Alexander Skarsgård Answers Questions From The Guardian

February 21, 2010 by  

Alexander Skarsgård sat down with Rich Pelley from the Guardian and answered some fun questions regarding his role as Eric Northman on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.

He was asked in the interview how he would react to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Edward from Twilight, and Keifer Sutherland from Lost Boy’s going into Eric‘s bar in True Blood,  Fangtasia. Alexander stated that he would have drinks with the guys and then buy Buffy a t-shirt from Fangtasia‘s memorabilia section. Alexander also commented on how he wasn’t around for much of season one, that there is a great deal more of Eric in season two. He also spoke about how the viewers see how Eric was changed into a vampire, and also a more softer side to Eric’s true character.

While he joked around about sleeping “Six Feet Under” in order to prepare for his vampire role, he was very close mouthed on what we could expect to see for Season 3 on True Blood. Alexander was asked if he ever wore the teeth home from a day of hard work on the show,

“Not the teeth, but I’ve gone home drenched in blood. I’ve been so tired that I’ve just pulled on a pair of skivvies, jumped in my car and driven home. Fortunately, I’ve never yet been pulled over the cops!”

He did, however, talk about how True Blood vampires would be different if they were British, but only stated they would be more polite, but not until after they killed someone. Alexander also spoke about appearing in Lady Gaga’s music video for Paparazzi, where he spoke very kindly about her stating how he respected her business talents and noted that she would make a great vampire.

Lady Gaga is pretty wild but she’s very intelligent. She controls her career and knows what she wants. She would make a great vampire. She should give me a call!”

When asked if her Majesty the Queen of England would make a good vampire, Alexander stated that he would want her on his side as he wouldn’t want to fight her.

Alexander also spoke about his background and how he was proud of his heritage and explained about the funny symbol over his “a” in his last name.

“I was born and raised in Stockholm. I’m very proud of that little circle! We don’t really have that sound in English. It’s kind of the way you Brits say, “fart”, like “fort”, with more of an “oar” sound.”

Can’t wait to see more of Alexander  Skarsgård as Eric Northman? You can catch the encore presentation Season 2 of HBO’s True Blood starting March 21st.


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