True Blood’s Michael McMillian to Appear at Planet Comicon

February 21, 2011

Kansas City’s Largest Comic Book Convention

True Blood's Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin)Michael McMillian, the actor who plays Reverend Steve Newlin on HBO‘s True Blood, is scheduled to appear at Planet Comicon in his native state, Kansas.  Proclaimed to be “Kansas City’s largest pop culture and comic book convention”, the event will be held on March 26 & 27 at the Overland Park International Trade Center.  McMillian will be promoting two comic books: Lucid, which he created and wrote, and the True Blood comics, to which he is contributing a 6-issue story arc.  His True Blood comics are set to be released at about the same time Season 4 premieres.

Also set to appear at the convention are: Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars), Alaina Huffman (Smallville), Tom Kane (voice of Yoda), and Lindsay Wagner (the Bionic Woman).  For ticketing information, click here.

Do we have any readers in Kansas?  Will you be attending Planet Comicon this year?


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Charlaine Harris at the Arkansas Literary Festival

February 21, 2011

Meet the Legend Who Inspired True Blood in Little Rock

Charlaine Harris, photographed by Sigrid Estrada 2010Fans of the Southern Vampire Mysteries (aka the Sookie Stackhouse series) will have a chance to see the incredibly talented Charlaine Harris this Spring. Mrs. Harris, whose books are the basis for HBO‘s hit series True Blood, will be joining over 80 authors for a week of panels, performances, workshops and book signings at the Arkansas Literary Festival. The Central Arkansas Library System’s Main Library campus, the River Markets and Argenta Arts districts are home to the events and most of the events are free to the public.  The festival runs from April 7-13.

The offical event schedule will be released March 15. For additional information on the festival visit Here.

Source:– Harris, Sedaris among authors to appear at Arkansas Literary Festival

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True Blood’s Anna Camp to Star in a New Comedy Pilot

February 21, 2011

Camp to Appear In the NBC “Twisty” Romantic Comedy

Anna Camp Casted in new NBC Pilot, I Hate That I Love YouAnna Camp, True Blood‘s perky preacher’s wife Sarah Newlin, has been cast in a new comedy pilot. The show entitled I Hate That I Love You, is led up by writer and executive producer Jhoni Marchinko. Landing one of the four lead roles, Anna will portray Sarah, a lesbian who falls for Allie after a blind date. The problem is, Allie ends up getting pregnant.

No word yet on additional cast mates or when filming is scheduled to begin. We’ll be sure to update you when we learn more!

What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing Anna Camp’s comedic skills?

Source: – Anna Camp signs up for NBC comedy pilot



Charlaine Harris Says Sookie Stackhouse Series Will End

February 20, 2011

Now Leaving Bon Temps

Dead ReckoningThe book series that started it all, the Southern Vampire Mysteries, will be coming to an end after two additional books. The next addition to the series, Dead Reckoning is due out in May.

Sookie Stackhouse’s creator Charlaine Harris expressed to the LA Times Blog, Hero Complex that she is ready to write something else. Since HBO began airing True Blood two years ago Harris has had little time to focus on other projects due to publicity engagements related to the vampire show.

Worlds Beyond Sookie

But fear not fans of Charlaine’s work! Just because she’s ready to leave Bon Temps in the world of fiction doesn’t mean she’s ready to give up the vampires. Another female vampire by the name of Dahlia Lynley-Chivers has recently come into the spotlight. Having originally appeared in some of Harris’ short stories, Dahlia is now the star of her own game entitled Dying for Daylight which is now available on The game centers on her quest to find the secret of how her kind can walk in the sunlight and how she has to search all over New Orleans to find it. To those Truebies who have seen season three of True Blood in its entirety, the premise may sound familiar.

Computer games aren’t the only things Harris’ characters are appearing in. IDW released the True Blood comic series last year and a volume of the first six issues came out this past week. Harper Connelly, another one of Charlaine’s heroines will also be brought into the comic fold and in addition CBS is looking into giving the character her own TV series.

On True Blood

Speaking of TV series, how does Charlaine feel about True Blood? While she did admit to being a bit overwhelmed by the show’s sometimes graphic (and sexual) nature she is proud of the series and the actors:

“I think all the actors are very fun,” she said. “I think Alan’s genius lies in picking the right person for the right role. They’re all talented and doing a great job. There are some plot lines that have surprised me, but I know that they know where they’re going — I just don’t know because it’s not where I went. So I can only wait to see what’s going to develop.”

Well Charlaine we can’t wait to see what your next project will be and like you we’re also excited to see where True Blood goes next!

Source: LA Times’ Hero Complex– “‘True Blood’ Too Draining?: Charlaine Harris Says Sookie Stackhouse Novels Must End”

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Michael McMillian Discusses the True Blood Comic Series on the Inside True Blood Blog

February 20, 2011

From Actor to Comic Book Writer

michael_mcmillian as steve newlinGianna Sobol, writer of the Inside True Blood Blog and assistant to True Blood creator Alan Ball, recently interviewed Michael McMillian who is best known to Trubies as Rev. Steve Newlin from seasons two and three.  But when he’s not acting Michael is a writer of comic books like his own series Lucid. What fans may not realize however is that he is a co-writer of the True Blood comic book series! He recently sat down with Sobol to discuss the comics and give a bit more insight into the world of True Blood that we haven’t seen on television.

The storyline McMillian wrote for this series of True Blood comics is entitled “Tainted Love” and tells the story of what happens when a vampire terrorist group known as the Vampire Liberation Front puts something in bottles of tru blood that makes vampires lose all morality. Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) is one of the unfortunate vampires who drank a bottle and all hell breaks loose!

When asked about some really good moments readers of the comics could look forward to in this story, Michael responded with some juicy teasers:

“I think just about every cliffhanger has its shock value. That’s a characteristic of the show that Marc and I wanted to make sure closed out each issue. There’s a sequence in Issue 2 involving Jessica and an alligator that’s a favorite moment of mine. And Eric takes his relationship with Sookie to new heights in Issue 3.”

Comics as a Part of the True Blood Universe

With teasers like that, fans have to wonder exactly what kind of role the comics play with True Blood on the air. Are the comics a completely separate entity from the show or do they tie in? While the storylines in the comic are indeed separate from the show, McMillian describes the comic as a supporting act for the show:

“The comic is a great way to expand the mythology and explore certain corridors of the True Blood world that the show may perhaps leave untouched. Issue 1, for example, kicks off with a tour of a Tru Blood bottling plant. “

So in other words, the comics are a way for fans to explore a bit deeper in the world of True Blood using aspects that were introduced in the show but are not something that it has had time to expound upon. Very cool Michael!

Gotta Talk About the Newlins

No interview with Michael McMillian would be complete without discussing a little bit about Steve Newlin and his wife Sarah (Anna Camp) who were a big part of season 2. We only saw glimpses of them in season three. But do the comics give any insight as to what they’ve been up to since season 2? McMillian says yes:

“We will see a bit of Smilin’ Steve in “Tainted Love.” And perhaps a glimpse of what Sarah Newlin has been up to…All I can say is she has taken what has happened to her and used it to her advantage.”

Now that should make for some interesting reading now shouldn’t it! As for whether or not Steve Newlin or Sarah will return to True Blood on screen, McMillian doesn’t know. But he does say that he thinks Steve would settle his scores with Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård).

Fans who are interested in reading this first series can head over to the HBO shop and order a hard cover version of it, entitled “All Together Now” which was released this past week.

Source: Inside True Blood Blog– “An Interview with Michael McMillian”

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True Blood’s King of Mississippi Will Be Back

February 20, 2011

Denis O’Hare Talks to The TV Junkie about His Current Projects:

Denis O'Hare plays the King of Mississippi on True BloodWe may have season four spoilers of HBO‘s True Blood dancing in our heads, but we certainly haven’t forgotten how season three ended, especially for Denis O’Hare‘s character, Russell Edgington. Of course we don’t think he died given that he didn’t meet the true death before our eyes, but how long will he be encased in cement, slowly going insane? That’s up to Alan Ball and the genius writers, but O’Hare himself confidently told The TV Junkie “I am so not dead.  I’ll be back…I hope!”

Other Projects:

O’Hare left the King of Mississippi frozen in cement to play a tasteless psychiatrist in HBO’sBored to Death,’ as well as a Roman soldier in the new film ‘The Eagle‘. ‘Bored to Death’ is a comedy series revolving around a writer who moonlights as a private detective, and the show returns for its third season this September. Regarding his role as Dr. Worth, O’Hare stated “it was so hilarious to be a completely inappropriate psychiatrist. I was in heaven.”

The Eagle‘ hit theaters February 11th and stars O’Hare as Roman soldier Lutorius. The film is about a young Roman soldier in Roman-ruled Britain who endeavors to honor his father’s memory by finding his lost legion’s golden emblem. Regarding the movie and filming in Budapest, O’Hare exclaimed:

“He (the director) has made an incredibly exciting, sexy, and yet historically accurate movie about what it must be like to be in 180 A.D. in the wilds of England, to be a Roman soldier.  It’s a huge movie… Budapest is a really hip, fun, young city. It feels incredibly alive, it feels very very active…I don’t drink anymore but if I still drank, I would have had an incredible time!”

Check out the video below to see O’Hare’s full interview.  ‘Bored to Death’ season three premieres in September and ‘The Eagle’ has been in theaters a little over a week. You can also see him in ‘The Good Wife‘ as Judge Charles Abernathy. Congratulations to O’Hare on his new projects!  Of course, we are the most excited to see him reprise his role in season four of True Blood (maybe!).

Source: The TV Junkie– Denis O’Hare Talks ‘True Blood’ and ‘The Eagle’

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Battle of the True Blood Alpha Males – Make Your Vote Count!

February 20, 2011

Who’s The Sexiest Male True Blood Character?

TBN Hottest Men

Okay True Blood fans, we all have our “favorite” True Blood characters, but who is the HOTTEST guy of them all?  Now’s your chance to be heard!  We here at want to know, which True Blood man gets your heart pumping and keeps you tuning in each week!  Is it suave and seductive Vampire Bill or do you prefer your guys tall, dark and wolfie like Alcide Herveaux. Speaking of tall, maybe it’s tall, blond and Viking you go for and Eric’s your guy? Of course, if you like your men like you like your dessert, all sugar and spice and twice as nice, you have quite a selection to choose from on True Blood. From dark, spicy and delicious Lafayette Reynolds and his strong and sexy witch-doctor boyfriend Jesus, to alpha dog Sam Merlotte, whose bark is worse than his bite, to little brother Tommy who’s a real party animal. Then there’s the perennial lady-pleaser Jason Stackhouse. Does that diamond cut body of Jason’s combined with that hurt little-boy seductiveness bring out the woman in you? Or maybe one of the Bellefleurs curl your toes? How can you not love sweet, if peculiar, Terry Bellefleur? But, if you’re into handcuffs, and a little discipline, there’s always Andy who’s waiting for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T from you! And finally, there just isn’t anyone sweeter than Hoyt Fortenberry whose shy and loving nature is only ruined by a side of crazy momma.

So let us know, who do you love? Can’t quite make up your mind? That’s OK, you can vote for up to 3  guys who make your palms sweat and your heart skip a beat (if your heart’s still beating that is!) Click the boxes below and let us know, who’s the HOTTEST True Blood Man?

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Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s Relaxing Relationship

February 20, 2011

Easy on the Eyes, Easy on the Crew

Anna & Stephen True Blood pilotAnna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, who play Sookie & Bill on HBO‘s True Blood, are in a relationship on the show… but any Truebie worth their salt knows that they’re also together in real life.  The couple married in August 2010, and they have True Blood to thank for that.  They met during auditions, and have been inseparable ever since.

What’s it like to film love scenes with your significant other?  Obviously, it’s a breeze for Paquin and Moyer, but the added benefit?  According to Moyer, the crew are also at ease.  As he puts it:

“Our love scenes actually work really well. Since the crew knows we do have chemistry and are together in real life, I feel it takes away from the nerve-wracking tension that can occur when people have to watch two actors who are just getting to know each other engage in an intimate scene.”

That’s an interesting point of view.  He may be right, but when would you feel more tension?  Watching two actors as you film them in a sterile love scene (because they’re basically strangers), or watching two actors passionately ‘get it on’ as they might at home?  I don’t know about that, Stephen.  I’d probably blush — at the very least.

Source:– Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin Relationship Makes Crew Relaxed

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Happy Birthday Jessica Tuck!

February 19, 2011


Happy Birthday to True Blood actress Jessica Tuck!

We here at would like to wish Jessica Tuck who plays our favorite American Vampire League Spokeswoman, Nan Flannigan a very happy birthday today! Ms. Tuck will also be a series regular on the upcoming 4th season of True Blood. So we can’t wait to see what she’ll bring to the table in this year’s “Year of the Witch” storyline.

Happy Birthday again Jessica! We hope you have a very special day today!

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Kristin Bauer, Sam Trammell, and Brit Morgan to Attend C2E2

February 18, 2011

True Blood Cast to Appear in Chicago

C2E2_Logo4aMarch is rapidly approaching and with it, the opportunity to see members of the True Blood cast in person.  As TBN previously reported, PaleyFest 2011 will be held in Beverly Hills, CA on March 5. But another March event has just been added!

If you are a Truebie who is unable to attend PaleyFest, you’re in luck! The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) recently announced that True Blood stars Kristin Bauer (Pamela Swynford De Beaufort), Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), and Brit Morgan (Debbie Pelt) will be in attendance. So if you live in the Chicago area or are planning to be in town March 18-20 you may want to plan a visit to the West Building at McCormick Place to see our beloved cast members in person.

The True Blood trio will be participating in a Q&A panel on Saturday afternoon so if you have a burning question about the show you will have an opportunity to ask it there. In addition to the panel, the actors will also be signing autographs at the 258 West Authentic Signatures booth at some point during the three day event. No specific schedule has been released for that, but it will be posted when and if it becomes available.

Will you be attending C2E2? Tell us in the comment section below!

Sources: The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo– Official Website– “True Blood Takes a Bite Out of Chicago”

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