Alexander Skarsgard Movie Trailer for Beyond The Pole

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alexander-skarsgard-1Alexander Skarsgard who plays Eric Northman in Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood co-stars with Rhys Thomas, Stephen Mangan, Mark Benton, and Rosie Cavaliero in the upcoming movie entitled “Beyond the Pole” scheduled for release sometime in 2009.  “Beyond the Pole” is a comical moc-documentary with Stephen Mangan playing the role of a environmental crusader with Green Wing who is determined to become the first vegetarian, carbon neutral explorer to make it to the North Pole in an attempt to draw attention to environmental causes while his friend just wants to get into the Guinness Book of Records.  Alexander Skarsgard is cast to play the role of Terje in this British comedy which seems to be quite funny as you will see in the trailer below.


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  • oops forgot to say (sorry – I sort of wanted him for myself but I realise thats less than civic!) get your tickets at London’s ICA cinema and its running from the 12th Feb- 28th Feb:

    and if you want to know where i got the info from? Facebook (those lovely people from Beyond the Pole are on it and they do occasionally give away very nice freebies!!!)

  • Tckets for Beyond the Pole have just gone on sale now and it has had some absolutely fantastic reviews!

    “exceptional…a consistently enjoyable romp” EMPIRE
    “superb…beautifully drawn characters” EYEFORFILM
    “unique…a great film” BRITFLICKS

    I’ve got my tickets and I can’t wait!!! Eric in the dark – come to me my pretty!!! hehehe!! Noww hmmm – what (not) to wear….!!

  • wowthatsbonzer

    check out wowthatsbonzer – great footage from recent test screening – alexander skarsgard is quite brilliant and film is previewing in fort lauderdale film fest in oct

  • readsallnight

    Very funny!

    I thought I was watching an out-take of a blooper, where the actors start rough housing because they messed up the scene; it seemed so natural. I loved the stereotypical accent Alex takes on for the role.

    I’M MARRIED!!!!

  • Debbie

    Looks like a very funny movie.

    I would definitely go watch it 🙂

  • EricsLover