Adam Lambert Wants to be on True Blood

January 9, 2010 by  

Celebrities are just as addicted to True Blood as we non-celebrities are! On January 7, Adam Lambert tweeted a comment about the rumors of him being on Glee as false. Like many others, I was somewhat disappointed to hear this, so I sent him at 8:21 PM tweet that said,”Any chance you’ll be on True Blood someday?” A few minutes later, at 8:27 PM, Adam posted his response. “If I had to pick a show to guest star on I’d loooooooove to be on True Blood. Or Weeds.” Adam followed that comment up with another comment on wanting to have a cameo on Gossip Girl as well.

Adam’s tweets were noticed by, who posted a short piece about the star and what cameos he’d like to do in the future, if he gets the chance.

Of course, with his sense of style and type of music, Adam would make a great performer for Fangtasia to hire, as he would fit seamlessly into the atmosphere of Fangtasia.

How do you feel about Adam possibly getting a cameo on True Blood in the future?

UPDATE: After seeing a comment asking about Adam as an actor, I need to make this clear. Adam is a great actor. In fact, he used to tour with Wicked, and I saw him perform in the show while they were at the Pantages in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. In fact, if you go to and search ‘Adam Lambert Wicked,’ you can find video clips of him from several different performances.


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