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alex_4How are we going to ease the suffering of the nine month wait for season three of True Blood? Probably by watching and reading as much of our beloved actors as we can until their characters return.

It looks like Newsweek has already begun to do just that, as we can see in their recent article on Alexander Skarsgard. People love him as bad boy vampire Eric, but they love him even more when they find out that in real life, Alexander Skarsgard is modest, laid-back, sweet, and cool.

There are thousands, maybe millions, of women out there who are smitten with Alex (as I like to call him). He also charms the pants off men, like his costar Nelsan Ellis:

“He’s very humble, extremely talented, and so freaking Mount Olympus good-looking that sometimes I just want to be him…But, I want to say, ‘Brother, please don’t stand next to me.’ “

While this level of celebrity status is new to Alex–he didn’t even realize how popular he was with True Blood fans until he stepped into Comic Con in July–he has been dealing with acting and fame since he was young. The son of actor Stellan Skarsgard (Good Will Hunting), he did some Swedish film and TV work beginning when he was 8 years old:

“My parents never dragged me to auditions. They didn’t push me. Things just kind of happened, and I thought it was fun.”

A few years later, it stopped being fun, and he gave up acting to have a normal life:

“I was really self-conscious and I wasn’t comfortable with all the attention. Thirteen is a tough age. You’re trying to figure out if you are a child or a man. It’s a strange time. People on the street would recognize me, and I hated it. It was too much. I said to my mom and dad, ‘I don’t want to do this. I want to play soccer.’ I wanted a girl to like me because I was funny or cute, not because she saw me on TV. So I quit.”

It’s a good thing he took that break. Alex thinks he wouldn’t be acting today if he had not quit and then returned to it when he was ready. He did several Swedish films in his 20s, as well as a tiny role as the model Meekus in Zoolander. He made his first mark on the U.S. entertainment world when he was cast as Marine Sgt. Brad Colbert in the HBO miniseries Generation Kill. It was a complicated character, one that required “military brawn combined with intellect” and the ability to deliver dialogue full of Marine slang. One of Alex’s costars, a Marine sergeant who played himself, remembers:

“In walks this skinny guy that looked like a really tall Kurt Cobain. But once the cameras started rolling, Skarsgard became Colbert.”

Then he got the part of Eric Northman on True Blood, and here we are! America has just begun its obsession with Alex, scouring the internet for his former work (including a particular shower scene, that has gotten 200,000 hits on YouTube). Sweden, however, has named him their Sexiest Man five times, so at least all the adoration hasn’t come as a complete shock to him!

Alex wants to continue doing projects in the U.S. and Sweden. He is currently in Shreveport, LA (how appropriate!), filming Straw Dogs. He also might seek an opportunity to work in theatre, to get that experience of closeness with the audience. But most immediately, he looks forward to returning to his job on True Blood in December:

“I really miss those guys. It sounds so stupid, but these guys really have become my family.”

That doesn’t sound stupid at all! It makes it that much more enjoyable for us to watch, knowing that they love the work their doing. It’s exciting to think that we have just started seeing all the layers to Eric. Season three will certainly gives us a lot to look forward to in Alexander Skarsgard’s performance.


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