Alan Ball Presents Teasers For True Blood

August 10, 2009 by  

True BloodRecently Alan Ball was interviewed by SFX Magazine where he presented some teasers for fans as to what they can expect yo see on HBO’s vampire series True Blood.  One thing that Alan does mention is that he strays away on some things from Charlaine Harris‘ books , which the show is based upon.  When asked as to what other supernatural creatures that fans may encounter in True Blood, Alan states that there are no ghosts however, others will show up.

“But Sam has mentioned werewolves. There are more mentions of werewolves in season two. We don’t really see them yet – that’s in season three.”

When asked about introducing other creatures, Alan states that the writers want to keep the storyline focused on the characters’ real lives and do not want to make the focus veer off from that too much.  In regards to storylines, Alan states that the relationship between Sookie and Bill will remain the core of the show.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)