On Set Photos: Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman in Season 6 of True Blood

March 6, 2013

Pics Show Eric Northman Dressed up for HBO’s True Blood:

Alexander Skarsgard in Season 6 of HBO's True Blood (SkarsgardFans.com)Recently on Skarsgardfans.com, images have emerged of Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman in HBO’s True Blood). These pictures are taken on set from the upcoming Season 6 of True Blood. As yet there are no confirmed story lines to go along with the images, but it shows a very well-dressed Eric Northman outside after dark.

The full set of images can be seen here.

What do you think the story line may entail? Let us know in the comments below with your Season 6 ideas.

Source: Skarsgardfans.com – True Blood Season Six On Location Images Eric Northman

(Photo Credit: B. Henderson/Skarsgardfans.com)


Want to Look Like True Blood’s Joe Manganiello? Now You Can…

March 6, 2013

The True Blood Star is Set to Release a Health and Fitness Book:

Joe Manganiello  stars as Alcide Herveaux in HBO's True BloodFans of HBO’s True Blood are well aware that quite often the male stars have spectacular bodies. Many will argue that Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard must work out a lot to keep their bodies super trim for all the nudity in True Blood, but it’s Joe Manganiello, who, arguably, holds the title of ‘Most Buff’.

While all of the True Blood stars admit to working hard to stay in shape, Joe (who plays the werewolf, Alcide Herveaux, in True Blood) has come forward and announced he will be releasing his very own health and fitness book.

Yes, you can now look just like Joe! Or you will be able to from January 2014, which is the release date announced by Gallery Books recently.

The book has been titled: Joe Manganiello’s Evolution: The Cutting-Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted and the press release from Gallery Books includes the following quote from Joe Manganiello:

“I wasn’t born this way. I was the kid in high school who couldn’t do one dip, one pull up… I was also the kid who never gave up. I’ve spent a huge part of my life seeking out people who could match my willingness and work ethic with planning and technique. This book is the sum total of what I’ve found. Through years of blood, sweat, and tears, I cut through all the of the myths surrounding every aspect of fitness and training. From diet, cardio and abs, to the cutting edge techniques and philosophy I use today, I give you, the reader, my proven steps to… EVOLUTION.”

I can’t wait for this book to hit the shelves!

Source: Gallery Books– Gallery Books to Publish Fitness Book by Joe Manganiello (February 28 2013)



Spoiler Alert! True Blood Casting Call: Episode 6 Calls for a New Vampire

March 5, 2013

SpoilerTV Wants you in Season 6:

HBO promo poster for Season 5 of True BloodYet another casting call has been issued for Season 6 of HBO’s True Blood! SpoilerTV has announced that HBO are looking for someone to play a vampire in Episode 6. His name is Wes (sorry to all you lady actors) and he was turned in the 70’s. Wonder if he was a hippy with long hair? While his ethnicity hasn’t been specified, the actor will have to appear to be in their mid-20s. Wes will survive his recurring Season 6 role and become a Season 7 regular. Rear nudity will be involved. SpoilerTV also had this to say about the role:

He’s sexy, smart, compassionate, protective, and plays the guitar. He’s going to be involved in a love triangle with Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and another vampire

Wonder if that other vampire is Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll)? And is this confirmation that True Blood has been renewed for Season 7? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: SpoilerTV.com – True Blood – Episode 6.06 – New Vampire being cast

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


Season 6 Spoiler: New Episode Title for the next season of True Blood

March 5, 2013

Another Day, Another Song Title for Season 6:

True Blood promo poster - redWe have been reporting (thanks to SpoilerTV.com) the names of each episode of the upcoming Season 6 of HBO’s True Blood, as they arrive. Well, we have another one! Episode 4 of Season 6 has been given the name ‘I’m Your Man’. It’s another song title and it’s anyone’s guess as to whether it’s in reference to Leonard Cohen or Wham! Since HBO is partial to indie songs for True Blood, most people are putting their money on Leonard Cohen. Personally, being a huge Wham! fan, I wan to see an 80’s pop song featured in Season 6!

SpoilerTV.com have also announced two new casting roles:

LAVTF Team Commander (I’m guessing that LAVTF stands for “Louisiana Vampire Task Force”) , who prepares to attack a house with his crew; and Security Chief, whose becomes concerned for his employer when a vampire pays a visit.

Which song do you think it will be? And what do you think the episode title will mean for the episode itself?

Let us know in the comments below.

Source: SpoilerTV.com – True Blood – Episode 6.04 – Title Revealed and Roles being cast

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)



True Blood’s Season 6 Start Date

March 4, 2013

HBO Have NOT Confirmed a Date Yet:

True Blood HBO promo poster - WhiteRumours are flying around the internet at the moment about the start date for Season 6 of HBO’s True Blood. While many people are spouting June 9th as the official start date, this has not been confirmed by HBO.

Let me clear up why this date has been used so often:

  • Game of Thrones  Season 3 premiers on 31st March 2013. This is the official HBO start date. Considering the HBO show has 10 episodes per season, this brings the season finale to 2nd of June. This makes the following Sunday, the 9th of June
  • In previous years, True Blood has followed after the series finale of Game of Thrones
  • Every season of True Blood (except for Season 1, which aired premiered on September 7th, 2008) has started early in June
  • The official HBO website schedule states that Season 5  will be replayed on On Demand during 25th March 2013

Now, HBO have NOT set a start date anywhere on their website for Season 6 of True Blood, and considering they have had to take the birth of Anna Paquin’s twins into consideration with their filming schedule this year, it seems likely that HBO may very well delay the start date. Yet, they are also a creature of habit and June 9th does seem a very plausible start date.

However, here at TrueBloodNet.com we will not be announcing any start dates for Season 6 of True Blood until the date comes from the official HBO website. So make sure you check back here often to get all the breaking news!

Sources: HBO.com – Schedule Results for ‘True Blood’

HBO.com – Game of Thrones Page

Wikipedia – List of True Blood episodes

Wikipedia – List of Game of Thrones episodes

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)





Kevin Alejandro Talks to ‘After Elton’ About HBO’s True Blood

March 4, 2013

True Blood Star Kevin Alejandro Interview:

Kevin Alejandro stars as Jesus in HBO's True BloodWell, Kevin Alejandro may no longer be gracing the True Blood screen as Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) boyfriend, Jesus, but he is still a fan favorite! Recently, After Elton interviewed Alejandro about his upcoming role in CBS’s procedural drama, Golden Boy. In this show, Texan-born, Kevin plays a less than good boy role. Instead, he will be playing the role of a disgruntled detective! Golden Boy also stars Chi McBride, Bonnie Somerville and Holt McCallany.

While many of the questions After Elton asked revolved around this new role, there was still time for some True Blood moments with AE asking Kevin Alejandro about why he has never shied away from playing gay characters:

I grew up pretty open, with an open family and…it’s weird coming from a small west Texas town… nonjudgmental. They never really even cared about that. It was never an issue for me. The biggest challenge was my idea of intimacy…How do I make that intimacy look legitimately real when the person I’m kissing back has stubble?’ How do I make it so believable that the audience believes it?

After Elton were also keen to know about what Kevin thought of the True Blood world in hindsight:

The project as a whole was amazing, and it’s still amazing. That was probably one of the most pivotal moves in my career…taking on that character just widened the audience support. The fans are truly there because they love you. No one’s there to really beat you up, and I got a real sense of real loyalty from fans through that show. I would go back if they asked me today.

And wouldn’t we love to see him back on True Blood!

AE also wanted to know if Kevin thought there was more to be discovered about the relationship between Jesus and Lafayette. While Kevin admitted there probably was more to tell, he was also the one who came up with the idea of Lafayette having to kill Jesus!

The full interview can be read here.

Source: After Elton – Kevin Alejandro Takes On “Golden Boy” And Reflects On His “True Blood” Experience

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


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