Carrie Preston on Hookers, Mikey and Birthing Her Husband

August 31, 2011

Playing Arlene Fowler:

Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene Fowler in HBO's True BloodFans of HBO‘s True Blood all love red-headed Merlotte’s waitress, Arlene Fowler. In Season 4, we have seen her a little less perky and a lot more worried about having given birth to a possible devil child, Mikey. New York Magazine recently interviewed actor Carrie Preston about her latest role.

While Preston was convinced that the Mikey storyline is a portrayal of every parent’s worst fear, she still didn’t say outright that Mikey will turn out to be a normal child. She was glad to see, that with Mikey’s kidnapping (by a ghost-possessed Lafayette Reynolds), Arlene realized that she truly does love her new son:

“I think for Arlene, she’s just relieved to have the child back; any ambivalent feeling she had about the child went away once that fire happened and she realized just how much she loved him and was going to do whatever she could to protect him. What I think has been interesting about my character this season is it also kind of taps into every parent’s fear that they might be raising some kind of demon child. Not a literal one — but, What if I don’t know how to raise this child? Or what if this child winds up having problems that I can’t handle?

Recently, Vulture also interviewed Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds) who proclaimed that his terminology ‘Hooker’ comes from an old Southern usage of the word, and doesn’t literally mean a prostitute. Preston was asked if this was true. While, to a certain extent, it is, it turns out to be used more by folk from Alabama than those from Georgia (where she was raised).

Now, you may think that playing the mother to a possible demon-child is weird enough, but she has also played the mother of her off-screen husband, Michael Emerson, (who played Ben Linus, on Lost). It turns out that this idea was actually thought up by the actress herself:

“We thought it was hilarious. It was my crazy idea. I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be really fun if I got to play your mom when they do your flashback?’ He jokingly mentioned it to the producers. A week later, I was giving birth to him in the jungle.”

Preston has also appeared in many other TV shows, including: The Good Wife, Sex and the City and Arrested Development. Her resume is incredibly vast, True Blood is incredibly lucky to have such a talented actor on board.

Make sure you check out the full Vulture interview by clicking on the link below, and share your thoughts with us!

Source: New York MagazineTrue Blood’s Carrie Preston on Ghosts, Her Favorite TV Redhead, and Being Married to Lost’s Ben Linus

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New Alexander Skarsgård Movie: Disconnect

August 31, 2011

Indie Drama Directed by Henry-Alex Rubin:

Alexander Skarsgård, who stars as Eric Northman on HBO's True BloodOur favorite True Blood viking has been busy during his break from filming HBO’s True Blood. Alexander Skarsgård (who plays vampire Eric Northman) is not only currently filming What Maisie Knew, but the next film in the pipeworks is called The East. Now it has been announced that he will also be starring in the indie movie called Disconnect.

This movie is the first full-length film by director Henry-Alex Rubin, who is most famously known for his documentary Murderball. Skarsgård will star as a former Marine who gets involved in an extra-marital affair after his wife shuts him out emotionally.

Other stars include: Frank Grillo, Colin Ford and Michael Nyqvist. The screenplay is written by Andrew Stern and centers around a group of characters and how technology has impacted their lives.

Skarsgård is certainly keeping himself busy! What do you think, will any of you be catching these at the movie theater?

Sources: Variety – Alexander Skarsgård wants to ‘Disconnect’

IndieWire Blog  – Alexander Skarsgård Will ‘Disconnect’ In New Film From ‘Murderball’ Director Henry-Alex Rubin

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A Little Birdie Told Me — True Blood PSAs part 4

August 31, 2011

New PSAs From True Blood For “It Gets Better”:

This fourth article is again courtesy of True Blood’s official YouTube page. Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry), Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur), Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler), Ryan Kwanten and Chris Bauer (Jason Stackhouse and Andy Bellefleur) made “It Gets Better” PSAs for the Trevor Project. They talk about personal experiences with bullying.

Jim Parrack talks about being a bully:

“I’d like to be very honest with you all and let you know that growing up I made things very difficult on people around me at school, I was a jerk, and that’s gotten better too. Somehow I had it in my mind that if I could lash out at other people or hurt them that somehow I could secure something for myself. To address that I just want to say, you never get anything at all from putting someone else down. There’s no substance to it, there’s no real value to it, there’s no change. All you end up doing is hurting other people, and then being stuck with that realization some day… For those of you who are being victimized or brutalized by people like that, it’s all going to stop. The day is coming where you get to walk out into life, choose the road you’re going to go down, choose the people you want to spend your time with, and you’re free of it all.”


Todd Lowe offers one way to cope:

“If you find yourself the victim of bullying or discrimination, one of the things you can do to empower yourself is to write a story about your bully or tormentor… and make sure it has a happy ending. They go off and live their life, you live yours. Remember, it gets better.”


Carrie Preston talks about community:

“You may be feeling like you’re being bullied because you’re different from everybody around you. I just want you to know that it’s temporary, life is temporary. You are surrounded actually in this world by a much larger community who is made up of gay people, and straight people, and bisexual people, and transgendered people. But I think that we’re a community that’s not really commonly brought together because we have a certain sexual orientation — we’re a part of a community that’s humane, a part of a community that accepts people, a part of a community that loves people and will love you for who you are. So seek us out, we’re here for you. We want you to be who you are, and we will support you in whatever it is that you choose to be, seek us out we’re out here. It gets better, I promise.”


Kwanten and Bauer share being an outsider in common:

“We’re here to talk about bullying. Not the most popular of subjects but one that we must face. Look, Chris and I are both very much kind of outsiders. As much as it wouldn’t seem like we are. And we’re here to tell you that we don’t think we’re alone, we now know that we’re not alone. And if you also feel like an outsider, feel like that no one’s listening to you, believe me there are places to go, there is someone to turn to, there is a comfort, a security network that you can turn to. And if you’re one of the pickers, if you’re one of the bullies, you’ve gotta be kidding me! And you’re not alone. There’s a lot of people going through what you’re going through. Reach out, talk about it. Ask a caregiver, ask a coach, a teacher, anybody who’s there. You can get the help. And I promise you, it gets better.”

Truebies, if you feel picked on or alone and need help, please call 1-866-4-U-TREVOR or visit or

Source: True Blood official YouTube page


Video: Joe Manganiello Interview with Syfy Germany Part 2!

August 30, 2011

Sock or Sausage Casing?

Joe Manganiello as Alcide HerveauxIs neither an option?  Totally kidding!  If you enjoyed watching the first three videos from Joe Manganiello’s interview with Syfy Germany then you are bound to enjoy the newly posted videos from their interview as well!  During his interview one of the questions he was asked was what scene he remembered most from True Blood.  He answered that so far his most memorable scene was during the filming of Season 4, Episode 4.  (I think we all remember that episode clearly.  Or at least I do!)  He added that during that episode his character gets into a confrontation with Alexander Skarsgård and that there was a lot of nudity involved and a wild animal as well.  Manganiello notes that whenever there is a wolf on set, there are trainers there who must keep its attention, and in order to do so during this episode they waved raw meat over his shoulder, while he was naked (aside from his “sock”), which he describes as a “wild experience.”  Lastly, he explained that his brother would joke with him and threaten to sneak into his trailer and switch his sock out for a sausage casing which would make him very nervous.  Honestly though, would anyone complain if that had happened?  My guess is probably not!

When asked how he manages to stay fit for his role as Alcide Herveaux, he explained that he just has to make time to do it, because it’s his business to do it.  He admits that it’d be easier for him not to work out and stay in shape, but then adds that he loves the show and that being fit is part of his character.  He then points out that he used to idolize Robert De Niro (Raging Bull, Cape Fear), as well as Edward Norton and Brad Pitt (Fight Club) for what they each were required to do physically for their roles and the body transformations they were able to make.  He then explains that in the books the character of Alcide is described as “an animal with biceps the size of boulders,” and that he wanted to match that because werewolves are supposed to possess supernatural strength.  (Personally, I think he fits that description just fine!)

Manganiello goes on to discuss which genre he prefers to perform in, and also points out some of the struggles we face each day that fit hand-in-hand with some of the storylines on True Blood.  (Example:  Should vampires and humans be allowed to marry? Should members of the same sex be allowed to marry?)  When he is asked what other role he’d enjoy giving a try on the show he states that he’d like to play a vampire.  He goes on to describe an event from his past when he was three years old involving a Dracula costume, a haunted house, a vampire, and a coffin which was particularly amusing!  (Watch the video for the whole story!)  One of the last questions he is asked is why he feels that True Blood is so successful worldwide.  His response:

“I think it’s funny.  I think it’s very poignant.  People find it true on a human level which is interesting, because it’s a show about vampires and werewolves and fairies and witches, but it’s really about people struggling to be human.  It talks about love and death and also, I thinks it’s the sexiest show on TV.  I think it’s the sexiest show ever made, and I think it’s got the best cast ever put together, and Alan Ball is an incredible writer, and the rest of the writers are unbelievable, and the costume department is amazing, and the set designing department is amazing, so it truly is a collection of the best people in the business, and we have such a huge international cast.   Actors from countries all around the world, from Greece and England and Sweden and Denmark and the United States, and you put them all together.  Put them all together, get everybody naked, throw some blood in there, and it’s a lot of fun.”

I don’t think he could have described the show any better!  Be sure to watch the videos posted below and let us know what you think in the comment section!

A huge thank you to NBC Universal for the contribution!

Source:  Syfy Germany

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Hub Productions to Postpone Aussie Tru Blood 2 Convention

August 30, 2011

Rescheduled for 2012:

Hub Productions - Tru Blood 2 ConventionNow for all the Aussie fans of HBO’s True Blood, I have some bad news. If you were planning to attend next month’s Tru Blood 2 convention being run by Hub Productions, they have just issued the following statement via email:

We’re sorry to have to contact you with this news, but if you haven’t already seen on the website, we’ve regretfully had to make the decision to postpone our upcoming Tru Blood 2 event. This morning we received the news that all three of our announced guests have had to cancel their appearances at this time. Sam has become a father to twins, Nelsan has just signed on for an amazing new film project, which unfortunately conflicts with our dates, and poor Joe Manganiello was injured on set yesterday. He specifically asked us to relay the message that he’s devastated that he can’t fly and will not be able to join us, as he was very much looking forward to coming out to Australia.

A similar statement has been issued on their website, and can be viewed here.

But don’t despair too much, the event is being postponed, rather than cancelled. Hub Productions is hoping to bring this event to Melbourne and Sydney in 2012. Charlaine Harris (who herself had to cancel her 2010 appearence due to the death of her mother) is confirmed as being able to attend in 2012. It is as yet unconfirmed as to whether the original line up of Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis and Joe Manganiello will still be attending.

Make sure you check in here or Hub Productions often for updates.

Source: Hub Productions – Bad News Comes in Threes

Hub Productions – email notification to ticket holders- Tru Blood 2 Postponement

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Breaking News: Joe Manganiello Injured on Set

August 30, 2011

Details Are Still Sketchy:

Joe Manganiello as Alcide on HBO's True BloodHub Productions has confirmed that Joe Manganiello has been injured recently while on set. While they were unable to elaborate as to how seriously the actor was hurt, they did issue the following statement to Aussie fans who were expecting to see the True Blood star next month at the Tru Blood 2 event:

This morning Hub Central received a devastating call from the USA, to advise that tragedy had befallen our Tru Blood event over the last few days… poor Joe Manganiello was injured on set yesterday (commiserations, Joe!). He’s devastated that he is unable to fly and will not be able to join us, as he was very much looking forward to coming out to Australia.

The staff at wish Joe a quick recovery!

Source: Hub Productions – Tru Blood 2, Bad News Comes in Threes

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Top Quotes of Episode 9 “Let’s Get out of Here”

August 28, 2011

Boys Vs. Girls:

This episode was the one that will lead up to hopefully the biggest battle that the vampires and  witches have ever seen. Just like before we have chosen our top quotes of the night.

 Let’s Hear It for the Boys:

Alcide to Bill when he makes the suggestion to pray for Sookie’s recovery:

Joe Manganiello as Alcide S4 Ep9

Werewolf and Vampire? Who’s going to listen?”

Ummmm, hello! We are listening!

“Am I the only here who thinks this is bat shit crazy?”

Alcide to Sookie and Bill when Sookie seems to barely have escaped with her life intact and she demands for someone to find Eric. I mean really Alcide, have you seen Eric? I would look for him till all my limbs are gone.

“Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal.”

Yes you are Sam, yes you are.

“Well, he ain’t around, Marcus ‘he knows who I am’”.

Snarky Tommy to mean old Mr. Marcus when he comes to Merlotte’s looking for Sam.

Lafayette Reynolds, on behalf of Renard Parish, the state of Louisiana, and Jesus Christ his f***ing self, ready or not here we come!”

Andy has enough of Lafayette’s crazy antics while he was hyped up on V.  Between Andy’s anger, a possessed Lafayette, and Terry with his yellow sunglasses, this whole situation was highly infused.


Mavis/Lafayette to Jesus when she realizes that she is in fact dead and has taken over Lafayette’s body who is most certainly a boy with boy parts.

“Well, I’ll take honesty every day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

Marcus to Alcide… hmm, Marcus might want honesty but I am not so sure he actually practices it.

“How can you have an event in honor of the living dead without any living dead? It’s like having a civil rights protest without any black people.”

Jim Parrack as Hoyt with Monster Box S4 Ep9

Bill questions Nan’s motives at the Tolerance event. Bill, you should have started questioning Nan long before now.

“So take the monster’s CD, and put it in the monster’s monster box, and you take it to her for me, will ya?”

I laughed out loud every time I saw “For you, MONSTER”. Hoyt, I dare say I didn’t know you had it in you.

Now for the Girls:

“There have been times I’ll admit, when it’s occurred to me that maybe I should put my career on hold and  become a maker, but these last several hours here with you have erased those doubts FOREVER.”

Nan to Jessica after Jessica’s bloody cry over Jason and Hoyt. She is such an ice queen… well, not queen, but politician.

“Bolster security if you feel it necessary, but tomorrow’s Festival of Tolerance is going forward, and the cameras had damn well better find you in a festive and tolerant f***ing mood. Am I understood?”

Why yes Nan, we have your message loud and clear. Bill, you better be there with bells and whistles on and be ready to shake hands and kiss babies.

“Now, this is my dream, so both y’all need to shut up and listen to me. Come on. Well, what are you waiting for? Get yours butts in the living room, we need to have a little talk.”

Bill and Eric in one dream… now that is what I am talking about.

“Why are you getting all serious for, I just want to pet a bunny.”

Emma explains to her mother Luna.  She is so stinking cute.

Sookie, Bill & Eric Dream S4 Ep9

“That I can love both of you, that I don’t have to be yours or yours. I’m proposing that the two of you be mine.”

Sookie, I mean how selfish can you be that you would take both of the hottest male vampires on this show. I mean really, how dare you.

“I can’t take this anymore! I mean I don’t even think I’m a real Wiccan, I was just doing this to piss off my parents!”

One of the Moon Goddess Emporium hostages when she realizes the magnitude of the situation. Antonia, I am beginning to think your followers are turning their backs on you.

Sookie yells “Run!” S4 Ep9


Sookie’s plea with Bill. This was the very last word said before the credits rolled. I have to say the action has finally begun and the war between the witches and vampires has officially begun!


Did you favorite quote make our list? Share it below in the comments.

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True Blood Season 4, Episode 8 “Spellbound” Recap

August 28, 2011

Sookie in Wonderland?

Sookie and Eric ShowerEpisode 8 begins rather intensely considering Jessica is on the verge of meeting the sun, thanks to Antonia’s summoning spell.  Lucky for Jessica, Jason learns of the spell just in time to run through the doors and tackle her to the floor before the sun is able to do any damage.  Jessica, still under the spell, wants nothing more than to sink her fangs into Jason’s neck, but right before doing so she is released from the spell and realizes that he saved her life.  She then kisses him.  Jason, of course, kisses her back and then takes her back downstairs, where he re-chains her down with silver.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he told Jessica to “think about the good things, like hot summer days and barbecuing,” even though Jessica is unable to enjoy either of those things considering she’s a vampire.  It’s the thought that counts, right?

Alcide and Debbie attend Marcus’s party with the rest of their newly joined pack, and Marcus makes it known that he intends for their pack to stay out of the newly formed war between the vampires and witches.

Sam and Luna also begin to reconnect after the whole “skin-walker” situation with Tommy.

Meanwhile, back in Eric’s “hidey hole” at Sookie’s place, she begins to remove the chains off of Eric as painlessly as possible.  Eric is weak and explains to Sookie that it will take him extra time to heal, but she insists that he take her blood so he can heal quickly.  As soon as she gives her donation, he gladly offers her his blood as well.

Jessica finally explains to Hoyt that she just can’t handle being in a relationship anymore.  Hoyt then begins to cry and beg her not to leave profusely because if she does he suggests that he would surely die.  She simply replies, “then die!” and smashes his head.  Thankfully, all of this was only a dream and Hoyt was unharmed.  Later in the show, when she does actually break things off with him though, crying is the last thing he does.  Rather than respond in any way similar to what she had dreamt earlier, he instead goes off on her, making more than one extremely hurtful retort.

Andy ends up being called in to investigate the surprising vampire suicide (Maxine Fortenberry’s neighbor, Beulah), and can’t seem to remove his focus from the remains laying strewn about the ground.  It’s more than obvious his V addiction is really beginning to come to a head and Jason notices rather quickly.

Before long, we are back to more of the Sookie-Eric love fest.  For most of the episode, Sookie and Eric take turns exploring each other’s bodies. First, it starts snowing while they’re in the shower, and then a beautiful bed randomly appears in a wooded forest outside the shower stall.  And from that point on, you can only imagine what happens!

Back across town, at Marcus’s party a fight breaks out between two werewolves.  During the fight Alcide intervenes and holds one of them back.  Marcus appears to be impressed by Alcide’s sudden action and points out to him that he has alpha in him and suggests a possible political position.  Alcide is hesitant of course and turns down the offer, but Debbie seems enthused with the idea.  Later, Debbie suggests that Alcide cut ties with Sookie, because she doesn’t want to lose the acceptance of the pack.

Once again, Tommy is back to his old habits and decides to steal clothes, shoes, and make up from Maxine in order to skin-walk as her, so that he can sell her land and keep the money for himself.  After going back and forth with Paul McClatchy for a few minutes he finally decides to sell the entire plot for $5,700, or in other words he just sold Maxine’s entire home and land without her knowing.

Once Sookie and Eric take a break from their love making, she convinces Eric that the two of them should stand up and join in the fight with Bill and the other vampires in order to take on and bring down the witches.  After disagreeing with her statement at first, he finally agrees to join in the fight with her and the others.  Bill, however, doesn’t like the idea of Sookie having any part in it, but gives in to her once she demands to be a part of it regardless of the risk.

The woman who has been seen talking to baby Mikey from time to time ends up taking over Lafayette’s body.  Once in control of him, Lafayette breaks into the Bellefleur’s home, steals Andy’s gun, takes the creepy doll and baby Mikey, and leaves.

In a not-so-surprising twist, Marcus ends up being the possessive ex-husband of Luna.  He drops by Luna’s house unexpectedly and upon seeing Sam immediately tries to be the “alpha”.  Surprisingly, Sam does not appear to be scared of Marcus, or at least not yet.

Jess decides to visit Jason and attempts to finish what was somewhat started at the beginning of the episode and has been hinted at for the past several episodes, but is unsuccessful.  Jason refuses to do that to his best friend and ends up rescinding Jessica’s invitation into his house.

Finally, Bill and his fellow vampires and Sookie, and Antonia and her followers show up.  The original plan was for Bill and Antonia to meet alone, but it is apparent that neither of the two trusted the other, which wasn’t surprising.  The battle begins and it looks as though Pam is probably going to finally get what she has been wanting for quite some time, but just as she is about to destroy Tara, Bill shows up and forbids her to do so.  During the battle, Antonia ends up casting yet another spell over Eric, and Sookie gets shot in the stomach and falls to the ground.  Bill attempts to help her but he ends up being silvered, so Sookie is then picked up and carried off by someone else.  Wanna take a guess at who takes her?  You guessed it!  Alcide.  Debbie is then seen, watching from the sidelines as Alcide picks Sookie up and runs through the forest in an attempt to get her back to her house and help her.  Debbie is infuriated and it seems as though Sookie may have yet another enemy.

Any thoughts on Episode 8?  What about Lafayette?  Any guesses as to what may happen to him now?  Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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Video: Janina Gavankar Talks to G4 About True Blood and Video Games

August 26, 2011

Who Would Guess Janina is a Were-Geek?

Janina Gavankar who plays shapeshifter Luna, on HBO's True BloodGaming fans of HBO’s True Blood are in for a treat with this video of Janina Gavankar talking to G4! While we may know her as Luna, the shapeshifting girlfriend of Sam Merlotte, this talented actress has many other fascinating sides to her.

Not only does Janina act, but she is an avid gamer who not only confesses to being OCD when it comes to completing video games, but she is close to finishing Portal 2 and Assasin’s Creed.

But wait, it gets better. She is also an accomplished musician, being trained in classical piano and orchestral percussion, as well as singing. Can this girl do everything?

Make sure you check out the full video interview of Janina in all her glorious geekdom!

Game ReviewsE3 2012Movies and TV

Source: G4 TV – Janina Gavankar Talks True Blood, Video Games & More

(Photo Credit: G4 TV)


Video: True Blood’s Pam is “Completely Unapologetic”

August 26, 2011

Kristin Bauer Dishes on her ‘Meaty’ Vampire Role:

PamSeason4TrueBloodSpellboundThe beautiful and self described “softie” Kristin Bauer Van Straten sat down with Wired during Comic-Con, sharing with us about her her role as Vampire Pam.

“Pam is the most unapologetic vampire. She’s happy to be a vampire, she was done with humanity, so it’s a very clear, simple character as opposed to being myself – you know, human. Everything is so complex, nothing is black and white in our lives. For Pam it’s very black or white.”

But is Kristin like her character Pam? She explains:

“I am such a softie, I cry about 30 times a day and somehow to play this relentless bitch is so much fun. I can’t even explain that to you.”

It’s easy to see that Pam doesn’t have to watch her words, or worry about being accepted. Even with her rotting face this season, Pam – and Kristin – take the Witchs’ spell in stride.

“It was really challenging, but really meaty for me – no pun intended.”

Check out the full interview below:

Be sure to watch True Blood this Sunday at 9pm on HBO for a dose of Unapologetic Pam!

Source: – True Blood’s Pam Takes a Bite Out of Her ‘Meaty’ Role

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