Alexander Skarsgard Did Not Attend the Golden Globe After Party

January 20, 2010 by  

Many True Blood fans have been wondering why we have not been able to find more pictures of our yummy Alexander Skarsgard after the Golden Globes. It was erroneously reported that Alexander Skarsgard was unable to get into one of the after parties at the Beverly Hilton right after the Golden Globes awards ceremony.  There was heavy rain that hit Los Angeles that evening and forced many to wait outside in queue as the venue had reached capacity level.  The venue was so packed to the point that the fire marshall had to show up and literally counting bodies. There was a huge line of very annoyed celebrities and even the scheduled talent, Malin Akerman, had to verify that they were in fact there to perform for the event. All in all – a very wet and messy night.

However, has it on very good authority that Alexander was at the HBO after party and suffered no delay due to the extended lines.

Photo from fOTOGLIF


  • Confused

    There seems to be more photos of Alex and Kate on international photo agencies. This photo agency in the Czech republic has a couple of nice photos, not from the HBO party though. The photos seem to be from Getty originally but they can’t be found on the Getty page.

    • Hi there!

      We here at comply with copyright laws when it comes to photo agencies photos. Basically in order to publish a photo agency photos on a website you need to purchase the photos which varies in prices based on the licensing agreement that is chosen. Taking photos from these large photo agencies without purchasing them is considered a violation of copyright laws. Therefore, we try our best to post photos where credit can be given and does not violate the photographer’s copyright. 🙂

  • Confused

    Still a mystery then, the lack of photos of Alex from the HBO party.

  • Sylvie

    Actually this article is wrong. He was at the HBO party (many people saw him there and there are pictures of him leaving). It was the Weinstein party that they (and many others) couldn’t get in to due to the rain.

    Just clearing that up. 🙂

    • Thanks for clearing it up. Apparently the original source (the San Francisco Gate) got the info wrong. 🙂