Five Reasons to Love True Blood’s Vampire Pam

June 17, 2010 by  

We’re only one episode into Season 3, but already fans are glad to see more of Pam. BuddyTV explained why Eric’s “right-hand vamp” is the best True Blood character, and it’s hard to argue because she’s just so much fun!

Lesbian Weirdness

Pam has a clever way with words that is “forceful yet playful,” like her unsettling comment to Sookie: “I don’t remember telling you lavender was my favorite color.”

The Outfits

She’s got flair! Pam always surprises with her clothing choices, going from “a dominatrix stripper” to “an Avon saleswoman all in pink.” Being dead is no excuse to ignore style.

Standing up to Eric

While we’re still learning the depths of Pam’s relationship with her Maker, Eric, one thing is clear–Pam has no problem speaking her mind. He may have centuries of experience on her, but she told him exactly what she thought about his decision to keep Bill’s disappearance a secret from Queen Sophie-Anne.

The Hooker Backstory

All it took was one little comment to Lafayette about how she hasn’t been a hooker for a long, long time, and she captured our attention.

“Now we can just sit back and wait for the flashback to see Pam, pre-vampire, as a prostitute.”

Threatening Lafayette

Sookie isn’t the only powerful woman on this show. When Pam overpowered Lafayette in the Merlotte’s fridge, it was a “beautiful role reversal that True Blood is fond of, showing the woman taking charge.”


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