Alexander Skarsgard Discusses True Blood and Dating Rumors

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gallery_main-alexander-skarsgard-gucci-flash-sneaker-photos-10242009-02Alexander Skarsgard, the Swedish hunk who plays bad boy vampire Eric on HBO’s True Blood, is excited to return to work soon and be reunited with everyone on the show. He was recently interviewed by Sweden’s TT Spectra, and as a sign of just how popular Alex has become in the last year, the interview was translated into English over at so that his millions of adoring fans could read it.

Alex says that all the people working on True Blood have become his surrogate family. It seems that they know they’re part of something special, although there was that initial shock when they realized just how many devoted fans they had. It wasn’t until Alex went to San Diego for Comic-Con in July of this year that he witnessed how big a hit the show was:

“It was totally absurd. People had flown in from other countries. We just laughed; it was impossible to understand what had happened. I’m still confused.”

He doesn’t mind how his heightened celebrity status has affected his daily life:

“People come up and want autographs and take pictures. But they are cute and humble and apologize. I have no crazy stalkers after me (laughs). And I am flattered that they think so much about the series.”

Of his castmates, Alex spends most of his time with Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer since his scenes are often with them. He also enjoyed doing the press conference with Michelle Forbes in Paris, who he had never worked with on the show.

Alex just finished filming Straw Dogs with James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, and James Woods. He describes Woods as “totally cool, eccentric, and intense as hell.”

He also lent his voice to the Swedish animated movie Metropia, along with his father, acclaimed actor Stellan Skarsgard. The Swedish film Puss is another recent family collaboration, between Alex and his brother Gustav.

Alex’s widespread fame beyond Sweden is certainly due to his portrayal of Eric in True Blood and his part in the HBO miniseries Generation Kill. Both tough characters, he hopes that he doesn’t get typecast but rather wants the opportunity to keep playing lots of different roles:

“After ‘True Blood’ and ‘Generation Kill’ makes it quite a lot of alpha males. Which is funny, one reason I went from Sweden was that I always had to play the misunderstood, gentle high school boy. Puppies. But now I’m afraid to get stuck in the second slot. Once it becomes routine it takes the creativity out.”

As for his personal life, Alex is not interested in all the rumors flying around. He declined to comment on whether he was dating Evan Rachel Wood or Kate Bosworth. As much as we want to know, you have to respect the guy for wanting to keep some things private!


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