Alan Ball One Of the Decade’s Most Influential Figures in Horror

January 1, 2010 by  

Alan Ball has been named one of the decade’s 25 most influential figures in the horror genre who made an impact and made people take notice of his accomplishments.  Of course we are referring to what is classifying as his most defining work, True Blood on HBO. explains why they feel Alan Ball made their list,

“Why he’s on the list: Ball had dabbled (more like rubbed our faces) in death before, particularly with his hit HBO series Six Feet Under, but True Blood marked the first time he crossed over fully into the realm of the supernatural. By doing so he managed to tap into the Twilight zeitgeist and spawn a genuine pop cultural phenomenon. Of course, his show’s so good it probably didn’t need Stephanie Meyer to succeed.”

Alan‘s capability to draw record number of viewers each week during season 2 with his incredible story-telling based around the supernatural world of Bon Temps featuring vampires, shapeshifter and a cute, little telepathic waitress named Sookie Stackhouse is another reason why his inclusion in this list of the greatest movers and shakers of the decade is well deserved.


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