True Blood Makes Bianculli’s Best & Worst List for 2011

January 16, 2012

And for All the Right Reasons Too!

HBO's True Blood Promo PosterTV critic, David Bianculli (Fresh Air), has posted his annual Best (And Worst) TV list. HBO’s True Blood made the best list – but was there ever any doubt? Since he had such a hard time of narrowing the list down to just 10 this year, he had to break his list up into categories of 10. True Blood made the ‘Best Scripted Comedies and Dramas’ list.

For fans, here is his entire list:

  1. Breaking Bad (AMC)
  2. Homeland (Showtime)
  3. The Good Wife (CBS)
  4. Modern Family (ABC)
  5. Justified (FX)
  6. Dexter (Showtime)
  7. American Horror Story (FX)
  8. Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
  9. Louie (FX)
  10. True Blood (HBO)

Maybe next year, it can be at the top of the list!

Source: – Bianculli Picks The Best (And Worst) TV Of 2011

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Does Alexander Skarsgård Get Fatherly Advice?

January 15, 2012

Stellan Skarsgård Speaks Briefly About His Son’s Career:

Alexander and Stellan Skarsgård in MelancholiaStellan Skarsgård (father of True Blood’s sexy viking vampire, Alexander Skarsgård, otherwise known as Eric Northman) sat down with Mike Ryan of to talk about his roles in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Thor, his dissatisfaction with The Avengers and his apparently famous scarf in Good Will Hunting.  During the interview he stated:

“I never help my kids and I never encourage them and I never give them any advice.”

He thinks it’s up to them to make a name for themselves.  I found his laissez-faire attitude kind of surprising when you think about other celebrity families who have successful parents whose children also become famous.

Speaking of famous children, he shares his guess as to how his son, Alexander Skarsgård, came to be known in the States, by way of his role in Zoolander:

“Yeah. I wasn’t even involved in it. So he probably met my agent and that’s how it happened — and suddenly he’s on fire at a gas station.”

Skarsgård also mentioned that he doesn’t keep up with the True Blood seasons.  He tunes in every once in awhile, enjoys the writing, but doesn’t have time to follow it.  This came as another surprise to me considering the show’s obsessive fan base.  I think it’s a bit funny that I watch the show religiously, but the father of one of the main actors couldn’t care less.  At least that was my impression. Although he does think:

“It’s very well written. And I think Alexander is having a lot of fun doing it.”

Truebies, check out the interview here and let me know if you agree with my conclusions in the comments section!


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Video: Deborah Ann Woll’s Boyfriend on Running Blind

January 13, 2012

EJ Scott Running to Raise Funds for Charity:

Deborah Ann Woll and EJ ScottImprov comedian EJ Scott, Deborah Ann Woll’s boyfriend, will be running 12 marathons blindfolded in 12 different states during the course of 2012. The purpose of these marathons is to raise money for the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

Choroideremia is a disease which causes a gradual degeneration of the peripheral vision, with the person eventually becoming completely blind.

Check out the video below to learn more about this disease and Scott’s quest to raise money for the charity. Let’s all wish him luck!


Contribution credit: @ArleneFowlerBT

Source: – You’ve Got EJ Scott

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Carrie Preston Interview with True Blood Season 5 Teaser

January 13, 2012

Arlene Fowler’s Drama on Top Network TV shows:

Carrie Preston as Arlene FowlerSince HBO’s True Blood has been on hiatus, Carrie Preston, who plays the fiery Arlene Fowler, has been quite busy booking a number of roles on top network shows such as Law and Order: SVU and The Good Wife. She guest-starred in the SVU episode: “Educated Guess”, playing the aunt of a woman facing multiple troubles. On what drew her to the role:

“The showrunner for ‘SVU’ now is Warren Leight, and Warren is a playwright first and foremost even though he’s been doing television for so long. I would say about 8 or 9 years ago I did a play of his at Baltimore Centerstage… I would do anything for him. This came along, it just worked out schedule-wise and I liked the role… Like I said, I’ll work for Warren — I’ll go anywhere for him.”

According to TVLine, Preston will be back on The Good Wife later this year. On True Blood Season 5:

“There are a lot of new characters, as is always the case with ‘True Blood.’ You will get some quick answers right off the bat. The show is not going to leave you wondering about some of the cliffhangers.”

Truebies, any guesses as to what crazy Arlene will be up to next season?

Credit: HuffPost TV

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True Blood Nominated for 2012 People’s Choice Awards!

January 10, 2012

Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy and Drama:

People’s Choice Awards 2012 bannerTruebies, the 38th annual People’s Choice Awards are here, and True Blood is nominated! The two categories are Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy Show and Favorite Cable TV Drama. The show will air January 11 on CBS at 9 p.m. /8 p.m. CT. You can see the entire list of nominees on the People’s Choice Awards website. True Blood should of course win, and according to, here’s why:

Favorite Cable TV Drama
The nominees are: Dexter, Game Of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, True Blood, White Collar
The process of elimination is: Pretty Little Liars will capture the teen text-ers. White Collar is the sophisticated grown-up show. Dexter is the darkest of the batch, while Game of Thrones is something that all the quiet people who keep to themselves in the office loved (but they’re busy rewatching all the Lord of the Rings movies so they don’t have time to vote.)
Which means the winner should be: True Blood. This last season wasn’t its best but first, vampires seem to be everywhere these days and second, they can read your thoughts and if you aren’t voting for them, they’ll just compel you to anyway.

I agree, I think True Blood should win both categories. I voted for True Blood in both categories, what about you? Did you vote for True Blood to win people’s choice? Are you planning on watching the awards? What do you think of the list of nominees? Let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

Source: – Of the People and By the People



Season 5 May Reveal How Pam Became A Vamp

January 9, 2012

A Trip Back In Time For Pam?

Kristin Bauer van Straten as vampire PamMany True Blood fans love the show’s in depth flashbacks, and judging from recent casting calls Alan Ball may be gearing up to give fans a flashback we’ve all been anticipating for a long time during Season 5.

Ball is looking for two characters in particular. A non-threatening man in his 30s and a prostitute oddly named “Washcloth Helen.” Both of these characters will be introduced to fans during a flashback to a San Francisco brothel in 1905.

The significance in this may be in the date. According to author Charlaine Harris, this is the year that Pam became a vampire. In the novels her transformation takes place in London, not San Francisco, but this may just be one of the many changes Alan Ball has made to the series. I for one am glad to still have Lafayette around!

Of course there is always the possibility that this scene has nothing to do with Pam or how she was made into a vampire. Now that she’s all pretty again, I hope we get to see lots more of my favorite sassy vamp this upcoming season!

Source: – True Blood Season 5 Speculation: What Happens in the San Francisco 1905 Flashback?

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Where the Bloody Hell is True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten?

January 9, 2012

Back Home in Australia, That’s Where!

Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse on True BloodAussie fans of True Blood will remember Ryan Kwanten, not so much for his current role of Jason Stackhouse on HBO’s vampire series, but for his role of Vinnie on long-running Australian soap, Home and Away. Now that the actor has returned home (temporarily), he has a lot of catching up to do – and sucking up! But not of the blood kind:

“It’s time for me to get back in the good books with the family because I’ve been living away now for 10 years so I have a lot of work to do.”

Kwanten may be a huge star in the States, but back home in Queenscliff, with his family, it is business as usual. He has even taken up residence in his old room – leopard print and all!

“I’m back in my old squeaky little single bed, my feet hang off the edge. My room hasn’t really changed that much – it’s a leopard theme, like an African kind of thing. Don’t ask me – I don’t really know, I think at some point I thought it was cool.”

Female fans need to note that this trip home is strictly a family affair, he didn’t even bring a mobile phone with him, so dating is out of the question at the moment. But he did drop a hint about Season 5:

“I dare say it will be our most controversial season yet – it’s going to ruffle up a few feathers.”

Aussie TrueBloodNet fans need to keep their eyes peeled, and let us know if they bump into Ryan.

Source: Manly Where I Live – Bloody Good to be Back: Ryan Kwanten

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