Alexander Skarsgård Interviewed for Germany’s GQ

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True Blood’s Resident Swede Talks Music, City Life and Style:

Alexander Skarsgard for GQ MagazineAlexander Skarsgård, True Blood‘s Viking Sheriff Eric Northman, recently chatted with GQ Magazine while on a European press tour.  A self-described ‘family man’, Skarsgård shares that he tries to plan his trips home to Sweden for when when he can go to soccer games in support of his favorite team, Hammarby IF.

Surprisingly, Skarsgård’s first life passion was music. He grew up listening to 70’s and 80’s punk bands like The Adverts, The Buzzcocks, The Clash and Joy Division. His big hero though, is the singer of  Ebba Grön, a Swedish punk band from the early 80’s.

“I still listen to (punk music). Others don’t know what to say when they meet Jack Nicholson – for me it’s like that when I’m at a concert next to this old punk rocker.”

Los Angeles may now be his home, but in support of his home country Skarsgård tries to wear Swedish-brand clothing like Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Hope, and Whyred. Though Skarsgård thinks of himself as a city person, he admits that the L.A. way of life has been an adjustment from his home of Stockholm.

Adjusting To L.A. Lifestyle:

“L.A. is great. I would never complain about the city. The catch is: I grew up in a European city where I could call my friend and say, ‘Hey, can we meet in the bar in two minutes?’ To be spontaneous in LA? Forget it. There you will see more cars than people. I am a pedestrian. I love to run. I do not want to have to get into a car to buy a liter of milk.”

The full interview (translated into English) can be found here, and for our  German readers, the original article can be found here. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Source: – Alexander in GQ Magazine Germany

(Photo Source: GQ Magazine)

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  • jaxx

    I love listening to his voice and reading what he has to say. I’m so glad you are with us in the US Alex. Hope you have a great holiday season.

  • tabby1249

    A lovely man in many ways who obviously misses his home country. So glad he chooses to work in the U.S. on True Blood. I read the books before the TV series debuted. He is perfect casting for Eric. Thank you Mr. Ball and Alexander Skarsgard for providing wonderful entertainment.