Alan Ball Talks to the Guardian about True Blood Season 2 in the UK

February 28, 2010 by  

Executive producer Alan Ball is immersed in work on Season 3 of True Blood, but he took some time to think back on the second season since those episodes began airing in the UK this week. Speaking with the Guardian, Alan discusses the many things that make the show so addictive.

He told the story of buying Dead Until Dark that has become so memorable to us now as the birth of True Blood. Charlaine Harris’ books quickly had him hooked, and it was impossible for him to read just one chapter and stop:

“It’s the way people watch TV a lot now, in the DVD boxiest. You watch an episode and you gotta watch the next one. And there’s something kind of fun and dare I say addictive about that. I think it’s all great for the show.”

He loved the blend of horror, humor, and romance in Sookie‘s story, and he has sought to maintain that on the show. He also finds a lot of interesting material to develop in the Southern setting:

“Originally when I started working on the series, I wanted to explore the twin polarities in the South of Sunday morning revival church meetings, and Saturday night at the bar where you go and get so drunk that you give yourself permission to do the things you wanna do. Because they’re opposite sides of the same desire, which is the desire for transcendence.”

There are plenty of things about True Blood that people criticize, but Alan cites the mindset of HBO as the reason they are able to take risks. Otherwise, the show might be diluted to appeal to more people’s sensibilities, but it would also prevent them from being as creative in their storytelling on True Blood:

“The executives at HBO don’t want things to be easy and overly explained and pre-digested. They want things to be complicated. If this show was on a network then Bill and Sookie’s relationship would be perfect and he’d never do anything horrible and it wouldn’t be messy and you’d never see them have sex and him actually bite her. But that’s the point.”

He knows that the show is more for an adult audience, but he also doesn’t believe that some younger people are as sheltered as they are expected to be:

“It’s never been for young teenagers. I’ve always thought it was a show for adults. And by the way, if people think teenagers aren’t having sex, they’re out of their minds! I mean teenagers are like vampires. They basically are sex!”

A bit of a shocking remark to end the interview on, but it’s no surprise coming from him! Fans love the show just the way it is, and we are grateful that Alan can be just as twisted as his heart desires!


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