Alexander Skarsgard Answers Fan Questions

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alexanderskarsgard-100Alexander Skarsgård has answered fan questions! collected several fan questions last week and chose 20 for Alexander answer.  A lot of great questions were chosen and there are some really interesting answers from Alex.

Here’s a  preview of some of the Q&A below. 

Q: You miss things when you are away from Sweden, but is there anything you miss when you are away from the U.S.?
AS: Yes, lots of things. I miss the intensity of New York, the sunsets in California and the mountains of Colorado.

Q: We’ve seen you dressed as a woman in Kill Your Darlings and recently, we’ve seen your brother Gustaf getting in touch with his feminine side in the Koop – I See A Different You music video. Please tell us between you or your brother, whom is the most attractive, dressed as a woman, in your opinion?
AS: I haven’t seen my brother dressed as a woman, but I doubt anything can be scarier than me in high heels and make up..

Q: I`ve read somewhere that you not only are a football fan, but also play football yourself. Where (defence, midfield, striker, goalie etc) and how (aggressive, creative, intelligent, physical, crybaby, technical etc) do you play?
AS: I love to play, but I’m not very good. I run a lot, usually pretty far from where the ball is…

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