Alexander Skarsgard On The Cover Of Swedish Magazine Cafe

November 20, 2009 by  

Alexander Skarsgard seems to be keeping busy while on hiatus from True Blood.  Not only has he been busy working on other projects but has been doing interviews, attending events and posing in photo shoots such as this one.  Here Alexander graces the cover of the December issue of the Swedish Magazine, Cafe. What more is there to say but, enjoy!



  • Val

    You are right-what more is there to say!!YUMMMMMMMMY!!!

    • missyella


      I agree, at first I thought what a cheesy photograph, then I saw his Face and Arms and it was WOW……………. This man is perfect!!

      With regard to New Moon, the critics here in England, think the film is awful teehee, hahaha……… Nothing will beat the adult fun of TB..

      • jaxx

        Hi Missyella, Alex has such a beautiful smile here. He is just gorgeous, imo.

        Just saw New Moon yesterday. If you’ve read the books, it follows them about 95%. Better than the Twilight movie I thought. Directing is better.

        Just curious, what does England think of Rob Pattison, Kristin Stewart, Taylor Lautner? Rob is huge here. Don’t know what to make of him but I don’t know his background either.

        They are saying Rob and Kristin are engaged/living together now? Is that what the papparrazzi are saying in England too???

        • missyella

          Hi Jaxx,

          The Critics think the film is boring, too long and cannot get the appeal of Edward.

          Apparently in the Cinemas, the audience appears to be split into Edward fans and the other actor who plays the Werewolf (sorry I don’t know his name and could not care less)….

          Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart and Taylor Lautner are probably more known by teenagers.

          All I know is that RP is English, but nothing more about him, in fact I think compared to Alex, he is downright ugly, but again that is my opinion..

          I try to avoid the gossip about Twilight, as I feel the tale of teenage angst and unrequited love, is not for me, as I say give the adult humour, stories on TB.

          Please AB, make season 3, 4, and the rest brilliant….

      • Val

        I have to agree with you there Missy!! ” New Moon” has gotten so much press over here and I just can’t see it!!? I guess cause I’m an adult and like Viking vampires who are tall,blond and…..(words fail me!!!!!!!)

        • missyella

          Here, here, Val,

          I just do not understand this pushing of Twilight, New Moon etc on us, even my Niece who is 14, is not a fan….

          Eric, Bill, Sookie Lafayette, Sam, Jason and Hoyt, not forgetting Jessica and the rest of the cast, are the real deal and so they will stay……….

          • Val

            Missy you have said it all-Alex/Eric forever!!!No sparkle,no twinkle – just plain ol adult entertainment!!! (An I do mean ADULT!)