Alexander Skarsgard Photo Shoot With EW

December 20, 2009 by  

Alexander-Skarsgard-photoshoot-EWAlexander Skarsgard who plays Eric Northman, the 1000 year old viking vampire in Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood is featured in Entertainment Weekly‘s photo shoot in their latest issue.  Alex responds to the question about the pressure to top season 2 to which Alex states that Alan Ball is a “f***ing genius” and since True Blood has been such an amazing success, HBO has given Alan permission to do almost anything he wants.  He goes on to say that after reading the scripts for the first few episodes that season 3 is going to be wilder and deeper.

True Blood fans cannot wait for its return so in the meantime go out and buy the issue to tie you over!


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  • Emma

    GAH. Hope hes shirtless or getting it on at least a little bit… as much as I appreciate how great of an actor he is I still want to see more of his hotness. Best. Character. Ever.

  • Jacqueline

    I only signed up for HBO to watch Trueblood everything else I could care less about. I only want Eric, I plan on trying to see a shoot at Fangtasia since I live near Long Beach! I can’t wait, I might just jump him hes so hot!

    • missyella

      Jacqueline, join the ever growing queue haha………………..

  • Monica

    In the video Interview(on you tube about this Photoshoot) he said :

    “I’ll do my best to mess things up between Sookie and Bill. We’ll see how well I do.”

    OMG!!!!!I really can’t wait!!!!

  • Monica

    Seson 3 Wilder and Deeper?
    Oh, i defenitly like that…^^
    maybe a deeper Eric too….ahahah^^

    • Lori

      Amen to that sister!

      • Val

        Ladies is he HOTTT or what!>!??? I could just eat him up-yum!!

        • missyella

          Val, put him down, you really must share lol…………..seriously I really cannot wait to S3, 4, it can only get better..