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Being in the mist of the holiday season one would think that there would be little news on the True Blood front.  Well it seems that True Blood and the various cast members are so popular that even during the holiday season the news about them doesn’t take a break which is good news for True Blood fans.  This time thanks to the people at they were able to provide the latest interview that Alexander Skarsgard did with the UK publication SciFiNow Magazine.

Even though Alexander has probably been asked the same questions over and over again he never to seem to lose his enthusiasm to discuss his good fortune landing the role of Eric Northman on True Blood and working with Alan Ball.  As he has stated many times, and in this interview as well, that once he heard from his agent that Alan Ball was producing a vampire series he definitely wanted to be a part of it. He states that he was a big fan of Alan‘s work and once Alan told him about the part of playing a 1,000-year-old Viking vampire, and I was like “Hell yeah, I’ll do that.”

As Alex mentions the transition from shooting Generation Kill in Africa for seven months to True Blood was great because for him as an actor, he likes a challenge and doesn’t want to be typecast playing the same type of role over and over again.

For someone who hasn’t seen the show Alex describes it as:

“It’s really a wild ride.  True Blood is funny, and sexy, and it definitely has that Southern flavour.  But at the same time it’s very smart – it’s obviously fictional but you can definitely draw parallels to our society that we live in, and issues that we deal with.”

As Alex explains in the show vampires are trying to obtain civil rights which is used as a metaphor for whichever minority group one wants to imply that is trying to fit in and be treated as an equal in society.

When Alex is asked if he took any inspiration from the book version of Eric in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels Alex states that:

“I don’t know about Eric, because he doesn’t play a big part during the first season.  But I got the books and read the first five when we started shooting just to get a bit of knowledge and to understand the character a little.  And it obviously helped me a lot to understand Charlaine Harris’s world that she created.”

In response to the question of the Sookie and Eric relationship developing, Alex mentions that he is aware that it does develop later on in the book series and plays a big part in the books but at the moment the tension is certainly there and Eric is intrigued by Sookie, which is definitely bound to grow.

With the enormous success of the show Alexander is still taken aback by it because as he states:

“Yeah, I’ve never experienced this before.  I really enjoyed it when we worked on it and I thought it was great, but you never anticipate that.  It’s so wild and it’s crazy how big it’s gotten – something happened between season one and two and it just seemed to explode when season two started.  I was in Sweden for a month and I got back as the first episodes of season two were airing in the States, and it was crazy how different it was.”

Of course when Alex was asked what we can expect for season 3 for Eric to which he responded he doesn’t know and that “we start next month we haven’t gotten the scripts yet – bloggers know more than I do” [Editor’s note:  apparently this interview took place a while back and was just recently published in the magazine].

As to where True Blood will be shooting season 3 Alex states they will be shooting in Hollywood, and in and around Los Angeles.  He further elaborated that there will be more flashback scenes which he is very excited about and looking forward to filming.

All True Blood fans will be anxiously waiting to see what Alan Ball and his team of creative writer will have in store for us for season 3. Till then we all wait impatiently.

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  • Antonio

    This is something to think about. In the beginning of S3 Sookie will be on her own…Without Bill’s protection or assistance!
    Sam will be gone,Also So she cannot rely on him either! Tara? Who knows Where she will be? Jason Is No help hes always off on a bender somewhere! So,it seems to me that Sookie will have No other choice but to ask Eric for help! Eric likes her he desires her perhaps out of curiousity perhaps out of spite against Bill? He probably will help her but I’m sure there will be strings attached! Eric is the type to do something Only if it serves His interests! He may help her to search for Bill ~~~Perhaps He knows Where he is??~~~~ But she will have to pay for his services in Some way! IMHO

  • Antonio

    There is So much to look forward to in this upcoming season of TB! There is So much speculation about what will happen in the first couple of episodes! Here is something for you to think about Just an idea something written just for fun and to keep momentum for the show going Something to discuss as well!

    “Bill?” Sookie Stackhouse looked all about the parameter of the restaurant. The table that they had occupied together was turned over and there was bits of broken glass about on the floor.The table cloth was all messed up and thrown on the floor.
    The candles and the flowers were thrown about. There seemed to be an odd silence as there was no one left in the restaurant and the front door was wide open. Where were the servers? the cashier? the diners? This was definitely weird. “Bill?” she called out again not knowing what to expect. Sookie stepped outside “Bill?” she called once again. She walked out onto the dirt road. The sky was dark and there was a full mooon covered by cloud and mist. Sookie walked down the road a bit. “Bill?” she called out again in desperation “Where are you?” She then began to get annoyed “Bill Compton…This Is Not funny!” “If you are tring to scare me It won’t work!” She cried out to the woods and sorrounding area “Look,I’m sorry but you caught me off guard I love you you Know that!” She went on “I just needed some time to think to compose myself!” “Bill” she went on to say “I love you come back please!” She wiped a tear from her face. She began to walk on the dirt road…Something was watching her from a distance watching and waiting.
    Sookie heard a rustling in the woods.”Hello?” she said with a bit of fear in her voice “Bill Is That You?” She then heard a twig snap and the grass rustled. “Who’s There?” she demanded anxiously. Suddenly ther was the sound of heavy breathing and an a load groaning growl…it sounded like a wild animal.
    As she looked about cautiously she heard a loud howl which shattered the quiet of the night…She could barely stand it. She covered her ears and began to run. “She could almost feel hot breath onn her neck and she ran faster. She ran as fast as fast as she could then she tripped and feel onto the road. She tried to get up but her ankle seemed to be bruised as it was bleeding. She tried to muster enough strength to get herself up.
    She ran a little farther more and fell flat onto the road.
    The creature came up on the road it stood about 3 feet from her.
    It growled a horribly loud growl and snarled its gaping muzzle which seemed to be full of drool. “Please Don’t hurt Me!” she cried out placing her arm in front of her face as if to shield herself from his hot breath and gaping jaws.
    Suddenly, a voice screamed out with hostility in the night “Get away from her,You filth!” The creature growled a fierce groan.
    The creature then charged forth towards the dark,tall figure of a man. He then pulled out a raw silver chain and threw it in the beast’s face. The furry beast cried out in pain. Then the tall,blonde figure of a man grabbed the chain and twisted it around its muzzle all the whiile burning the creature with it.
    “You stay away from her Or I’ll burn this silver through your mangy hide You Got that,Filth?” The beast ran off and yowled in pain. Sookie became very dizzy like she was going to pass out.
    The figure came closer to her “Eric?” she said as she passed out cold. Eric Northman then picked her up and whisked her to Fangtasia. Some time later, She woke up and there was Eric standing near her. “What happened?” she asked seeeming disoriented. ” You hit you head.” He went on to say “You must have blacked out.” “What was that…thing?” she asked still trying to regain consciousness. “A Werewolf!” “A Werewolf?” “like with fur and fangs and bloodthirsty?” “Yes” Eric answered. “You saved my life?” Sookie seemed incredulous.
    “Its not the first time!” Eric sounded almost annoyed with her.
    “I’d better get home.” Sookie moved up from the red leather sofa. “No, Its Not safe for you there!” Eric protested the wolves have your sent they will be back they are trouble!”
    “May I use the phone?” She asked kind of annoyed. “Its over there and NO long distance calls..I have a buissness to run!”
    Sookie phoned Tara but all she got was an answering machine
    “Tara its me Something weird is goin on here Bill is gone I was almost killed by a werewolf and Eric Northman of All people saved me a nd brought me here to Shreveport!” Eric shook his head in disgust “Humans…I dont get them!”

    Well that was just some possible speculation Just something to keep momentum going over the long hiatus

    • pbt

      Thanks, Antonio. I loved your speculation as to what will happen in episode one, season three. While, I feel your take on things will not be how it shakes down, I did enjoy it.

      Eric will play an important in the Sookie/Bill saga in the upcoming episodes. Yes, I feel Eric will be saving Sookie from weres but probably not unitl episode three. Just going by spoilers that are coming out of the set in the form of tweets.

      In order for Season Four to make an sense to the viewers of True Blood, the Viking will have to maneuver himself as attractive on many levels. AB started that slow rise in Episode 9: IWRU but pulled back on the later episodes. We will see that slow ascent this season too. While Alcide, will be primarily helping Sookie locate Bill, I think Eric will be the vamp who brings these two together.

      Can’t wait and look forward to more spoilers. I loved how your take on the episode sounded like episode one season two with Sookie being chased by MA the maenad.

      I am sure that Sookie and Eric will be coming to some sort of arrangement to help locate Billy.

    • jaxx

      Thanks Antonio, very interesting story. Don’t know where AB will take us. Maybe he could get a few ideas from you. lol.

      I cannot wait for S3. It will be interesting with Bill disappearing, Sookie looking for him, Eric’s involvement and the introduction of Alcide and the “were” community of Hot Shot. Lots of intereresting characters there.

      Thanks again Antonio. This is just the break we all needed.

  • jaxx

    Thank you Ollie for another great Alex interview. He is sweet and charming. Well read about his character.

    I am almost done with Generation Kill. After 4 epsiodes, he is great in that as well. Can’t wait to finish the rest off.

    Very much anticipating Season 3 and more promos.

  • Mony

    Alex is always ao charming and so smart, he really glamoures people while he speaks…i mean he could probably galmoures me even reading one of his interviews…
    I’m so glad Ball choosed him as Eeic becouse he’s perfect, maybe not long blond hair but he GET him, more than evryone who said had loved the books had done…..He read the books, the firts five, but he sadi that during this summer he would read all of 9..and reading an old interviews the way he speaks about Sookie and Eric makes me think he read them…..
    Actually Alex is maybe the one who really read ALL the books and really get them , or get Eric….
    that means a lot about him…he watched also a documentary about lions to create Eric…he’s unique!!!!
    Go Alex, always Team Eric, and always Team True Blood^^

    • pbartteacher

      Yes, Alexander always seems to do his “homework” before taking on new role. Whether we are talking about Sgt. Brad Colbert/Generation Kill or 1000yr.old viking Vampire named Eric Northman, Alex pulls his inspiration from many different sources.

      The characters that he has played in the last few years have displayed such a range and depth of emotions. As you, I am truly enamored with what he has done with Eric Northman. Actually reading the books, gives Alexander an inside as to where his character is going to go in the future. While True Blood is not the Southern Vampire series, it is on some level. AB has enhanced or changed some of the plot lines and characters to make it more watchable for television. And while, I don’t agree with all the changes, I will keep watching the best show on television. IMO.

      • Mony

        I agree with you, he’s such a talented guy and excelelnt professionist…he really love is “job” and in TrueBlood he really loves Eric….that gives me so much hope you know?
        About Ball’s changement, at first i was disappointed, but i started to see where is going and he’s defenitly not going so far from the books….he said (Ball) he was addicted to book 3rd and 4th…..we know what that mean and who’s the lead character in those books….so i’m still confident in Ball….
        BTW True Blood will be great as always even if he will change a lot from the books…..
        My fingers still crossed^^

  • pbartteacher

    As always, thank you so much Ollie for posting this wonderful article about the Viking. As you stated above, this is clearly an older interview, but during this long hiatus from True Blood us Truebies will take just about anything we can get. Shooting has already begun for Season Three and I believe in a more recent interview someone was quoted as saying that Episode One had been completed.

    I loved the questions revolving around the Eric and Sookie relationship. Alexander must be just about ready to scream with another question about that. But as always, the consummate professional he is, he answers it to the best of his ability. I enjoyed his comments in the recent EW interview where he will do his best as Eric Northman to “mess things” up for Bill and Sookie. I am sure that the Viking will never truly screw it up for the love birds but I am sure that Eric will have some fun along the way. Personally, I can’t wait to see how the love triangle will play out in the show.

    Flashbacks are a definite for next season, and from the interview it seems that they will involve Alexander’s character. Whether they are flashbacks with Godric, Pam or maybe someone else, those scenes are usually crucial in moving the story forward. I wait with great anticipation at what Alan Ball has in store for us next season.

    Well Truebies, a mere 168 days until our v-ddiction continues. *******Go True Blood and of course Go ASkars/Team Eric.*******