True Blood’s Creator Charlaine Harris Hints at a Vampire in Her New Series

October 31, 2013

Midnight Crossroad is the First of Three Books in This New Series:

Charlaine Harris (credit Sigrid Estrada)Fans of the Sookie Stackhouse novels penned by author Charlaine Harris were saddened to see the demise of The Southern Vampire series this year (for more more than one reason). However, it seems that Harris can’t steer clear of supernatural creatures in her books.

Her newest novel is called Midnight Crossroad and it is the first of three commissioned so far. This series is set in Texas, a place that Charlaine and her husband have been living in for the past two years, after moving from Arkansas.

While Midnight Crossroad will not be released until May 2014, Charlaine had this to say about the series:

[It’s about] a mystical crossroad in a little dead Texas town. It’s at an old town that’s partly derelict but there are a few homes and businesses still in use there. A town called Midnight. And there is a reason the people who live there are living there. I didn’t really intend it to be as supernatural as it’s turning out to be. It’s like I just can’t help myself.

It seems old habits due hard too. Considering she has been writing about vampires for over a decade and with all the fuss that came from the ending in Dead Ever After, you’d think she would avoid them for a while. But, oh no, it seems along with all the other creatures residing in the town of Midnight, she suggests that one of them will be a vampire!

So, will you be checking out Charlaine Harris’ newest book series? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The News Tribune – Charlaine Harris looks to new series after Sookie

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Club Fangtasia: Want to Ask True Blood’s Ginger & Lilith a Question?

October 30, 2013

TrueBloodNet is Giving Truebie Fans the Chance to Ask Questions:

Enjoy Halloween in Australia with the True Blood inspired Club FangtasiaThere are only days until the biggest annual True Blood event in Australia: Club Fangtasia. TrueBloodNet has once again been given exclusive interview rights on the night. Last year we interviewed Marshall Allman (who played Sam Merlotte’s brother, Tommy Mickens) and Ginger the screamer (played by Tara Buck).

So as a trubie, what do you want to find out about this year’s attendees Ginger (who loved the event so much she’s returning again this year) and Lilith (Jessica Clark)? Want to know more about what it’s like on the True Blood set? Or what it’s like to play their character? Perhaps you want to find out more about the actors themselves and their roles outside True Blood? Maybe you want to find out more about their upcoming projects? Well, here’s your chance!

If you have a question for either of these True Blood actors, then let us know in the comments below. Alternatively, you can use the following social medias to contact either myself or TrueBloodNet:





TrueBloodNet Fan Page

Rachel Tsoumbakos

Club Fangtasia


Rachel Tsoumbakos

Lilith (Jessica Clark) and Ginger (Tara Buck) will attend Club Fangtasia 2013

So don’t delay, get busy sending us your questions and we will ask Tara and Jessica as many as we can manage!

You can view last year’s Club Fangtasia interview here.

If you live in Australia and haven’t purchased a ticket yet, there are still a few tickets available, but you had better hurry as once the tickets are sold there is no way of rocking out your Halloween in True Blood style.

If you can’t attend, have you got your True Blood Halloween costume sorted yet? If not, try out Top 10 Season 6 costume list. Can you guess who I’m going as?

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Top 10 True Blood Season 6 Halloween Costume Ideas

October 29, 2013

Want a Last Minute Costume Idea? Try These:

Lilith (Jessica Clark) and Billith (Stephen Moyer) star in HBO's True Blood1. Lilith and Her Bloody Hench Women (You’re a Guy? No Probs – Go as Bloody Billith!)

While Lilith (Jessica Clark) wore a lot more in Season 6 than in Season 5 of HBO’s True Blood, there were still a few moments when she stripped off, got bloody and bared her fangs. While we are not suggesting you go completely nude for this costume, why not try dying a white or flesh coloured cat suit or tank top and leggings? A great group costume as well considering Lilith’s minions also arrived to collect Bill (Stephen Moyer) in this outfit.

2. Sarah Newlin in Her Bloody White Suit

Anna Camp stars as Sarah Newlin in HBO's True Blood Season 7Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) in general had some fantastic outfits in Season 6. Her red dress and big hair when she reunited with Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) and her scarf print dress were two that stood out as Halloween costume worthy. But, by far, her most memorable outfit was that white pant suit she wore when she killed Ms. Suzuki (Tamlyn Tomita) with the Tru Blood spokeswoman’s own shoe!

3. Niall Brigant

Rutger Hauer stars as Niall Brigant in Season 6 of HBO's True BloodNiall (Rutger Hauer) was absent for a great deal of Season 6 since Warlow/Ben (Robert Kazinsky) sent him to another dimension. However, his very first appearance was certainly noteworthy costume-wise.

4. Be a Vamp Camp Vamper

Why not be a Vamp Camp vampire from HBO's True Blood Season 6 for Halloween this year?This is probably the quickest costume to pull out at the last minute. Don some scrubs, iron on a number, stick in some fangs and voila! you’re a vampire who’s been sent to Vamp Camp. There is a little scope to enhance this costume however. Daring True Blood fans could go as the bra flashing sun walking vampers. Or, if you have a blue magic marker lying around and an excess of fake blood, why not go as a vampire who’s consumed some tainted Tru Blood?

5. Willa in Her Bloody Nightdress

Amelia Rose Blair stars as Willa Burrell in HBO's True BloodThis is Option #1 for what to do with your gran’s old night dress. Willa (Amelia Rose Blair) spends a great deal of time in this outfit since Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) kidnaps her to use as a blackmailing pawn against her father Governor Burrell (Arliss Howard). If you want to keep gran’s nightie pristine, you can wear it by itself and try to track down a tall Viking to kidnap you on the evening, or you can splatter it with blood and add some fangs for the baby vampire look.

6. Nora as She’s Dying

Lucy Griffiths stars as Nora in HBO's True BloodThis is Option #2 for your gran’s old nightdress. You need to be a little more creative with this costume though as Nora was force fed tainted Tru Blood. Pull out your make up kit and use blue eye liner to draw wicked blue veins up your arms to complete the dying Nora look.

7. Eric Northman as a Conservationist

Alexander Skarsgard stars as Eric Northman in HBO's True BloodRaid your dad’s wardrobe for the dorkiest suit you can find. Slick your hair forward, find a pair of steel rimmed glasses and an edition of ‘Family Activities‘. Then learn everything you can about the whooping crane.

8. Lafayette (in Anything, Because He is Completely Gorgeous!)

Nelsan Ellis stars as Lafayette Reynolds in HBO's True BloodThis Halloween costume is for your more adventurous male. Anything Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) wears is simply fabulous, so there is a lot of scope with this costume. Think neon, leopard print and plenty of eye make up. The suit he wore for Terry Bellefleur’s (Todd Lowe) funeral is probably his most conservative look, but add some eye liner and fake eyelashes and you are really to roll girlfriend!

9 Like The Walking Dead and True Blood, But Can’t Decide Between the Two? Why Not Go as a Rabid, V Infected Vampire?

Halloween HBO's True Blood vs AMC's The Walking DeadWe touched on this idea back at #4. However, if you watch the True Blood Season 6 finale, there is one scene at the very end where a horde of Tru Blood affected vampires turn up at Bellefleur’s (previously Merlotte’s). Find some jeans or anything that you don’t mind messing up. Add a whole lot of fake blood, especially around your mouth and down the front of your chest. Add some blue veins and pretend to be crazy.

10. Merlotte’s Waitress

Carrie Preston stars as Arlene Fowler-Bellefleur in HBO's True BloodGrab a Merlotte’s T shirt from the HBO store, don a pair of little black shorts and you are ready to roll as a Merlotte’s waitress!



What are you planning to wear for Halloween this year? Did I miss any classic True Blood Season 6 costume ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, can you guess which costume I will be wearing to interview Ginger (Tara Buck) and Lilith (Jessica Clark) at this weekend’s Club Fangtasia event at Seamus O’Toole’s in Knox, Australia?

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True Blood Star Officially Cast in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’!

October 28, 2013

No, It’s Not Alexander Skarsgard But Luke Grimes:

Luke Grimes stars as vampire James in HBO's True BloodFans of the novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James have heard many rumors flying about who will play the lead character of Christian Grey, the tortured entrepreneur who has a fetish for whips and chains. Even True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard was suggested to fill the part, a rumor that ended up being unfounded when Charlie Hunnam (of Sons of Anarchy fame) was officially signed on. However, his part in this movie was short lived and due to filming conflicts, the role was then handed over to male model and actor, Jamie Dornan.

Now that the main characters have been cast (Dakota Johnson, the daughter of actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, winning the lead female role of Anastasia Steele), a frenzy has started over who will play the other characters in the movie. This time we can confirm that a True Blood actor has managed to score a part – and a big one at that! Luke Grimes (who played vampire James in Season 6 of HBO’s True Blood) has won the coveted role of Elliot Grey, the brother of Christian.

Now all we have left to wonder about, casting wise, is who will play Anastasia’s close friend, Kate Kavanagh? Is there any other True Blood stars that could possibly fit the bill? Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

It has been reported that filming for Fifty Shades of Grey will begin on November 5th in Vancouver.

Who was planning to see this movie before Luke Grimes was cast? Who is now only going to see it because Luke is in it? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: E! Online – True Blood’s Luke Grimes Cast in Fifty Shades of Grey!

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Carrie Preston: How it Should End for Arlene in True Blood

October 23, 2013

Carrie Preston Talks to OK Magazine About Her Alter Ego, Arlene:

Carrie Preston stars as Arlene Fowler-Bellefleur in HBO's True BloodIn HBO’s True Blood Season 4, we saw Arlene Fowler-Bellefleur (played by Carrie Preston) lose the love of her life, Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe). This, however, bought her an unexpected windfall of cash. Using her head, she invested this money wisely by buying Merlotte’s and renaming it Bellefleurs (much to many a Truebie’s disgust).

Recently Carrie Preston chatted to OK! Magazine about how she would like to see Arlene’s story play out in the final season of True Blood next year. The actress was already impressed with how Arlene’s life had changed in Season 6, but had this to follow up with:

My hope for her would be to see that she continues to grow into this self-sufficient women who is okay with not having a man in her life, and gives herself proper time to grieve for the love of her life, who has only just been lost. I hope they stick with that. I hope they don’t put another romance in there. It would be nice to just have her be a single mother and a powerful woman with a business.

While Preston is happy for Arlene to stay a stable constant in Season 7, she is also happy to see Arlene kick some more butt after her run in with Scott Foley (who played Patrick, the man who ultimately shot and killed her on-screen husband, Terry):

I got to stab him in the neck with a pencil and then pull a gun out. That was my Clint Eastwood moment. I was very happy about that.

While Preston is having a ball playing Arlene, with the ultimate end of True Blood in 2014, she is also a little saddened about the end of an era. When asked is there was anything she would like to keep from the set of True Blood, she had this to say:

If anything I would want to grab something from the Merlotte’s set, even if it is just like one of the pool balls. Or there are all these photos that are stuck up in the back in the bar that nobody really sees, but there are really cool photos of like Alan Ball standing with Charlaine Harris that has been on the set from the beginning. Just little inside stuff like that.

You can view the full interview with Carrie Preston here.

Source: OK! Magazine – OK! Exclusive: Carrie Preston Talks Her Roles On The Good Wife, True Blood, And The Following

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis Cast in James Brown Movie

October 22, 2013

Nelsan to Play Bobby Byrd in Get On Up:

Nelsan Ellis Stars as Lafayette Reynolds in HBO's True Blood

Fans of Lafayette Reynolds in HBO’s True Blood will still be able to get their Nelsan Ellis fix after the show finishes next year. Deadline has revealed he has been cast as Bobby Byrd in the newest James Brown biopic entitled Get On Up. Bobby Byrd was James Brown’s long time friend as well as his musical collaborator, so fans will get to see quite a bit of Nelsan Ellis in this role.

The movie is being directed by Tate Taylor for Imagine Entertainment and Universal Pictures. Brian Grazer and Mick Jagger will be producing and the lead role of James Brown will be played by Chadwick Boseman.

Filming begins in November in Mississippi but no release date has been set as yet.

Who is excited to see Nelsan Ellis in this movie? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Deadline – ‘True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis Gets Key Role In James Brown Pic ‘Get On Up’

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Happy Birthday Michael McMillian!

October 21, 2013

Michaell McMillian stars as Steve Newlin in HBO's True Blood would like to wish Michael a very happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!

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Jessica Clark Talks to DIVA Magazine About True Blood and Nudity

October 18, 2013

Landing the Role of Lilith Was a Fan Girl Dream for Jessica Clark:

Jessica Clark stars as Lilith in HBO's True BloodFans of HBO’s True Blood will recognise Jessica Clark as the blood smeared Lilith from Season 5 and Season 6. But according to Jessica, scoring a role on True Blood was a dream come true:

I was a fan of True Blood from the [first] pilot episode. I like Bram Stoker and Interview with The Vampire – of all those supernatural characters I’ve always responded to the vampires the most. That weird combination of the power – I’ve always considered them very sexual, sexually voracious.

And boy oh boy didn’t Lilith supply a lot of that sexuality for the last two seasons! Her trademark lack of clothes was the talk of many a True Blood fan. Speaking exclusively to DIVA magazine, Clark was very open about the show’s nudity. In fact, she actually found it important when playing the role of Lilith, but for a reason other than what you may think:

With Lilith, very little about her nudity is sexual to me. It’s primeval and powerful – that raw essence of what it means to be that demi-god, demon, however she’s perceived. Yes, it can be titillating because we all like to see naked bodies. But that doesn’t seem like its sole purpose.

She raises a very good point there. Sometimes the audience’s interpretation of a character or scene, or indeed, costume choice, may be entirely different to what was intended by the show. When asked about how she thought the show should be interpreted, Jessica had a very insightful reply:

[True Blood] uses different supernatural species to [represent] different minorities that exist within our real world. They explore what it is to be marginalised or discriminated against, or to be a subculture that’s fighting for recognition. I love its basic premise, but it can be interpreted on a number of levels. It can either be a super-sexy vampire soap opera, or a searing commentary on society… it depends on what you’re looking for and how you approach it.

To read the full interview, visit and download the latest issue.

Also, make sure you keep an eye out in November when TrueBloodNet scores their very own exclusive interview with Jessica Clark thanks to the Club Fangtasia event being held in Melbourne!

Source: DIVA Magazine – Jessica Clarke Interview

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VIDEO: True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard in New ‘Cut Copy’ Video Clip

October 14, 2013

Aussie Band, Cut Copy, Tease With ‘Free Your Mind‘ Clip:

Alexander Skarsgard (who plays Eric Northman in HBO's True Blood) stars in Cut Copy's music clip 'Free Your Mind'Australian band, Cut Copy, have just released a music video clip for their latest song, Free Your Mind. Besides the song being a catchy tune, True Blood fans will find themselves enraptured with the clip, thanks to an appearance of Alexander Skarsgard (who plays Eric Northman in HBO’s True Blood). In this video he plays the role of a charismatic cult leader, even donning a long blond wig for the part.

Free Your Mind is also the title of Cut Copy’s upcoming album, and if you pre-order it on iTunes, you can download the title song FOR FREE! The album is due for release at the start of November but if you can’t wait that long, Cut Copy are currently touring the US. You can book tickets by clicking here. Below is the complete tour dates and stops. Make sure you scroll down after that and check out Alexander strutting his guru stuff in the Cut Copy Free Your Mind video clip.































Is anyone attending any of these concerts? Do you like the video clip? Would you join a cult if Alexander Skarsgard was their leader? Let us know in the comments below!

Sources: – Free Your Mind Tour

YouTube – Cut Copy – Free Your Mind (Official Video)

iTunes – Free Your Mind Cut Copy (Pre-Order)

Purple Sneakers – Watch: Cut Copy ‘Free Your Mind’ (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Writer Reveals Sookie Stackhouse Nearly Died in True Blood Season 5!

October 8, 2013

‘Nobody Should be Safe’ Says True Blood Writer Raelle Tucker:

Anna Paquin stars as Sookie Stackhouse in HBO's True BloodFans of True Blood’s main character, Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin), will be shocked to hear that the Bon Temps telepathic waitress nearly didn’t survive True Blood Season 5! If series writer, Raelle Tucker, had her way, she would have come to an untimely demise in order to shake things up for the vampire loving audience. Recently she told the audience at the Rio Film Festival:

In Season 5 I pitched to kill Sookie, I really did because I think nobody should be safe.

It’s always a fine line writers have to walk: that of keeping the audience happy, and shaking things up just enough so fans tune in for the next episode. Tucker went on explain that it is a writers job to kill of characters, yet, when asked how she feels when their intended audience is upset about character deaths, she had this to say:

It’s a good feeling if the audience is feeling upset when a character dies, that means we have done our job right.

Raelle was very thankful to be writing for television in a day and age such as this one. She was also very excited about the advent of viewing platforms such as NetFlix, Amazon and Hulu, but was most thankful to HBO, citing the studio and network for the long term success of True Blood. She summed up her thoughts on television in the digital age by saying:

It feels that the only limitation on television is what you can imagine, there is no boundaries of what you can say, what you can do.

Do you think Sookie should have died in Season 5? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Hollywood Reporter – Rio Film Festival: ‘True Blood’ Screenwriter Talks Killing Off Characters

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