Alexander Skarsgard and Deborah Ann Woll On Top Sexiest Vampires List

August 10, 2009 by  

eric-northman-true-blood-season-headshotThe Daily Beast decided to present their list of the 15 Top Sexiest Vampires. As they state “vampires got even hotter this week with the announcement that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, the stars of True Blood go engaged.” Among the 15 that are listed two of them are from Alan Ball‘s hit HBO show True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard and Deborah Ann Woll.

Alexander Skarsgard portrays Eric Northman, the 1000 year vampire sheriff who is setting his eyes on Sookie, but don’t count Bill out yet.  He may be a 1000 years old and a sheriff but when it comes to love it may not be enough to break the bond that Bill and Sookie have for each other.  True Blood fans will have to continue to watch to see how everything will unfold.

Deborah Ann Woll portrays Jessica Hamby, the newly turned, teenaged vampire who is so full of anger and rage that she doesn’t appear to be that different from a regular teenager going through growing pains.  Will she be able to control he urges for blood in check without draining Hoyt to the point of no return. Just one extra issue that the couple will have to contend with and prevent.

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  • Missyella

    Alex is magnificent.

    I could not imagine anyone else playing him, now I have read some of the Books, he is Eric and as sexy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Deborah is so sweet and vulnerable and deserves her success as well.

    True Blood is the Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lulu

    Alexander is amazing. Thanks for bringing Eric to life (well TV). Can’t wait to see him dig his teeth into this roll. He was incredible in the Timebomb episode. I’ve watched it more then 4 times since sunday and I work 11 hour days. I just love him! can’t wait for sunday!

  • Val

    I expected nothing less-yhey are hot,sexy and Eric can scare the pants off of you(now theres an idea whose time has come)!!!

  • Sintia

    Yay! My favorite vamps… Eric is THE hottest vamp ever!

  • TreasureCoast

    Our Viking Vamp is getting his recognition! and Baby Jessica did great. No Bill???

  • Sybbill

    Well i think Rebecca said all that matters 😉

  • Options

    Yayy! That’s all I gotta say!!

  • Rebecca

    Finally True Blood is getting noticed. I just wonder what took the rest of the world so long to catch up.I am so glad to see Alex get noticed for his role as Eric. Now everyone can see why we love this sexy as sin vampire.And Deborah,I’m glad to see this newest vamp coming into the spotlight.