E! Talks with Alexander Skarsgard at the 2010 Golden Globes

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The cast of True Blood was out in full force last night at the 67th Annual Golden Globes. Alexander Skarsgard who plays sexy vampireEric Northman on the show was no exception. He braved the rain to walk down the red carpet to support his show and fellow castmates. E! got a chance to talk with the hunky star on the red carpet about what fans can expect from him in 2010.

The interview started with Alexander being asked about the start of filming for season 3 of True Blood which is expected to air in June 2010. They asked Alex about the relationship between his character, Eric, and Anna Paquin’s character, Sookie. Eric replied saying:

Eric is still going to kind of pursue that and explore. He finds her curious and interesting. He’s not going to stop.

Perhaps Eric just wants what he can’t have?

Maybe he wants what he can’t have. Or maybe he can have it! We’ll see. He’s not going to let Bill stop him, obviously.

E! went on to ask Alex if he is as passionate in his own personal life as his character Eric is on the show. But first they wanted to know his feelings about the media prying too hard into actors’ lives or if he thought it just came with the job. Alex had this to say:

I was working in Europe before this so I got a little of that on a microscopic level. Everything is so much bigger and crazier here! I was a child actor, so I kind of got used to that when I was a young. It was kind of the same just times a thousand out here!

Then came the big question most female fans are dying to know. Are you single? Alexander replied saying yes he was single! Oh happy day, right girls!

E! went on to explain to Alex how excited Twitter will be to find out this news. The star just laughed saying “Oh really!” During his interview with E! Alex was also talking to some other reporters standing next to them and E! overheard Alex telling them that he looks for a sense of humor in a woman. Good tip girls! E! also tried to ask Alex about the rumors that were circulating about him and Kate Bosworth. Alex laughed it off saying that it comes with the territory and E! says they were told it was just a fling if that. E! also asked the handsome star about a rumor that Alex was seen trying to fly under the radar with a brunette this past Friday night and Alex claims he was simply working that night.

Well girls, it looks like there is hope yet. Who wouldn’t want to stand on the arm of this sexy, sweet, single Swede! We love him and can’t wait to see more of him on season 3 of True Blood!

SOURCE: E! Online

(Photo Credits: Kyle Rover/startraksphoto.com)

  • missyella

    Yes you just want to take him in hand and straighten that Tie of his, as well as ruffle his hair just a little lol……………

  • jaxx

    Alex is perfection, pure perfection and those blue eyes just pop right out. Looks fabulous in that tux. Yum.

  • Vero

    Good Lord!! He is so beatiful and adorable!!

  • lily

    Great but we want vids! 🙂 Haha.

  • pbt

    Thanks Janet for the wonderful pics and article from the Golden Globes last night. While very disappointed that the best show on television did not win, True Blood, of course. I was ecstatic to see our very own Alexander exuding his sexy Skargoodness for all to see. The Tom Ford tuxedo was absolute hit. I would straighten anything he wants straightened.

    Some men wear tuxs, Alexander absolutely owned that tux. The cut, the fit and the color were spot on.

    145 days until the v-ddiction continues!

  • Barbara E.

    I’ve seen quite a few pics of Alex at the Golden Globes last night – and in every single one … I just wanted to straighten his bow tie! LOL But he looked wonderful in every picture. I am sorry to hear that True Blood did not win any awards last night. *sniffles*