Alexander Skarsgard Drops in KCRW Radio As A Guest DJ

September 10, 2009 by  

Alexander Skarsgard Recently Alexander Skarsgard, our beloved Eric, visited KCRW radio in Santa Monica, California as their Guest DJ. As the guest DJ Alex was able to choose 5 songs to play during his radio spot. Alex chose songs that represented people that have played an important part in his life, including his father, actor Stellan Skarsgard.

Alex’s first song, the Rolling Stones’ “Mother’s Little Helper”, was dedicated to his dad because it reminded him of times he spent as a child at his father’s country house in Southern Sweden, where there is still no running water on the property to this day. Alex explained by saying:

“If you want to take a shower you have to go out to the well and pump up water and pour it over yourself. When I was a kid, me and my Dad would go out and pump up water, pour it over each other and sing this song. So I want to dedicate this song to my old man and I want to thank him for not building a jacuzzi out there or an infinity pool or anything like that.”

Alex dedicated his next song, Ebba Grön’s 800 °C, to his best friend, who at the moment is ill.  Alex said the song represents him and his friends going through their punk rock phase as teenagers. Alex introduced the song by dedicating it to his friend in Swedish and sending him wishes for a speedy recovery. Alex then chose the song, “Ever Fallen in Love” by the Buzzcocks. This song represents an old relationship he was in with an ex-girlfriend.  Alex spoke about how passionate the relationship was, but in the end they both realized they were just not right for each other. Alex went on to explain how the song helped him get over the breakup.  Alex’s fourth song was dedicated to his mother. He chose, “Brown-eyed Girl” by Van Morrison, because it is his mother’s favorite song.  Here Alex explains:

“When I was a kid we went on a lot of road trips and my mom had this song that she always wanted to play. She is a very considerate person, my mom, so she would always ask the kids and my Dad if it was okay if she played the song. Like I mentioned before, I was a punk rocker so I would just shrug my shoulders and be like ‘oh whatever, I don’t care.’ So I want to dedicate this song — my mom’s favorite song –to her and I want her to know that even though I would never admit it at the time, I actually loved it every time she put it on.”

Alex’s entire family still lives in Sweden, and he admits that he does get homesick at times, but music is a great way for him to deal with being away from loved ones. Which brings us to Alex’s final song choice. Alex chose Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger”, which he dedicated to his new home, Los Angeles.  Alex admits that it was hard for him to adjust at first because he was so used to living in Stockholm, Sweden where he grew up with all his friends and family. Here Alex explains what this song means to him and how his feelings about LA have changed:

“I’ve kind of spent five years complaining about LA and talking about how much greater Stockholm is, how good it is back there. I was just there for two weeks and when I landed I flew into LAX and I had this really weird feeling when we touched ground. I felt like I was coming home. I’ve never felt that before so this last song I actually want to dedicate to Los Angeles and I hate to admit it but I think I’m falling in love.”

Well, we are falling in love with you Alex. What a great chance to get a little more insight into one of our favorite True Blood vampires.  Many thanks to KCRW for giving us permission to host Alexander’s audio interview on our website.  To listen to Alexander’s interview click the audio button below.



Photo Credit: HBO Inc