Alexander Skarsgård in Battleship

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Skarsgård Plays Key Role in Upcoming Navy Film:

Alexander Skarsgård in BattleshipBattleship is an upcoming science fiction naval war film directed by Peter Berg that is planned to be released in May 2012.  Throughout the movie the Navy is taking part in an intense battle against an alien race that has come to Earth with destructive plans.  Alexander Skarsgård will play the part of Stone Hopper, a by-the-book kind of guy, who plays the older brother to the main character, Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch).  Also starring in the film are actors Liam Neeson and Brooklyn Decker.  R&B singer Rihanna also makes her acting debut in the film.  The relationship between Stone and Alex is an important element within the story.

“Stone is older.  He’s already in the Navy.  He’s stayed out of his brother’s business, but now it’s kind of time,” said Skarsgård.

Kitsch then adds that along with being the younger brother, he is afraid of failure.  His character truly looks up to his well-groomed, faultless big brother and because of that he holds himself back and is unable to reach his full potential.  When asked how acting on True Blood is different from his scenes for Battleship, Skarsgård replied:

“How is it different?  We don’t shoot most of our stuff on the U.S.S. Missouri. [laughs]  Day 1:  I land, go out on this gigantic barge 10 minutes offshore with cranes, boats, jet skis, 5,000 people, floating basecamps… I come from a shoot in Europe for a Lars Von Trier movie where the catering crew here is bigger than that entire crew—crazy!”

Interested in seeing the first trailer released for Battleship?  If so, click HERE!

In my honest opinion, I think it definitely appears to be worth a trip to the local movie theater upon release!  The special effects look amazing and not only do I love alien-related films, I also love watching Alexander Skarsgård, but then again, don’t we all?

Any thoughts on the film?  Be sure to check out the newly released trailer and let us know what you think!  (FYI:  Alexander looks quite stunning in his uniform.  See above picture/trailer!)

Source:  Fandango – You Sank My…!  Aboard the Set of ‘Battleship’

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