a safety house. The statistic is, a woman is most likely to get murdered if she leaves, which is a horrible statistic. To me, it says something about our law system. The Genesis Center, what they do if a woman can call and says, “Listen, I need to get away form my husband,” they will actually sneak in and take the whole family out and out and put them in a safe house where the husband can have no contact and can’t get to the family. It’s a wonderful organization and Halle Berry brings a lot of money in because, of course, she’s been through it.

Question: Were you an Alan Ball fan before “True Blood” with “Six Feet Under?” Also when you sign up for an HBO show, obviously there’s going be a lot of nakedness going on. How uncomfortable is that?

Nelsan: I was a fan of Alan Ball’s with “American Beauty” and “Six Feet Under.” I think it was one of the best shows on TV. Especially the season finale and quite frankly, I don’t think I ever seen an episode of a show that was quite so perfect. It was just perfect. I’m queasy about my nakedness. I grew up in a strict Christian family that believed in covering it up, so that when we get to the points where I got to show my no no parts, it’s gonna be nerve wracking. – especially when you’re looking at 80 people. You have all these people and you have to strip down. Anna is used to it at this point so it’s easy for her and she just takes it well. Me on the other hand, I’ll be like, “Can we just have the director here? Do I have to take my drawers off too?” You just wear a little sock; the men just wear a sock. That’s it. Sometimes it comes off or sometimes something crazy happens and like Mehcad Brooks that plays Eggs? They could not find one to fit him. It was huge scandal on set, “We can’t find a sock to fit Mehcad. We gotta go out and get a special one for him.” And then it fell off. So it was awkward in the scene. I was trying to put it back on and Rutina’s trying to block me. She’s probably going to get upset with me for saying this.

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette in Gold

Dressing the Part

Question: Do they let you keep the gold pants and the gold underwear?

Nelsan: They don’t let me keep nothing. HBO, bless their hearts, but no, they ain’t giving me none of that … I’ll have to steal it if I want to keep it and even then, I’ll probably get some phone calls. “Nelsan, did you see those pants because we can’t find them in inventory?” My father hates those pants.

Question: You have women falling everywhere …

What was it like working on “The Soloist?” Do they really work on a lot of the (can’t make her out)

Nelsan: Yes, they hired 15 homeless people from the homeless shelter, which was a good thing because they got paid as much as we did. It’s work experience and we got to actually see because we spent so much time in that district downtown where you actually come in face-to-face with how just egregious homelessness is in California. It should not be; it’s just out of control and it’s because of those of us who live there. We have 200,000 homeless people in California – it’s ridiculous. Many of them are piled up in one place in California. It just should not be and many of them are mentally ill. From what I understand, some of them were dumped there because their families could not pay for, or continue to keep them in a home, so they were dumped out there. That’s the one lesson many of the actors got, including Robert Downey Jr., is how much we now have to deal with this huge problem of homelessness in California. It’s just bad, it really is. But yeah it was good to work on.

Question: How old are you?

Nelsan: I’m 28.

Question: Do you have any kissing scenes this year on anything?

Nelsan: Well, I understand they’re going to give me a friend so I guess in having a friend there’ll be some kissing. We’ll see, we’ll see. I don’t like really kissing on screen. I’m like, eh. It’s hard to fake a kiss so you got to do it for real and I got to kiss men. ~laughs~! I mean, I have no with problem kissing men, but you know, it’s just hard for me.

Question: What is your favorite episode in each season?

Nelsan: First season my favorite episode is episode five, which is kind of egotistical because I have a lot of scenes in episode five. My favorite in the second season … Which one? I think I have a couple. Jason was so marvelous in the second season that I think the three episodes that he dominated are my favorite because he was so freaking good. He’s always good but the second season is he was funny – especially his Rambo-type and saving the world. He was hilarious. I don’t know which one but there were three that were my favorite because Jason sort of took them over and he was hilarious.

Question: The character that you play on “True Blood” – are you more tempted to play this sort of role in the future? I know you’re branching out. It’s great doing different kinds of roles, but is this something you’re thinking of even more than this kind of genre?

Nelsan: Oh the genre, or the character? Lafayette is so out there and I don’t know if I can play his kind of character again because I don’t know if I can find a character that would top his. So no more characters like Lafayette. The genre? No, probably not. I’m more of a dramatic dude so, I lucked out on getting “True Blood” because I don’t think there is any other circumstance that I would be in a vampire flick other than the show. So I think this is it on the genre and this is probably it on the character. Then we move on …

Question: I have a two-part question. First of all, have you read any of the novels Charlaine Harris has written and what the show is based on?

Nelsan: Yes I, read several of the books.

Question: And second, we know she did a cameo in the last episode of the show of the second season. Which part did she play?

Nelsan: She was at the bar. She just played a patron. You’d miss her if you blinked. The camera just slid right; you don’t even see her whole face, you just get sort of see this profile. If you actually didn’t see her how she looked, you would never even guess it was her. She has a line but it’s like, real quick.

Influences Past and Present

Question: Who has influenced you with your acting and who would you like to work with in the future?

Nelsan: Morgan Freeman, Jeffrey Wright, Denzel Washington, Lawrence Fishburne, Angela Bassett. I love me some Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie. I’m sort of eclectic in all the people that I like that influence me. My biggest influence is probably Jeffrey Wright. I think of all the actors he’s the only one I can see a style I’m the most relatable to. Who would I like to work with in the future? Lawrence Fishburne, Jeffrey Wright, Jaimee Fox again, who else? I’d like to work with whoever will hire me. Obviously if you gonna meet my (quote) ? , I wanna work with you. But you know if I were to work with Denzel Washington, I’d probably be pissing myself. I think there are kids in the room … sorry! ~laughs~

Question: If you were not acting, what job would you do? What’s your dream job?

Nelsan: I would be a bum. No, I’d like to say if I wasn’t acting, I would probably be a preacher or a lawyer but I don’t know. I sublimate though acting. I get out because I’m not an emotional dude; I don’t cry and all that stuff so I can get out all my emotions in acting. So if I didn’t sublimate, I would probably be like a criminal. I have all this stuff I want to get out – I would just want to beat a person up. So I don’t know. I would like to say a lawyer or a preacher. Then maybe I just might be like a criminal. Maybe I might be Lafayette.

Question: What would be your most memorable scene in the first and second seasons?

Nelsan: The Lafayette AIDS burger. That’s only because I like the physical stuff so yeah, the physical stuff in the scene just sort of worked well. All the acting and directing worked well. I got to kick some ass. It just worked well so that’s my most memorable scene in both seasons.

Question: Did your agent prepare you for the convention experience or did he just kind of send you off here to the wolves?

Nelsan: I didn’t even know this was a convention that focused mainly on “True Blood.” I thought I was going to come here and see some “Twilight” people, some “Supernatural” people, some “Buffy” people. All this attention’s sort of disconcerting. Is it just us? Really? Now where are Anna and Steve? They’re the lead faces. No I didn’t know they didn’t prepare me for it. They just sort of sent me out here. Yeah, I mean they made me come because they wanted their commission. They just sent me out here, didn’t give me no information. But I’m havin’ fun! Are y’all? ~applause~

Question: So how did you land the role of Lafayette?

Nelsan: Well, my agent called me and he was like, “There’s something I think you can get.” I said, “Really?” He goes, “Yeah, there’s like a drag queen part.” I was like, “Adam.” He was like, “Remember that monologue I saw you do at Julliard, Ms. Raze?” I said yeah so he sent me the script. I loved the script. I went to audition for it and Libby Goldstein, the casting director, is like, “You’re too masculine. You’re just so masculine. You know this is a drag queen part right?” I said, “Yeah.” She’s like I know you black people have a hard time in getting parts like this. I mean, it wasn’t offensive she was just being honest. She was like, “I think you’re cute so just show me what you can do.” So I did it and she said, “Well, I’m going to bring you back for Alan.” So I came back for Alan and it wasn’t a good second audition. I called my agency and it wasn’t working out; it just wasn’t. I came back for the third audition and it just wasn’t good. I came back for the fourth audition and I was like, I’m not going to get the part so I’m going to go up there and play off all of my instincts. At one point, I put my ass in Libby’s face. I had my legs crossed and Alan was sitting there and I’d be in his face. I was like, if I don’t get the job at least I’m going to play off all the instincts. I was getting up walking around and the person who was taping it she had to follow me. I walked out and I was like well, I know I didn’t get it, but at least I did everything that I wanted to do in the audition. Four days later, they said that I got it. I was like, you must be crazy. He was high. But he picked me. I don’t know why.

Question: Do they allow you to improvise on your character? Because you seem to own the part so well and I was just curious.

Nelsan: Well, no. I can get away with throwing in some phrases here and there so improvise is not quite the right word because you can’t really improvise. With Alan, when it’s his script and he’s directing, absolutely. And some other writers too, but some of the writers, I can’t even throw a phrase in. They’ll stop me like, “No, please stick with my words.” So I’ll have to go, “Okay.” So yeah, I throw in some phrases here and there but you can’t improvise on TV.

Question: You said you read seven of the books. They introduce a lot of new characters in each of the additional books. Are there any of the characters that you hope to see from the books come to “True Blood?”

Nelsan: I would want to see Russell. I’m interested in seeing Russell. The tall, bald-headed dude – Quinn? I’m interested in seeing him because I’m interested in who is going to play that dude. Because if he’s going to be as bad ass on the show as he is in the books, I want to see what I can play Quinn.

I don’t know about Vin Diesel.

Question: That’s who she based him on.

Nelsan: Well, then maybe. Who am I to say? Who else? You know what? The demons.
I’d really like to see the demons, like the old man and the two chicks. I mean, who will they get to play them and the old dude? Oh, the fairies? I’m not into the fairies. Fairies ain’t got no muscle on them. Especially the brother. I mean what did he do? He’s just pretty and he would show off And he thinks he’s pretty, he’s pretty, he’s pretty; we get it. He don’t do anything. It’s like, what’s your function dude? What do you do? Like he has no function other than being pretty. His sister – she’s the one that takes care of Sookie. She has a good function. She needs protection. The brother? I’m territorial with my pretty.

Question: I was wondering with the books was there any particular part you want to see?

Nelsan: I want to be around for the war between the vampires and the werewolves. That’s my favorite part in the book. I think it’s the fifth book. I want to be and I want to fight in that war – on the vampires’ side because they gonna win. Yeah I want to fight. It would be interesting if Jason fights in there as a werewolfe. I’m sorry, did I just spoil that for someone?

Question: If you don’t see yourself in this specific kind of genre, where do you want to branch out? I noticed a lot of people that you mentioned also do a little more serious work. What is your favorite? What is your goal?

Nelsan: Wow. I haven’t figured all that out yet. I’d like to do more serious movies – not that “True Blood” isn’t serious. I’d like to do more in the way what Jeffrey and Lawrence Fishburn and Denzel, more on that road. In terms of a goal for myself … I don’t know. I still haven’t found out how completely evolved I am as an actor. To figure that out, ultimately. My goal is to work. That’s a big thing for the actor because our life span in terms of just working … It’s like most of the time we’re at home, chilling, auditioning but actually working? There’s very few of us, so my goal is to continue to consistently work. What jobs I get, only God can tell. Hopefully, I’ll work on something like good movies.

Question: I love the way you portray Lafayette. It’s exactly the way I thought it would be. And I have to ask you, what character in “True Blood” would you like your character to do bad things with?

Nelsan: You’re gonna have to clarify. You mean legal things or …

I would mostly like to do illegal things with Eric. Because I mean, plain and simple, there’s nobody more powerful. And I think he schemes as darkly as Lafayette. I would most likely do naughty things with Anna Paquin. Steven Moyer did good.

Question: What are some of your favorite films?

Nelsan: Oddly enough, “Interview with a Vampire” only because it’s a drama. “Interview with a Vampire,” “Shawshank Redemption.” Let me think now that I’m put on the spot. Let’s see, I don’t know. I have a lot of Asian movies that are my favorite films but they have gone out of my head.

Cast Tidbits

Question: The casting is amazing. What do you think of Evan Rachel Wood as the queen?

Nelsan: I was surprised by it, but I do like it. It’s hard because you have nothing to compare it to, to say, ah, Angelina Jolee would be better. But I think it’s a part that you can’t really mess up because the writing is so good. All you gotta do is talk. And she’s hot. She’s great to look at. What do you think? I have a question for you. What do you think about the casting of Evan Rachel Wood for the queen?

Question: I love her. Someone said a horrible thing is that 97 percent of the people are disappointed.

Nelsan: So who did they think should play the queen?

Question: I hear Michelle Pfeiffer. She was supposed to be young in the books.

Nelsan: I will say this, I thought they would get a woman with more age and ravenous. I’m not saying she’s ugly; I like her as the queen. I just thought they would get more Michelle Forbes and she could tear the frickin’ screen a new asshole. I mean she just drop kicks it hard because you have Michelle Forbes on the screen. But of course, Michelle Forbes had a whole season. Rachel had now many seasons? Give her a chance!

Question: Anybody who reads seven books just to prepare for a role is just amazing, but I’m interested to know, what do you think of (???)

Nelsan: Well, I read the books because my agent told me to. When I read the first two books, they’re so addictive I just read the other ones. But he told me you better read the books so you know what world this is. Vladimir Nabrokhof is one of my favorite authors. His prose is otherworldly. “Lolita” I can read nine times a year just because of his prose is just amazing, and every French writer, really. I typically lean towards European writers. For some reason, their language, their grasp of our language; they write it sometimes a little better than us.

Question: What’s it like working with Pam?

Nelsan: Oh, she’s wonderful! I love that chick. She’s wonderful. She is kind of like her character. She’s wonderful and funny. Her and Eric together, they’re a riot. In fact whenever I see him without her, I’m always looking for her to enter or come out and say a snazzy line. I love Pam.

Question: I think you would have liked the queen because people are so hot for him and all the blondes (not sure

Nelsan: They just want to kiss on him.

Question: What do you watch on TV besides “True Blood?”

Nelsan: “Dexter,” ~applause~ “Medium.” Is “Supernatural” back on? ~applause~ You know, I used to love “Heroes” but I’m phasing it out because I’m like, what are they doing? What is going on? No continuity. It’s like every episode is so different. Is “Smallville” still on because that’s my show. I just got into “Grey’s Anatomy.” I never watched TV but when you’re on a TV, show you go to all these functions with other actors and they come up and go, “I like ‘True Blood.’” And then you sit there going, what show are you on? And they’re like, “Supernatural.” I literally have to look at TV because of my peers now. It’s TV and you have to support them because they support you. A lot of shows I watch just because I want to know who I’m talking to. Because we are invited to the awards ceremonies like the Golden Globes and all that and you’re sitting at the table and it just looks pitiful when you have nothing else to say about anyone else’s show. Especially when they’ve been running for seven years.

Hello. You’re gorgeous. I’m going to get in trouble. Wow, this better not show up on YouTube.

Interviwer: It’s already there.

Nelsan: It’s already on YouTube? You got a live feed going? Oh my goodness. I am in so much trouble. I betcha McCaden and Tina is texting me right now. I’m sorry go ahead.

Question: Would you want to do any other show on HBO like “Curb Your Enthusiasm?”

Nelsan: I don’t do improv. “Curb your Enthusiasm” is improv.

Question: Is there any other show like, “Entourage?”

Nelsan: Every man wants to get on “Entourage.” On “Entourage,” they’re bastards and they’re fun. Honestly I don’t think there’s any other show on TV that’s as good as “True Blood.”


No other show can measure up.

Oh no, no, no, make no mistake, I am gangster in that. I will tell anybody to their face, “True Blood” is the best show on TV. I don’t care how much you love that show, how bad you may think you are because you ain’t gonna beat my ass. “True Blood” is the best show on TV.

Question: So, I’m just curious and I am sorry for anyone who hasn’t read the book because this is going to be a major spoiler. Lafayette’s character is very different in the books because he died. So I was wondering when you got the part, were you signed on to be in any more seasons?

Nelsan: No, it was only a one year contract. But Alan did tell me I was going to live beyond 12 episodes, and he was very cavalier about it. He was like, “You know you’re not going to die, right?” I said no I didn’t, but thanks for telling me. And is good to work in the middle of a recession so God bless him.

Yes M’am. Hello.

Question: Hello, how are you?

Nelsan: I’m good how are you?

Question: This is such a delight. We all want to thank you for being here.

Nelsan: Thank you for inviting me and all the people who invited me. It’s where he is the one who invited me is not here and thanks everybody and thanks everybody and Godric. ~laughs~

Question: One quick question. The girl who sang in the band, the Christian band … I understand that she’s a soap opera star. Would you happen to know her name?

Nelsan: I don’t know but I just know when I saw it, “she’s good” I don’t know who she is. She’s on “Days of our Lives.” Wow, I did not know that but she is good.

MC: Alright sorry to cut it off but we got to bring in this old guy.

Nelsan: Godric has to come up y’all!

Transcription: April Lollar


Melissa Rauch Becomes Series Regular on Big Bang Theory

October 30, 2010

Will Hoyt’s “Girlfriend” Return to True Blood?

Melissa Rauch Big Bang TheoryMelissa Rauch who played Hoyt’s overzealous girlfriend Summer on HBO‘s True Blood, recently joined the cast of The Big Bang Theory as Howard’s significant other Bernadette.  The roll was only meant to last one episode but Rauch’s character was wildly popular and they sweetened the deal for her.  While her contract does not involve every episode, fans of Rauch will be seeing a lot more of her! 

With this news combined with the way Season 3 ended it looks like Summer’s Bon Temps days are over.  Poor Hoyt – I’m sure he’ll be distraught! 

Source: – Exclusive: ‘Big Bang Theory’ Promotes Melissa Rauch to Series Regular

(Photo Credit:


Video: Ryan Kwanten Talks About True Blood, Australia, and Red Hill

October 30, 2010

Red Hill Opens in Theaters November 5, 2010

Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, talks about his new movie, his homeland, and being naked.In an interview with KTLA TV in California, Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, chats about being scantily clad, Australia, and his new film, Red Hill.  Throughout the four minute clip, Kwanten’s relaxed nature and playful humor are on prominent display.

Kwanten revealed that the cast of True Blood will start filming Season 4 on the first of December and feels “very very proud and blessed” to be a part of such a successful show.  He laughed at the nudity questions, simply saying that “I don’t feel like it’s nudity for nudity’s sake…it always feels like it’s (for) a story point.”

A Chance to Play a Real Cop

Kwanten’s new movie, Red Hill, is a western drama set and filmed on his home turf of Australia.  He plays Shane Cooper, a police officer that moves to a small country town and immediately gets tangled up with a pack of vicious outlaws.

Critics have seen it and are calling it Australia’s answer for No Country for Old Men.  We very much have our own version of the Wild West and anyone who knows an Australian or knows of an Australian knows that we are inherently wild in nature.  So, this story captures, I guess it goes back to the western style, the Clint Eastwood style of film making and puts it into an Australian setting.

Leaving Australia

Growing up right outside Sydney, Kwanten spoke about relocating to the U.S. eight years ago and how, even though he doesn’t necessarily consider the U.S. to be home, it is “a home.”

It’s considered a right of passage for us (Australians) to go traveling, y’know, even if you’re penniless you’re pretty much booted out of the country at a certain point just to go and at least see the world and appreciate what you have and I just happened to come here and stay here.

Red Hill will have a limited release in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, November 5, 2010.  The movie premiered in the U.S. this week and CraveOnline was giving away five free tickets to a special screening on October 25th.  Did any Truebies win the tickets?  Any teasers for the rest of us that won’t get to see the movie until it’s released more widely?


Source:– Interview with Ryan Kwanten

(Photo Credit: Details Magazine)


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