Alexander Skarsgård Models for Hickey Freeman

December 23, 2010 by  

True Blood’s Eric All Dressed Up in Wall Street Journal Magazine:

Alexander Skarsgard Hinkey FreemanWe may have to wait many more months for Season 4 of True Blood, but we’ve got great news for fans of Alexander Skarsgård: You can see him looking very handsome right now!

Aside from portraying the stoic and striking vampire Eric Northman, Alexander has also been keeping busy as the face of designer Hickey Freeman.

As shown here, Alexander dons a tux and pulls it off with panache in their newest ad which can be found inside the the Wall Street Journal Magazine’s December, 2010 issue.

Maybe fans will get to see Eric Northman in a tux in Season 4?

Source: – Alexander Skarsgård: New Hickey Freeman Ad!

(Photo Credit:  Hickey- Freeman)

  • Ms Metal Rat

    Alexander is hot! Very, very hot – in clothes or au naturale…

  • DJ

    Jaxx, I couldn’t agree with you more as far as Alex’s own perfection is concerned. He is, quite possibly, the most physically perfect man I’ve ever seen. The only woman who doesn’t fall over herself about him is the one who hasn’t SEEN him. That’s why I take issue with Hickey Freeman. He has the absolute GOLD STANDARD of models at his disposal. He has the skill to design a magnificent suit. WTF doesn’t he use them properly with equally superb tailoring and photography. If ASKARS makes you keel over in this sad attempt, imagine how you’d react if the whole shoot had been done properly!

    • jaxx

      DJ, LOL, if it was done any better, I probably would have fainted by now. I absolutely love the sly look he has in this ad. This is going to be my new screen saver. Once again, YUM.

      • DJ

        LOL, if he ever does I’ll have the smelling salts on hand. Wouldn’t want you to miss a minute!

        • ~ Caitlin

          LOL. I hope we get to see him in another suit on True Blood. The suit does seem a little snug on him though. Maybe it’s just the picture. Oh well, he still looks handsome. The man could wear a burlap potato sack and mangage to look good.

          • DJ

            Uh huh. Or nothing at all.

  • jaxx

    I don’t know if the suit fits him properly or not, but it’s good enough for me. YUM!!!! I generally do not like bow ties on a man, but he looks HOT, HOT, HOT.

  • DJ

    There’s nothing wrong with Alex, but I have issues with the suit. It’s a nice one, it appears to be well made but when Hickey Freeman pays good money for a model the calibre of Alexander Skarsgard, he should at least provide a suit that FITS! This one’s jacket button is about three inches higher than Alex’s natural waist. Worse, the suit is at least a size too small. Buttoning the jacket brings attention to the poor fit where the deep wrinkle stretches the material unbecomingly across what we know is Alex’s very muscular middle and forces the left side of the collar to stand up instead of laying flat like the right.

    The whole mess begs the question: Why hire a first rate model, spend the money for the photographer and the shoot and not bother to tailor the garment correctly? Hickey Freeman needs to stick to designing suits and get himself a better photographer, a better tailor and a more atute advertising agency that would not allow this disaster to appear in print.

  • val