True Blood Season 4, Episode 7—“Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

August 26, 2011

There’s a Lot of Loving and a Lot of Hating Going Down in Bon Temps:

Once again, True Blood grabbed our attention from the beginning of the episode and didn’t let up throughout itsLafayette and Jesus (Nelsan Ellis & Kevin Alejandro) entirety. Was there anyone who didn’t get enough Sookie/Eric loving last week? If so, this episode will gladly satisfy your thirst. All I’m going to say is the porch, the floor, AND the bed… Need I say more? (No complaints here, though!) Anyone curious to know more about what happened during “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”?

The Vamps:

Speaking of Sookie and Eric, Eric confesses to Sookie that he doesn’t want his memory back and that he would rather continue being the person (or vampire rather) that he is now, than gain all of his memories and revert back to the “old Eric.” Not only has Eric changed, but Sookie has as well. Is it just me or is Sookie’s love for Eric different than her love was for Bill? There’s something about her being in love with Eric that I like more than when she was in love with Bill. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bill Compton, but there is just something about Sookie and Eric that I love more! As for Bill, this was an intense episode for him and his progeny, Jessica, as well as all the other vamps. Because of the current situation with the witches, all vampires in the area were forced to evacuate, aside from those of higher importance, (Bill, Jessica, Eric, Pam, and the other Sheriffs of Louisiana) and Maxine Fortenberry’s neighbor, Beulah, who unfortunately met the sun in this episode. Those who didn’t evacuate were forced to bind themselves down with silver, other than Pam who bound herself within a rather striking pink coffin. Because of Pam’s current zombie-like physique, she is given a “new” skin and required to take six shots, four times a day. Can you say OUCH?! So we’ve experienced the Sookie-Bill-Eric love triangle for quite some time now and this season a new love triangle is being brought into the open. You guessed it, Jessica, Hoyt, and Jason. It’s depressing to see Hoyt’s sadness over the feeling that he is slowly losing Jessica, but the worst part is that he does not yet know he might possibly lose his best friend as well. At first I really enjoyed the Jessica-Hoyt romance, but lately I’ve gotten bored with it. When Jessica was first brought onto the show, the last person I saw her in a relationship with was Jason. Surely I wasn’t the only one that felt that way? Anyhow, I am really enjoying the Jessica-Jason storyline that has been going on lately. It’s just a matter of time before something happens, regardless of how much they try to fight it! Jason has always been crazy about women and a good time, but after his near-panther experience in Hotshot, I think his views have changed.

The Witches & the Mediums

Marnie (AKA: Antonia) views Antonia as a victim who suffered drastically throughout her incarceration, but so far all that we have witnessed about Antonia’s previous life was her imprisonment and horrific death. What did she do to get arrested in the first place? Most likely it was for practicing witchcraft, but how can we be sure? Tara feels drawn to Antonia and completely supports her cause. She has been harassed, attacked, and raped by vampires, why wouldn’t she feel compelled to join her? Tara also decides to cut all ties with her girlfriend during this episode. While it was the right thing to do, I have a feeling that it will take her a little while to get back on track. Who knows, maybe if things don’t work out for Luna and Sam, Tara and Sam can hook up again. As for Holly, I was a little disappointed that she joined the clan. I can see why she might support the cause, but not knowing how things could turn out and the fact that she has children to worry about frustrated me a little. Who would take care of them if something happened to her? Enough about witches, let’s move on to the mediums. According to Jesus, Lafayette is a medium, just as Marnie is. Scary, huh? That has me very curious as to what’s in store for Lafayette in the near future…

The Shifters

So from the previous episode, Luna was under the impression she slept with Sam and then he turned into a complete jerk. Unfortunately for her, she slept with Tommy unknowingly because of his skinwalker abilities, and now she and Sam are stuck in quite a sticky situation. How would you get over something like that? Granted, neither she nor Sam had a clue what was going on, but regardless that would have to be extremely awkward to work around. So after the revelation of the Luna-Tommy/Sam situation, Sam decides to officially ban Tommy from his life. I don’t blame him, but now I have a feeling that Tommy is going to end up doing something extremely stupid, although I doubt he’ll attempt to steal money from Sam again after what happened last time. As for Alcide, he and Debbie seem to be getting along just fine, but she can’t seem to get over the idea that he has feelings for Sookie. He definitely cares for Sookie, but at this point I’m not sure just how much he cares for her. Does he care for her in a sibling sort of way or something more?

The episode ends with Jessica breaking free from her silver chains, crawling up the stairs, and opening the front door of Bill’s house.  The sun shines brightly through the door and the credits begin to play across the screen.  Will Jessica meet the true death?  What thoughts do you have about this episode?  Where do you think the Jessica-Hoyt-Jason storyline will end up if she survives her meeting with the sun?  Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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Mehcad Brooks on Law & Order: SVU

August 26, 2011

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Mehcad Brooks (Eggs) Chris Pizzello/AP PhotoFans of Mehcad Brooks, the tall, dark, and handsome actor who played “Eggs” on HBO’s True Blood can catch him in the second episode of Law & Order: SVU, on Wednesday, September 28.  This upcoming season will be the hit NBC show’s thirteenth — quite a run!  For those who don’t remember, Eggs was Tara’s love interest-turned-possessed-murderer, all thanks to that crazy maenad Maryann during season 2.  Make sure you tune in, and let us know what you thought!

Many thanks to the producers of Law & Order: SVU for the scoop!

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True Blood’s Andy Bellefleur on Becoming an Addict

August 25, 2011

Chris Bauer Talks About Serious Subject Matter:

Chris Bauer is Sheriff Andy BellefleurSeason 4 of True Blood has showed that the inhabitants of Bon Temps, Louisiana have been stuck in stickier situations than when we saw them in the season 3 finale. While True Blood has multiple comedic scenes, it is also famous for depicting serious subject matter—and for Sheriff Andy Bellefleur, that serious subject matter is addiction.

Chris Bauer, who plays V addict Andy Bellefleur, said:

“As soon as Season 4 opened, it was pretty obvious he was deep into the effects of vampire blood. I think he’s been at it pretty hardcore for a while.”

In reference to the V addiction storyline, Bauer laughs and adds,

“I may be testing yours and a lot of the audience’s patience. But I think most of those consequences are to himself. For better or worse, [Andy] is a guy who has a pretty solitary life. There’s only so many people he can affect. Over four seasons, it’s become really obvious that his solitude is mostly his own doing. He doesn’t really engender himself positively to anybody and it’s in spite of his desire because all he wants to do is belong to something special.”

Bauer’s character has almost been unrecognizable this season thanks to his out of control V addiction and probably needs the love of a good woman to solve his problems. Bauer agreed, saying he couldn’t think of anything better. Also, Andy Bellefleur doesn’t know that King Bill Compton is actually an ancestor of his. Will he find out? Bauer said, “I hope he will find out about it because it’s just one of those moments that would be a shame to waste.”

What do you say, Truebies? Is it time for Andy to overcome his addiction, or has he not hit rock bottom yet?  Do you think he’ll snap when he finds out he’s related to Bill?  Share your thoughts with us below!

Source: Zap2it – ‘True Blood’s’ Chris Bauer: ‘Andy as a portrait of an addict is pretty accurate’

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Happy Birthday to Our Favorite Viking!

August 25, 2011

True Blood Net would like to wish a very happy birthday to Alexander Skarsgård, the sweet, handsome Swede who plays Eric Northman.  May all your wishes come true!

Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) HBO

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Jim Parrack Talks About Hoyt, Jessica, Jason and That Scene

August 24, 2011

Not to Mention His New Movie, Sal:

Jim Parrack (True Blood’s Hoyt Fortenberry)Jim Parrack plays nice guy Hoyt Fortenberry on HBO’s True Blood. While Jason Stackhouse has always been his faithful sidekick, we have seen tension between not only the pair of them, but between his vampire girlfriend, Jessica, also. Season 4 has not been so kind to this little trio.

New York Magazine recently asked the actor about what is in store for Hoyt in the upcoming episodes of True Blood. While Parrack didn’t give a lot away, he did hint at Hoyt unleashing his darker side:

“Well, Hoyt’s father is dead and gone. His mother is dead to him. So he only has two people left: the love of his life and his best friend. And if they’re gone, what is there? That’s the kind of thing people kill people over, or destroy their own lives over. And Hoyt is somewhere between those two poles. He has nothing now. People took him for granted and misused his love. So I think we’re just barely scratching the surface of how dark he can go.”

While Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) is breaking up with Hoyt for all the right reasons, Jason seems to be stuck trying to work out where he stands morally after having a dream which involved not only Jessica, but Hoyt too! Parrack had this to say about that scene:

“I still haven’t seen that, but to play the cowgirl straddling my buddy? [Laughs.] That was a very interesting scene to shoot, to say the least.”

Besides playing lovable Hoyt, he is also getting ready for the premiere of his latest movie, Sal. It will debut at the Venice Film Festival this month and is about the actor Sal Mineo. Parrack will play the role of Keir Dullea, who was rehearsing alongside Sal for the play P.S. Your Cat is Dead, when Sal passed away. The movie is directed by James Franco and stars Val Lauren as Sal Mineo.

You can check out the full article here.

Make sure you keep an eye out for Sal. Meanwhile, what do you think is in store for Hoyt, Jessica and Jason?

Source: New York Magazine – True Blood’s Jim Parrack on His Character’s Dark Side, Working With James Franco, and Riding Jason Stackhouse

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Top Quotes From Episode 8, “Spellbound”

August 24, 2011

Are You Ready to Rumble?

Episode eight of HBO’s True Blood, “Spellbound”, was the beginning of the war between the vampires and the witches. The battle lines were clearly drawn, let’s see who makes it out of this with their fangs and witchy ways attached.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica, S4 Ep8Top quotes of the night according to us:


“Did I do that?”

Oh, yes, Jessica… I would say that you did that to poor Bucky.

“Think good things, hot summer days, barbecuing… uh, no — um… good things a vampire would think of… the moon, never getting cold, TruBlood…”

Jason is so ditsy and lovable when trying to cheer Jessica up when having to silver her back to her bed.

“No, you wouldn’t, you would be dead. It might hurt our pride to admit that, but it’ll save our lives and the lives of this pack. Which is why this pack will stay the f*** out of it. Unless you want to go it on your own, hot dog.”

Marcus advising strongly his pack to stay out of the vampire and witch war.

“You can try, but she won’t.”

Luna’s adorable daughter, Emma, telling Sam that Cat Barbie will not like him no matter how adorable he is. I have to admit that Emma is one of my new favorite characters from this season.

“We will be one.”

The simple demand that came from Eric to Sookie. This was truly a scene that I felt moved by and created emotion by me watching them exchange bloods. Such an intimate moment between the two of them.

“Whoa, serious? You would eat a pile of dead vampire Beulah Carter… off the ground? You are one sad, sorry freak, Bubba. Get a f***ing grip!”

Jason to Andy Bellefleur when he was licking his lips just thinking about that V going to waste sinking into the ground.

Sookie & Eric S4 Ep8

“It’s a miracle… you, your blood — it’s amazing.”

Eric and Sookie in the short but amazing shower scene. Can we please get a replay?


“We must restore the sacred power of creation to this wounded Earth. That is our only  hope. SNUFF them out, once and for all.”

Antonia/Marnie to Tara on her violent and deviant plan to destroy the vampires.

“Ain’t there anything I can do to get you to ‘sweeten the deal’?”

Gross. Will the real Maxine please stand up? Tommy using his new found shifting powers to pretend to be Maxine with a foul mouth.

“I just want to be with you… only you… forever.”

Okay Eric we can make that happen… I just have to figure out what to do with that silly blonde Sookie.

Let the Battle Begin

“War isn’t about whether you think you can win. It’s about being willing to die for something you believe is worth dying for.”

Eric telling Bill that Sookie should be allowed to fight with the vampires against the witches if it comes to that.

“So, he gets to show up uninvited, but ME the FATHER of your daughter does not? I got a problem with that.”

Daniel Buran as Marcus Bozeman, S4 Ep8Marcus pointing out a very one sided argument to Luna when he finds Sam sitting at the dinner table with his ex wife and daughter.

“Yeah, well I got a feeling he plays Barbies all by himself.”

Marcus to Luna’s adorable daughter. Marcus is such a shifty character in my opinion. One moment I really like the things he says to Alcide and Debbie and his stand point on the vampires,  but then he opens his mouth and disrespects Luna and her house. The jury is still out on this fellow.

“I come in peace.”

Kristin Bauer van Straten as vampire Pam, S4 Ep8

I believe there is much truth in Bill’s words to Antonia when meeting with her in the cemetery, but those might be his famous last words. There seems to be anything but peace.

“I’m not going to miss you one bit.”

Pam was so close to finally having her revenge on Tara, and enter Bill to save the day. I do believe he put baby in the corner.

That’s all folks! I hope your favorite quote made it to our list, if not let us know by leaving it in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more True Blood and the crazy things they say.

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True Blood Takes over England Convention!

August 23, 2011

Makers Godric and Lorena Will Attend Vampire Ball:

Allan Hyde as True Blood’s GodricBritish fans of HBO’s True Blood are in for a treat.  Mariana Klaveno, who played Bill’s maker Lorena, and Allan Hyde who played Eric’s maker Godric, will attend the Starfury convention The Vampire Ball which will be held from September 30 through October 2 at the Heathrow Renaissance Hotel in London, England.  There will be guest talks, photo and autograph sessions, competitions, make up displays, parties, and much more.  Other stars attending include Nicholas Brendon, Eliza Dushku, and Clare Kramer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame.  Lucky autograph seekers will be able to have one item signed by every actor or headline guest!  The “Vampire Ball” itself will be held on Saturday night.

Children under 7: free

Ages 7-14: $35

Regular tickets: $90

Gold: $160

For more information, please click here.

Truebies, let us know if you plan to attend the event in the comment section below.


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Video: Joe Manganiello Interview with Syfy Germany

August 23, 2011

Werewolf and Monster Sympathizer:

Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux)Joe Manganiello was recently interviewed by Syfy Germany during his tour in Munich.  When asked if he believed in the existence of supernatural creatures he replied:

“I hope there are.  It would make things very interesting.  You know, True Blood gets into ghosts a little bit, and I’ve witnessed some things that I can’t explain.  Out of all of the creatures, I think that if any of them exist, I think that ghosts are probably the most likely.  As far as the werewolves, I haven’t met one yet.”

He also discusses the anxiety he felt about joining True Blood during the third season and how blown away he was during the first table read with the cast because of their amazing talent.  When asked about the role of Alcide Herveaux in True Blood, he stated:

“Since I was a young boy I always sympathized with monsters, movie monsters.  I loved the old Bela Lugosi Dracula, Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein, of course Lon Chaney, Jr.’s Wolfman.  I always felt like I understood monsters and people didn’t.  They were afraid of them, but I just thought that they were misunderstood.”

So what is everyone’s opinion on the possible existence of supernatural creatures?  Which do you feel has the highest probability of being factual?  Anyone else ever experienced anything that you couldn’t quite explain?  I’m sure we all have at some point, so tell us your story below!   Be sure to check out Joe Manganiello’s interview with Syfy Germany below as well!

Many thanks to Florian from Syfy Germany for the scoop!

Source:  Syfy Germany



Video: True Blood’s Vampire Queen in New Movie This Fall

August 22, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood in The Ides of March:

Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Anne S3 Ep7Starring George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei, Jeffrey Wright and Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood’s vampire Queen), The Ides of March is a fast paced political thriller. The star-studded film follows the campaign of Governor Mike Morris (Clooney) and his campaign staffer (Gosling) on their bid for the White House. Directed by George Clooney, the film is due out October 7, 2011. The movie is based on the play by Beau Willimon. Evan Rachel Wood, who has recently appeared on True Blood as Queen Sophie-Anne and in the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, will sadly be fangless in this film and play a campaign staffer.

Will you head to the movie theater this fall to see The Ides of March? Do you miss Queen Sophie-Anne? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: The Ides of March Official Movie Site

Video: Sony Pictures on YouTube

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New Sookie Stackhouse Book Releases For Charlaine Harris

August 21, 2011

Sookie Stackhouse Companion and Home Improvements:

Cover artwork for The Sookie Stackhouse Companion by Charlaine HarrisFans of the Sookie Stackhouse books by author Charlaine Harris will be excited to hear that there are not one, but TWO new Sookie books coming out this month!

The first was already released on August 2 and goes by the title of Home Improvements (Undead Edition). It is an entirely new short story based on the Southern Vampire characters. This story is one of many in this collaboration between authors on the theme of ‘home improvements.’ Apparently, Sookie finds more than she bargained for in the tale “If I Had a Hammer”, when she helps Sam renovate Tara’s new house. In fact, they find a bloody hammer in the walls!

The second Charlaine Harris book will be released on August 30, and is entitled “The Sookie Stackhouse Companion”. This book  includes a new Sookie novella as well as an interview with Alan Ball. It also lets you tour Bon Temps, get the best recipes in the area (including some by Caroline Bellefleur) and test your knowledge of the Sookieverse with trivia questions.

Both books can be purchased from all good book stores as well as online via retailers such as Amazon.

Sources: Charlaine Harris Official Website – News – The Sookie Stackhouse Companion and Home Improvement (Undead Edition)


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