Alan Ball Hints Storyline Twist For Season 3

September 18, 2009 by  

alan-ball-photo Alan Ball recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what the future might hold for True Blood couple, Bill and Sookie in season 3. Alan Ball stated that he isn’t ruling out the possibility of incorporating a major (and controversial) plot point that occurs in the books, which up to now, has only been hinted at in the series.  In reference to the plot twist regarding Bill‘s deep dark secret Alan states :

“It’s certainly something that I found really compelling in the books … I was like, ‘Wow.’ But I can’t really tell you what I’m going to do story-wise. So much of the appeal of the show depends on the element of surprise.”

While many Sookie and Bill fans are hoping the creator of HBO’s hit TV series doesn’t go there, Eric fans are hoping it turns around for their favorite vampire.

Bill and Sookie fans are hoping that Alan decides not to incorporate this into the show since it could drive the couple apart and set up the scenario for Eric to make his moves onto Sookie and bring them together.  In regards to how he deals with fans from both camps trying to influence his approach in the show Alan said:

“I try to stay out of how the fans are responding to the show…I have to tell the story that I think is the most interesting story. Certainly, the main ingredient in drama is conflict and revelations. For every person who loves Bill and wants him and Sookie to just be in love always, there’s another person who’s like, ‘I’m sick of Bill. He’s such a wuss. I like Eric. He’s dangerous.’ Especially when you’re working on a show like this with the kind of palette and the colors you use; you want it to be continually surprising and shocking. Not for the sake of being shocking, but that’s part of the fun.”

We will have to just wait and see what Alan has in store for True Blood fans. We all know Alan is a fantastic storyteller and will have us biting our nails as we will be watching season 3 when it returns in the summer.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

(Photo credit:  Christina Radish/Agency Photos)