Alexander Skarsgard Helps Make Bajen Aid Auction a Success

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Alexander Skarsgard’s Lot at Bajen Aid Auction Raises 10 Thousand SEK

Alexander Skarsgard Bajen Aid AuctionAlexander Skarsgard attended Saturday’s Bajen Aid Auction in support of Hammarby Football, held in Sweden.  Skarsgard has been vocal about his support for the team and contributed a lot that consisted of autographed DVD boxes of True Blood and Generation Kill. The auction raised 150 thousand SEK overall for Hammarby Football, even more than an auction that was done earlier in the year that brought in 140 thousand SEK.

The item that received the highest bid of 12 thousand SEK was for Putte Ramberg’s autographed jersey from the Swedish Championship finals of 1982. Billy Ohlsson’s gold shoe, the award for having won the Premier Division top goal scorer went for 10 thousand SEK. Skarsgard drove the bidding up on his lot joking with bidders that “for 10 thousand, I will watch the films together with you naked on the couch”.

Source: – Bajen Aid Auction: An Even Greater Success

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  • lizzie1701

    Good on Alex for being involved and helping with the auction. It is nice to know these Stars give their time and effort for good causes.

    Thank yo Jaimie for posting.

    • val

      And I thank you too Lizzie,for giving other actors their due! You have come come a long way.You go girl!

  • Sean

    Is that all it takes for Alex to come to my house and watch movies with me naked?! Well I’m alright with that.

  • jaxx

    I so wish I had 10 thousand SEK’s or whatever it would take to have Alex watch TB and GK with me on the couch naked. Alex, you little tease!!! LOL.

  • val

    Hey that should have encourged THOUSANDS of women(me included!)to BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!