Alexander Skarsgard or Edward Cullen: A Vampire Showdown

September 11, 2009 by  

eric-northman-fangsIt’s another vampire showdown and this time is asking the question who will win? Team True Blood with Alexander Skarsgard or Team Twilight with Edward Cullen?  They are specifically looking at five key components in their comparison:  their hair, teeth, eyes, clothes and “taste” in women.  Just remember to click the “next” button to be taken to the next question to vote on.

So will Edward’s textured, deep-auburn, and entirely free-standing hair win over Eric‘s sleek, side-parted do (which believes is a big improvement from last season’s swingy bob)? Or will Eric‘s “dungeon master attire” consisting of leather pants, blazers sans undershirt and fang necklaces win against Edward’s hoodies, cargo pants, and aviators?

It doesn’t matter if they are comparing hair, teeth or bite.  The answer is always going to be the same with True Blood fans:  True Blood rules supreme in every category.

So go to’s poll and vote to let your voice be heard and counted.


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