Alexander Skarsgard Film ‘Beyond the Pole’ Receives Positive Reviews

January 12, 2010 by  

Showing yet again how diverse an actor he is, Alexander Skarsgard recently played a gay Norwegian environmentalist in the Arctic-set mockumentary, Beyond the Pole. The UK indie film, produced by Shooting Pictures in association with Polite Storm, was praised by Variety for bringing “a breath of satirical fresh air” to the issue of global warming.

Directed by David L. Williams, the script was adapted from a radio series by Paul Barnhill and Neil Warhurst. The story follows two British amateur documentarians played by Stephen Mangan and Rhys Thomas as they try to save the planet by being the first carbon-neutral, organic, vegetarian team to walk to the North Pole. A few weeks into their journey, they run into a couple of gay Norwegians (Alexander Skarsgard and Lars Arentz-Hansen) trying to accomplish the same thing. The expedition becomes dangerous and chaotic, but there is “a comically cherishable twist at the end when all seems hopeless.”

The film will be featured at the 2010 San Francisco IndieFest, February 5th at 9:30pm and Sunday, February 7th at 2:45pm at the Roxie Theater.  We have been told that there is the possibility that Alex might be attending along with director David L. Williams.


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  • jaxx

    Just goes to show how diverse an actor he is. He can play gay, straight, funny, serious. Thanks Janie. Love the articles.

  • Mony

    Can’t wait to listen to him speaking with that accent and being in gay couple…that should be hilarious…even the trailer seems to be very funny and satirical….
    Hope for a romantic role too….but Alex has so much potential that he could do anything…he is a great actor… i wish him all the best and wainting to see the movie!!!!!!
    I don’t think I could watch it here in Italy, but my finger still crossed^^

  • Emma

    Hearing a Norwegian accent come out of his mouth will be interesting…

    I know this guy doesn’t want to be type casted as the hunky guy in a movie, but PLEASE can he do ONE romantic role? He can be vulnerable or whatever I just want to see a nice movie that has sex (but not rape) and a mildly happy ending involving this hottie. Just ONE for the collection…

    • pbt

      Hey Emma. I have to agree with you on those points. A nice romantic comedy would be awesome with Skargoodness. I am looking forward to “Straw Dogs” in 2011 but I know it will be a difficult movie to watch.

      At this point, Alex’s movie “13” is due to be released this summer. I hope it will have a world wide distribution so we in the US will have a chance to see it. Let’s face it, ASkars on the big screen will be a treat indeed.

      152 days until the v-ddiction continues. Love True Blood and Love Aelxander too.

  • pbt

    Thanks Janie for the article about Alexander. This “Beyond the Pole” movie sounds like it would be a lot of fun to see. I have seen several good reviews from several websites and I believe a Miami paper recently ranked in the top ten movies to see from 2009.

    The multi-talented Mr. Skarsgard displays his comedic talents in this movie. I would be up to see this one on the big screen but would settle for DVD too.

    Congrats ASkars on a job well done. Hope you will be making many more movies for us to enjoy.

  • Barbara E.

    I wonder if us regular folks will be able to see this mockumentary?? Straight to DVD we hope? *grins* I’m willing to see anything with Alex in it! =D