Alan Ball in Postmortem: Full Moon Rising Video

June 14, 2010 by  

HBO released a behind the scene video entitled Full Moon Rising – Postmortem which takes a look at the the wolves used in the series and how they were incorporated in the many different scenes. As Alan Ball and Stephen Moyer explain these are quite majestic creatures that even though they have been trained, are still wild animals that must be treated with the utmost respect. A wonderful behind the scenes look at the these animals that you will surely enjoy.

Ep. 25: Postmortem – Full Moon Rising
  • Saucy Moffit

    Isis, how did you hear Stephen’s accent in person? Heavenly!!!
    Thanks for liking my name…. I’ve been using it for a while now..yet, I did hear Stephen (on a BBC interview) use my very own name (word) during that interview (not in relation to me, unfortunately), but maybe (just maybe?) he saw my name posted on this website and liked it.
    I like to think he reads these postings and knows who his true fans are!!!
    Thank you for letting me join this little group of true fans.

  • pbt

    Loved the video. Especially enjoyed the wolves. Such amazing creatures. Thanks for posting Ollie.

  • Saucy Moffit

    In the previews, Stephen was speaking with his very delicious and sexy British accent. I melt.

    • Oh man, Saucy… If you think Stephen’s accent is great on video, wait ’til you hear it in person! *melts into puddle of goo* Stephen’s AMAZING!

  • Saucy Moffit

    Hello Isis, Nia and Lizzie…we are all True Bill fans..Stephen does look gorgeous (with or without wolves) and looks better than ever (I think he’s worked out a bit…lots of muscles). I love this show, and I love the other characters, but Bill (Stephen Moyer) is the one I love the most.

    • lizzie

      Hi Saucy! Welcome to the ‘fold’! Absolutely love Stephen Moyer/Bill and you will find his friends on this site! Look forward to you joining us in responding to posts! Oh, yes, his Brit accent is delicious!

      • Nia

        Agree, agree, and more agree!!!

        Hi Saucy, and welcome!
        Great name! We are all a litte “saucy” when we talk about Bill/Stephen and there will be alot to talk about this season!
        The more the merrier.
        Bring it on, werewolves and all!

        Team True Blood!

  • Nia, Lizzie, AdoreBill! This is so much better the *quickly runs out of fingers and toes to count on* umpteenth time! Stephen is so lucky that he got to do that! And can I just say that I really want his camera? I’ve misplaced my old Minolta, and I’m so depressed because of it! (Film cameras are SO much better than digital cameras!)

    And Lizzie, when does Stephen look anything BUT gorgeous? LOL

    • lizzie

      Isis! Agreed that Stephen looks gorgeous in anything! He even looked good in that horrid shirt obtained from Olivia tho old lady!

      Also, agree with the camera. I loved ‘real’ cameras! Digital are Ok for certain things but for conventions and scenery, the old fashion ones are the go!

  • lizzie

    This video buffered a lot as well, but I got the gist of it! What wonderful animals! It was great seeing Stephen there bonding! H was very careful patting that black wolf! Stephen with his camera! He is a fantastic photographer!

    Nia! Didn’t Stephen look GREAT in that maroon coloured top!

    Thanks Adore Bill! Excellent as usual!

    • Nia

      Lizzie, Isis……hey girlfriends!!
      Hope all are well, its been a while!!!

      Yes I bet Stephen was in 7th heaven having some special time with the wolves. What a treat.
      How wonderful of Alan Ball to bring that to us.

      I know how much Stephen loves animals. He always talks about his dogs Splash and Banjo, and there was the previous photos of him and Anna holding penguins together (awwwe so cute) and swimming with dolphins!!
      Stephen was right there with her helping her hold and play with the animals and just laughing and having a good time as always.
      What a great guy!

  • Nia

    Hi AdoreBill,
    Thanks for posting this postmortem vid!
    I loved learning more about the wolves and how they were used. Nice to see Stephen bonding with them. He does love all animals!