Alan Ball Presents Teasers For True Blood

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True BloodRecently Alan Ball was interviewed by SFX Magazine where he presented some teasers for fans as to what they can expect yo see on HBO’s vampire series True Blood.  One thing that Alan does mention is that he strays away on some things from Charlaine Harris‘ books , which the show is based upon.  When asked as to what other supernatural creatures that fans may encounter in True Blood, Alan states that there are no ghosts however, others will show up.

“But Sam has mentioned werewolves. There are more mentions of werewolves in season two. We don’t really see them yet – that’s in season three.”

When asked about introducing other creatures, Alan states that the writers want to keep the storyline focused on the characters’ real lives and do not want to make the focus veer off from that too much.  In regards to storylines, Alan states that the relationship between Sookie and Bill will remain the core of the show.


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  • Loleaf

    I don’t believe that Eric took Bill, I think it was Lorena working on behalf of Russell Edington (the vampire king). I think that she felt so embarrassed at what happened to her with Godric in front of all the other vampires of Dallas that she went straight to Russell for some sort of payback. The Eric and Queen storyline I think is just a diversion. When Eric told the queen that he would personally that care of Bill I think he was somewhat protecting him. If the queen sent someone else after Bill(if she thought he knew it was her having Eric sell the V), he would probably be worse off if not killed for good. So, I believe that was Eric’s way of protecting Bill from the queen..I think Bill isn’t the only one that has a protective side. Even though we haven’t really seen much of it yet in season 3, I believe we will!! But that is JMO!

    • Nia

      You know Loleaf, when I think back on the exchange between Eric and the queen, when Eric says he will take care of Bill. althouh I still think that Eric is no friend of Bills, It would be too obvious if Eric was responsible. Alan B. may be throwing us one of his curve balls. It has to be someone else. Who? We can speculate on a few. But what I want to say is if Eric wants to get into Sookies good graces what better way thatn to help her find Bill.

      • Loleaf

        Nia, I agree with you that it would be to obvious for Eric to be the one to vampire nap Bill, as Alan said in his interview that it was Hoyt’s mom, I Thought that was funny..and that it would put him in Sookies good graces. After all she is seeing him somewhat in a different light after Godric. But, even though they haven’t covered much with the two I think they (Bill and Eric that is) have a history in which they have a love hate relationship. In the car with Sookie Bill told her that vampires are capable of both good and evil not only was he talking about himself but Eric as well. I believe even though that they don’t agree with one another that they have a respect for one another. But, when it comes to Sookie all bets are off!! After all Bill knows that Eric could probably take her since he is sheriff and is much older than he is but doesn’t. It
        seems like Eric loves a challenge and wants Sookie to come to him of her own will instead of taking her from Bill. After all vampires are suppose to be devious,(no fare playing with each other) that’s what makes them so interesting. JMO. What I do know for sure is it’s going to be pure torture for all of us to wait for 9 months to find out.. and if patience is a virtue I didn’t get that one!! LOL

        • Nia

          I agree again Loleaf. One thing that no one has considered yet though is during Erics exchange with the queen, she told him to not taste Sookie EVER, probably meaning to stay away also. That one vampire in love was enough. So she knows Bill loves Sookie and that she is his human and he is monogamous with her, and she doesn’t seem to want to do anything about that YET. So for Eric to pursue Sookie would go against the queens wishes. It seems when she is not engrossed in Yhatzee or holding court, the queen can be quite ruthless and find out everthing if she wants. She may act silly and like an airhead, but we see she can be dangerous. Even Eric was completely cowed. Should be interesting how this all plays out. Much food for thought.
          HMMMMM Hoyts mom huh? Actually I think that she would kidnap Jason (you know, that dirty little monkey!!!LOL)not Bill, but who knows, Mama seems like she needs a little lovin’.
          I think all we True Blood lovers will have to keep each other entertained for the next 9 months, lest we go INSANE!@#$%^*%>
          Team True Blood!

          • Loleaf

            We do have a lot to think about and debate about over the break..That’s the great thing about Alan Ball, he leaves a lot of avenues open to speculate, which is soo great!! At least we have our addiction support group here or we would go CRAZY!!!! LOL!!

    • val

      You know you may be right Loleaf.I read the books and the deversions in the show really have me guessing!I DON”T want it to be Eric that has taken Bill,but it is also obvious it isn’t who took him in the book! It makes it so interesting to GUESS!!
      I LOVE Eric so I want him more truthful with Sookie and I know I have to cool my jets and just let the series play out!Alan Ball has done fabulous so far,so I will just have to wait and see!!I just wish it wasn’t so LONG!!

      • Loleaf

        I agree Val, I hope it isn’t Eric either. Also, Alan said in his interview that he will follow the books but change things if he sees something going in a different direction which most of us agree that this is good and it keeps us guessing. He also said that he may be bringing some things to the series sooner than they were in the books.. Yeah!! Love it!! All I can say is whatever he has planned will be great by me, I am enjoying every minute of it. We have so much to look forward to, Charlaine’s new book and Season 3 both guaranteed to not disappoint!!!

  • Mysti

    LOVE the black leather jacket. And I thought it was pretty hot that Sookie was wearing it at the end of the Maryann craziness.

    I love that they gave Bill & Sookie some romance in the finale. Honestly, when Sookie got the box, I thought it was probably from Eric, since he is always giving her stuff in the books. I was super excited that it was from Bill. It was so great to see him romancing her. And then the restaurant, the plane tickets, the ring….oh way! I just wish he could have heard her say YES. So who thinks Eric took Bill? I mean it has to be a vampire since they are wearing gloves with the silver chain, right? Can’t wait for next season…can’t come soon enough.

  • P.S. Bill is very sexy, let up on all the white makeup, and darker eyeliner, like he was in the first, episode of season 1, it’s all in his makeup. I love the more rugged look of Bill.
    Also like him in he black leather jacket.

  • I love the Bill and Sookie relationship, I don’t mind Eric being in the mix, he’s very hot and sexy, and I wouldn’t mind Sookie putting her feet in the water, but I really want Bill and Sookie to be together, he has such a love for her. You could see how hurt he was when she didn’t say yes to his proposal right away. Also he has gone out on a limb to protect her time and again. If I want to see girls hopping from one man to another I’ll watch day time serials,I don’t, I want to see a relationship that lasts, which is really UNUSUAL in this day and age.

    • Nia

      Hey Teresa, I agree with you completely, I adore Sookie and Bill together. But I also think that the drama in their relationship is necessary. Whether it be Eric, Quinn or whoever. But in this day of failed relationships and marriages it would be nice to see two people (supernatural or not)who love each other so much stay together through thick and thin.
      I am a Bill lover, but it doesn’t mean I do not like Eric. I think Eric is an awesome character. He is fun and a bad boy. But he also has another side to him (the godric story). Perhaps we will see more of that in the seasons to come. But ultimately I want Bill and Sookie together.
      Ok ladies, lets be homest, who wouldn’t want their man to do what Bill did for Sookie in the finale. The dress, the restaurant, the ring, and HOLY MOLY can that man dance!!!!!!!
      My heart was doing a dance of its own. That man is so hot, not just in his looks but in his love and devotion to her. The look on his face when she would not say yes right away…… heart was breaking for him. Now he gets abducted before he can hear her resounding YES! That man just can’t get a break. His first life and love was stolen from him and now it is happening again. I cannot help but adore Bill, all of Bill, his good and his dark. He always means well, and is trying so hard, and yes, makes his mistakes. Isn’t it human to make mistakes???

  • Nia

    I am glad that the core of the show is Bill and Sookie. I had heard that a long time ago. It doesn’t mean though that there will not be drama with other men like Eric or if Alan somewhat follows the books, Quinn. I liked the books, but I absolutely love the show. Alan has my wholehearted support in whatever he chooses to do. Many may not agree with me because they want the show to be exactly like the books, but even Alex S. said that the show should be different.
    Lets all continue to give our support to Alan B., ALL the actors and of course, this amazing show.
    Team True Blood!!!!!!!

  • Theresa

    I love the books and I also love the HBO version. I love Eric and think his character is far better than Bill’s. I know Bill loves Sookie, but Eric is so much better for her. He does not always tell her everything, but he does tell her the truth. In the end though I think she will end up with one of the 2 natured because she does want children. I hope the scenes between Eric and Sookie become more than a dream. My favorite book is 4 and I have read that 3 times because the few days/nights that Eric and Sookie have is so HOT. I am looking forward or should I say hoping that the shower scene truly materializes. That scene will send the show off the charts. I am looking forward to seeing who will play Alcide. Love the scenes with Pam and Eric, Pam is so so funny. Especially like her saying to get the kids out of here I will smell for a week and Eric laughing as he walked away to fly off to see the Queen. I could not stop laughing.

  • TG

    I love AB I will watch the show no matter what but I will miss more Sookie and Eric since they were the HEART OF THE BOOKS not Sookie and Bill. I think that Eric and Sookie were really funny in the books and Sookie and Pam were hilarious in the books as well. I know the TV fans want that kind of soapie love story between Bill and Sookie. I just felt Eric had a lot more depth in the books. I also felt Sookie seemed to have a better more grounded understanding of the nature of a vampire instead of just expecting them to act human. But I still love the show just kind of wish I didn’t read the books twice.

  • booklover

    The core of the show should be SOOKIE and the tension between her and Bill, Eric ETC! I wish Alan would make Bill as hot and sexy as he was at the beginning of the show last year.

    Still love the show though!

  • DebbiefromNY

    We’ve got to have the faith for Alan Ball! Although the show has really taken on a life of its own, Alan Ball, I believe, has it all figured out. Look at how he had Jason and Sookie meet up at the church. Brilliant! I agree the core of the show should remain with Bill and Sookie. I love Bill, but I LOVE Eric. So, I am waiting for the Eric action to start but hope Bill wins in the end, the very, very end, that is!

  • This is a good post.

  • Mysti

    I’m very excited that they are going to continue with Bill & Sookie as the core relationship. I like Eric, but I love Bill. And every time Charlaine gives me a nugget of Bill in the books I get hopeful. I hope in the end Sookie is back with Bill. I don’t think that she should end up with Eric.

  • CrazyforBill

    I for one, and I know that I am not alone, am delighted with what Alan Ball said about the relationship between Bill and Sookie. I have never thought that Bill did anything that bad to Sookie in the books, and I far prefer him to Eric. I am sorry if I am offending any Eric fans, but that’s how I feel. Even Charlaine Harris has said that she was surprised how book fans have reacted to Eric.
    Anyhow I think that Bill and Sookie will be together in the books. The series is Alan’s to do with as he chooses, he does not have to follow the books, and he would never tell Charlaine how to write them. She in turn would never tell Alan how to write True Blood!
    I love the show, and I also like the books!

    • mitsy85

      I am hoping that Bill and Sookie remain the core of the show also. I think AB will incorporate the events in the books but with his own plots and endings.
      I think that as Lorena is in the preview of next week that she will kidnap Bill like in the books and Sookie will save him but I am hoping it does not end the relationship. They have great chemistry together and They are the primary reason I got hooked on this show. I am enjoying the evolution of Bill to his humanity side and the love that is evolving for Sookie.
      Like any show, the love triangle will keep us captivated but solve it quickly and we loose interest. i am looking forward every week to the next installment and i have never done that for another show.

    • jay

      It so hard for me because I love bill, and would love to see them stay together.. but I have grown fond of the funny, flirty, tension filled bantering scenes that are eric and sookie. Great watching, I could crack up at them getting under each others skins all day. In hindsight, think I would be happy enough with just having more of these funny eric and sookie scenes without bill. But not necesarily eric and sookie ever having a relationship..

  • Loleaf

    Jay, I agree with you whole-heartedly. I hope AB will still follow the fundamentals of the books also. With Sookie finding out why Bill was there to begin with… and going her own way in the books with the adventures and relationships she has. But I believe that AB knows what the fans want and will follow that path. If you remember the episode where Sookies gran was murdered and her and Bill were laying in the bed. He tells her everything was his fault.. she tells him that it was hers because she chose him and if she believed that she would be so mad at him that she would never be able to look at him again.. Maybe the term “relationship” AB is talking about is that of he will always be there for her when ever she needs him. Like you, I will still continue to watch the show regardless!! It’s my guilty pleasure, who needs chocolate!!!

  • jay

    What does AB mean by sookie and bills relationship will be the core of the show? does that mean they are going to be together for the whole series??? oh god that would be boring.. I wouldnt be totally satisfied with just a little bit of eric thrown in for a bit of conflict, just to create a love triangle that clearly isnt going to happen because sookie is just going to stay with bill in the long run anyway. I am hoping he means that the show will always focus around bill and sookie whether they are together or not. I think thats just wishful thinking on my part. At the end of the day I still love the show, and would watch it regardless of what I want, because I feel AB will do it justice!!