Alexander Skarsgard Interview With Oliver Polumbarit

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True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard did a recent phone interview with Oliver Polumbarit of the Philippine Daily Enquirer.  In the phone interview Alexander discusses being a child star, and his parts as Brad Colbert in Generation Kill, and Eric Northman in True Blood. We also get a glimpse of his feelings on current events and whether the roles he plays influence or change his opinions.

Alex on what he researched to play Eric Northman:

Yeah, when I did my research, I re-watched movies that I’ve seen, like the old “Nosferatu” with Max Schreck from the ’20s, Bela Lugosi’s “Dracula,” and Werner Herzog’s “Nosferatu” from the ’70s.  Obviously, Eric Northman’s quite a different character.  But diving into that old culture of vampirism was to get my creativity and inspiration going, basically.  When you create a world with vampires, it’s up to you if you wanna do the whole thing with crosses or garlic or what happens when a vampire meets the sun. We hung on to a couple of those, but some of them we just dismissed.  So it’s very open to interpretation …”

On how much playing Brad Colbert affected the way he viewed war and The Marines:

“My take on the war in general didn’t change much.  My opinion was, it was a mistake to go into Iraq.  That has not changed at all.  What you see in the media is very polarized, very censored in a way, what’s going on in Iraq or Afghanistan.  So for me at least, this was the first experience where I actually got to see it from the perspective of the boots on the ground, what the soldiers went through on a daily basis out there.”

On bonding with his Generation Kill cast mates:

“We were so isolated.  Being out in the Namibian desert was so surreal.  It felt like you’re stuck on a different planet … Suddenly, you embark on this journey; you’re gonna be out there for seven months with people that you’ve never met before.  You’ve got a huge script in your hands with tons of words that you don’t even understand and you have two days to make them your own and be this character.  Then you see all these big Marine guys, “All right, get ready for boot camp!” Then you’re out running and, “What’s going on?”  It was scary and you felt like a little kid.”

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