Alexander Skarsgard or Edward Cullen: A Vampire Showdown

September 11, 2009 by  

eric-northman-fangsIt’s another vampire showdown and this time is asking the question who will win? Team True Blood with Alexander Skarsgard or Team Twilight with Edward Cullen?  They are specifically looking at five key components in their comparison:  their hair, teeth, eyes, clothes and “taste” in women.  Just remember to click the “next” button to be taken to the next question to vote on.

So will Edward’s textured, deep-auburn, and entirely free-standing hair win over Eric‘s sleek, side-parted do (which believes is a big improvement from last season’s swingy bob)? Or will Eric‘s “dungeon master attire” consisting of leather pants, blazers sans undershirt and fang necklaces win against Edward’s hoodies, cargo pants, and aviators?

It doesn’t matter if they are comparing hair, teeth or bite.  The answer is always going to be the same with True Blood fans:  True Blood rules supreme in every category.

So go to’s poll and vote to let your voice be heard and counted.


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  • antonio

    Are they kidding?!! I think Any of the guys on TB could kick Edward Cullen’s butt…Sookie could kick his butt!! LOL
    I like Twilight and I think the book is better than the film.
    There is NO comparison! TB wins hands down!! EC is a troubled compassionate protector type where Eric is just a bad-ass vampire who cares for no1 but himself..maybe Sookie i dont know.
    who tries to integrate and have some measure of compassion for humans? Edward Cullen Who would win in a showdown? Eric Northman
    who’s a better more kick ass vampire? Eric Northman Who would most people rather hang out with..if they could? Alexander
    Who’s better here? Eric Northman

  • TG

    You are comparing a boy to a man. Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) from True Blood wins hands down.

    • missyella

      TG you are so right. A man everytime!!!!!!!

  • Missyella

    Why do they really bother, with nonsence like this, Eric and Edward, absolutely NO comparison, for a start does Edward even have carnal knowledge with Women??

    I do not think so.

    • Jaxx

      Hi Missyella, if I remember correctly, Edward was a virgin. That’s why he wanted to get married to Bella. Didn’t want to give up the goods when Bella wanted him to. Didn’t want his virtue stolen, if I remember the correct wording. lol

      • missyella

        Hi Jaxx,

        I do wish that they would cease these comparison type of showdowns.

        For one TB is for a totally adult audience, just the name of the Films turns my Stomach, how can they compare a Boy to a full grown Man??

        The only Teenage Vampire tale that I would be happy to discuss, would have been Buffy.

        Even my Niece and her friends do not like T******* or the Actor playing Edward Patterson (sorry cannot remember his Christian name).

        I do hope this will stop and True Blood gets the recognition it truely and doubly desearves.

        • val

          U are so on target!!! How CAN you compare a boy to a man-and WHAT a man at that!!!!

  • Aine

    only little girls like toothless vampires like Edward

  • Lizzie 1701

    It is a bit hard when you can’t stand either of them!

    • Missyella

      Hi Lizzie, what about Dracula, could you stand him??? LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaxx

    That’s all the tweens know is Edward. I’m hoping their parents aren’t letting them watch True Blood, good God, with all the soft porn sex and violence. The tweens shouldn’t know who Eric is. Tell all you friends to vote Eric.

  • Loleaf

    You also have to realize that the tweens are voting on this also. I believe that we will be out-voted on this poll (no matter how much we vote). They will outnumber us! WE MUST UNITE!! LOL

    • BLF

      You are so on target.

      When i voted the first time Eric was leading. Now that school let out, its like boom here comes Edward fans.


      Its all in good fun!

  • Amanda

    Edward is beating Eric badly in this poll ladies, we can’t let such a travesty occur!!! Get to voting!

  • I loved Twilight but True Blood is not even in the same league , they are not even close to eachother. Eric is a sexy naughty pleasure and Edward is the boy you take home to momma . Not even the same

  • kit-kat

    This isn’t really a contest for me, I just like True Blood way more than Twilight and the characters within way more. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Twilight enough, but Twilight is a Goliath compared to True Blood, so I would suspect any character battle would wind up with a True Blood defeat :(.