Alexander Skarsgard named “Rising Star” by Access Hollywood

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alexander_skarsgard_true_blood_tails_for_whales3Access Hollywood has named Alexander Skarsgard as the ‘new rising star’ for his powerful role as Eric Northman in Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood and for his brilliant performance in “Generation Kill”.  Each week True Blood‘s 4 million plus fans, with a cumulative total of 11 million, are sitting on the edge of their seats eagerly waiting to watch the fate of the characters including Alexander Skarsgard‘s multi-dimensional, dark and mysterious Eric Northman.   In season 1 we saw Alexander’s character sit eerily on his throne at Fangtasia just absorbing his surroundings and not saying much to which made me wonder whether I should loathe him or love him.  Since season 2 premiered Alex has taken command of his character that exudes confidence and approachability with his laid back demeanor and attire. The 32-year old actor said that he couldn’t have imagined playing a role as his on True Blood. Alex said:

“A 1,000-year-old flying Viking Vampire is quite different from most of my previous roles,”

Alexander said it is gratifying to play a character that walks the line ever so closely to both good and evil simultaneously. Alex said:

“I love that he drains people with an innocent smile on his face”.

Asked about his accent on True Blood, he explains he fine tuned it from “Generation Kill” and was able to use his native language, Swedish to add a bit more mystique and authenticity to Eric Northman as the 1,000-year-old Viking vampire.

When asked about Season 3, Alexander explained that he doesn’t even know what is in store for his role as Eric, nor who he may sink his teeth into. Perhaps he will rip off another limb effortlessly but, hopes that his character governs supreme as he does now in the fictional town of Bon Temps.

Alex said:

“The writers haven’t started working on Season 3 yet, so I’m not sure but, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for world domination.”

When asked if his character and Anna Paquin’s character Sookie Stackhouse, will become more cozy and intimate to which he simply said, “maybe” with an ever so slight sound of excitement.

Alexander said that the new found attention in Hollywood as a heartthrob is remarkable and is more than delighted to share the spotlight with Stephen Moyer, who plays our charming, smoldering Bill Compton. Alex went to say:

“The attention is very flattering; I heard that fans are divided between Eric and Bill. To be honest, I’m Stephen’s biggest fan; I actually founded the fan club  “Bills Babes”.

Not only is Alexander very genuine and humble but, quite funny as well. Besides the remaining episodes of Season 2 of True Blood, Alexander will soon be seen in three upcoming movies, “Straw Dogs” along with James Marsden and Kate Bosworth“Metropia” with his father, Stellan Skarsgard and Juliette Lewis, and “13” in which he said:

“are all pretty dark films. Would be fun to do something with a little less blood and death before we start Season 3 of “True Blood.”

I think most fans would enjoy seeing him as a leading man in just about anything because he has proven himself time and time again from his work in his home country of Sweden to here in America.  He is truly a talented actor who is a force to be reckoned.  When asked whom he would hope to work with Alex said:

“Guillermo del Toro because he never lets fear get in the way of his curiosity” and Woody Allen because he’s a legend”.

With his fierce performance as Eric Northman in True Blood each week and his brilliant performance as Brad Colbert in HBO’s, Generation Kill, I have a feeling we will see Alexander both on the small and big screens.  With the continued success of HBO’s True Blood and his portrayal of one of the most respected and loved vampires, Alexander is definitely a rising star to watch.
Alex said:

“Thanks Access Hollywood. Glad you like the show and I’m extremely honored you picked me as the ‘new rising star.”

True Blood airs every Sunday on HBO at 9PM.

(Picture Source: HBO)

  • pbartteacher

    I am sure there will be many True Blood fans who be buying a ticket for that movie.

  • jay

    The whole cast are so talented, and it helps that you have great writing. In my opinon, the two emotional scenes involving eric and sookie. First, when godric dies. Second, when sookie is dreaming about comforting eric straight after godrics final death. Are the two scenes that have made this season. Without them the show would feel like another bubble gum action/sex/violence wannabe.
    The performances by Alexander and Anna I feel have carried this season. Not undermining other performances, and I acknowledge both eric and sookie have had alot of focus this season.(I am sure if their came a season where the show decided to develop and focus more on bills character, or the others. Then Stephen Moyer, and the other cast would do it more than justice.)
    I am hoping both AS & AP get recognition for their great work this season.
    Also saw Alex in the film where he plays a transvestite. I didnt even recognise him.. Very talented! He will have a long successful career!

    • pbartteacher

      I couldn’t agree with you more. It is my hope that this show gets the the recognition it deserves. Anna Paquin deservedly received a Golden Globe last year for her performance in Season One.

      It is my hope and wish that True Blood will be nominated for many more Golden Globes. Outstanding drama, Outstanding actress-Anna Paquin, outstanding actor-Alexander Skarsgard(again, this is tough because of Stephen Moyer’s character but I believe Alexander’s character has just had some awesome writing this season and spot on delivery by the extremely talented AS), best supporting actor-Nelsan Ellis (this one is tough because I though Allan Hyde was mesmerizing), and best supporting actress-Rutina Wesley. Of course this is all my opinion and doesn’t mean a darn thing in the scheme of things in Hollywood.

      I have watched Kill Your Darlings and the Emmy nominated Generation Kill. I admittedly am not a fan of war dramas but this grabbed my attention from the start. I almost didn’t recognize him as Sgt. Brad Colbert except for the trademark smile,6’5″ stature and his trademark shoulders.

      • Val

        Right on target as always Pbart.I actually watched GenerationKill AFTER I got hooked by TrueBlood and fell for the Viking! I too did not like War films/series(I especially disagreed with THIS particular war!)but just had to see him in it! I was truly amazed at the content,acting and reality of the series.Alex was amazing, as well as LT frick,Ray Person and many other GREAT characters who made this a riviting series even for un-miliary people like me. I was very happy to hear that it has gotten 11 nominations for Emmys-well done! I am now reading the book as well because I am an avid reader and need all perspectives. I am also interested in how Alex will take his new character in the re-make of “Straw Dogs”!

        • pbartteacher

          I’m looking forward to the release of Straw Dogs next summer and Alexander’s performance. I know that the remake will have a different spin from the original with Dustin Hofmann. Our tall viking will be playing the ex-boyfriend football type who has violent tendencies.

          The one reason I will be watching the Emmy’s this year, not necessarily because of True Blood since they had such few nominations but because of Generation Kill. I am hoping that Alexander will be in attendance as well as James Ransone. I loved his character of Cpl. Josh Ray Person. He and Alex played so well off each other. All of those scenes in the HumV with the reparte, singing, joking and of course the acts of war.

          I agree with you about the Iraqi war. Unfortunately, entirely too many people have died in that war and continue to do so today. IMO.I appreciate the sacrifices that our men and women make in the line of duty but having said that I am not sure it was a mission that was needed. WMD? Yeah, right.

          • Elizabeth D

            I’m looking forward to the re-make as well since it has a completely different feel and spin. I think he will give a great performance playing the ex-football star with a violent streak with Kate Bosworth. I love Jimmy Marsden too, so the whole cast is a win win for me!

  • I, too, have been watching Alex and did so enjoy his performance in Generation kill. I have hopes that we get to see more of the Sookie/Eric pairing in Sookie’s head, or better yet, bed. The chemistry between the two actors is palpable and both do so well bringing the range of emotions in their character to the surface that spark those intensive love scenes with just enough vulnerability from Eric and the way Sookie cradles his head in her hands is so tender and erotic at the same time it drives me insane for more of this smokin’ hot couple.

    • pbartteacher

      Couldn’t agree with you more PJ. The last few episodes that Alexander has appeared in have been outstanding. Not only in the acting and performances but also in the writing. Without good writing to start, our Viking Vampire would not have the platform to give such outstanding performances. The entire cast is worthy of many awards in the upcoming months. It is my hope that the Emmy committee will be watching this Season with a more informed eye. Kudos to our sexy Swede and all the recognition that he deserves. I look forward to even more outstanding performances not only from Alex but all of the True Blood ensemble cast.

  • Missyella

    His performance in this episode, was so awe inspiring, hateful liar, (a small falsehood)!!!! insolent, caring, pleading Eric all in one episode. I had tears in my Eyes when he pleased with Godric on the Roof, then he stood up and man o man, the height, clad all in black, never have I seen someone look so handsome and vunerable at the same time.

    Hopefully, he will keep making quirky independent films and not get sucked into the Hollywood machine. The range of the man is immense.

    But then the Skarsgard clan as an acting family is great too.

  • TreasureCoast

    He was featured in TV Guide. His picture is to die for!! 😉

    • Val

      Yah=I agree!I live alone so I put it in my bedroom where I can see him!

  • Tracey

    He rocked last night. Makes me just love him as an actor and eric even more>>>OMG>>>

  • Elizabeth D

    God, and his performance last night was magnificent! When he fell before Godric and wept & pleaded, it made me so teary-eyed, while Sookie looked on. I thought last night was amazing and his performance was powerful. And of course after Sookie sucked the bullets & Bill told her he was healing, Eric (Alexanders) face was priceless with a smirk of pleasure. I am sure he will be in something other than Thor. I agree, he would be great, but perhaps there is something even better in store for him!

  • Loleaf

    Alex is a great actor!!! He just captures your attention with every role he plays. They are going to be completely sorry that they didn’t choose him for the character of Thor. He would have been perfect for the role!!

  • Elizabeth D.

    I couldn’t agree more, he is such a talented, class A act and deserves the recognition! Thanks for reading the articles and your input back!

  • pbartteacher

    Thanks for bringing the article about Alex to the True Blood website. It is great that Alexander is getting the recognition that he deserves. Both Generation Kill and True Blood are wonderful shows. Not all, but some of the credit definitely goes to Alexander. Hoping we see more of him on the small and big screen soon.

  • Options

    Wow! It great to see this article finally posted here. Alex is such an amazing actor! I’m so glad to see him getting the recognition he deserves. Yayyy!

  • Janie Logan

    Good for him! I’m looking forward to seeing lots more of him in the future. I think that’s hilarious that he said he founded “Bill’s Babes.” You can just tell he’s not letting fame go to his head. Yay Alex!

  • Val

    Well I think they are right on target!He is a great actor as well as being hot and sexy!!He deserved the tribute!

  • Alexander L

    Great article Elizabeth, keep it up! Ladies, there is plenty of these men to go around, share the love;-)

  • _Zandra_

    i prefered Bill’s character in the first season, but now I can’t help it: i find him too boring and repetitive. Eric is waaay more interesting than him. Hopefully, they’re gonna dig into his personality a bit more in this season 🙂

  • Tracey

    LOVE IT! I don’t think I can ever get enough of him or Bill EVER! less than 8 hours!

  • Heather

    Wow he is so worth the rising star award and more! He seems so down to earth and humble I would croak if i met him!