Alan Ball Spills a Few Beans on True Blood’s Season 3

June 11, 2010 by  

The fans are biting at the bit for the start of the 3rd season of HBO‘s hit series, True Blood.  So when Fancast met with series creator Alan Ball, he was willing to share a few tidbits – but only teasers.

The residents of Bon Temps have some tough times ahead.  Alan promised that Season 3 will be very intense and bloody.  We’ll even see scenes that “you have never seen on television before” and there will be “a big body count this season.” according to Alan.

So in a nutshell, here’s the wild ride we can expect.

Death.  We don’t know who, how or why, but a major character will die.

Sparks.  A sexy werewolf may be filling the void in Sookie‘s broken heart over Bill‘s kidnapping.

Free LoveLafayette struggles with himself but his defenses get knocked down by someone who cares for him – a sexy new boyfriend.

Bad LoveTara questions life and is answered with a new relationship unlike any other she’s had before.

Ask NotSam kicks himself for seeking out his real family and opening a Pandora’s box.

Soul SearchJason tries to figure out how to grow up and finds unexpected romance.

Found.  After centuries of searching for a particular someone for personal reasons we don’t know, Eric finds him or her.

AdolescenceJessica‘s maker is missing and her boyfriend, Hoyt, met someone else.  Where is the vampire manual?

Politics.  So the vampire kings and queens are just figure heads.  The “real” vampire government are not nice at all.

Only two days left between now and Sunday, June 13.


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  • Jeetser

    I was thinking Pam. That would catch you off guard.

  • jaxx

    I hate to say it but I’m guessing Jessica. I do so love her. Remember Bill’s comment that a lot of young vamps don’t last past the first year. Remember from the books who also bites the dust, don’t want to spoil for anyone.

    • Loleaf

      I was also thinking…*in my case that’s dangerous*… lol babbling aren’t I? Anyway I’m wondering if AB and crew will off Terry (I know it’s not in the books, but it will send Arlene on the way that she goes in the books)! But that’s just a thought that I had, and we know that with Alan anything is possible… Thank goodness we only have two days to go!!! *clapping profusely*

      • jaxx

        Funny you should think that, because while I was eating a hotdog that thought crossed my mind. LOL. I could see Terry go to, even though I adore him.

  • Loleaf

    Goodness, a major character will die!!! Who could it be? There are only two people that I can think of… Jessica or LaFayette!!! Maybe LaFayette will be turned into a vamp..hence the dieing clue!! Can’t wait because the suspense is killing me!!! 🙂 Only 2 days to go….. YEAH *jumping up and down clapping fiercely*

    • lizzie

      I’m thinking Lettie May!! Don’t know why, but something gave me a hint. Oh, well, we will find out, no doubt!

      Poor Bill – I think he will be between a rock and a hard place with Vampire politics which will effect his relationship with Sookie.

      Actually, seems all our favourite characters will be having drama and conflict this season.

      Thanks for posting!

      • Mony

        not so poor…he seem to enjoy the twisted sex scene with Lorena and the almost naked streaper LOL
        It’s not the politics that will make the apart…becouse the will break….but his lack of honesty…and he will pay an high price for that…he will learn from his mistakes but Sookie need to move on with somebody able to make her grown as a woman not as a teenager.
        that’s just my opinion.