Alexander Skarsgard’s “Beyond the Pole” Needs Your Help

January 27, 2010 by  

Alexander Skarsgard‘s, mockumentary UK indie film, Beyond the Pole produced by Shooting Pictures in association with Polite Storm, and directed by David L. Williams has received high praise and Variety has said that it brings “a breath of satirical fresh air” to the issue of global warming.

However, Mr. Williams needs help from True Blood/Alexander‘s fans to get it noticed and picked up by movie distributors.  He needs 10,000 Facebook fans on the official Beyond the Pole Facebook page to get the movie noticed and in theaters!

To help, become a fan of Beyond The Pole on Facebook by clicking here:

So True Blood fans show your support and become a fan of Beyond the Pole to get it in theatres near you!

SOURCE:  Variety

(Photo credit:  Beyond the Pole Facebook Page