Alexander Skarsgard Plays Transvestite in Kill Your Darlings

August 13, 2009 by  

alexander65With Alexander Skarsgard‘s growing popularity as Eric on True Blood, Star Magazine did some digging into his past work. What they discovered was that he once played a transvestite in the 2006 movie Kill Your Darlings.

A small independent film from Swedish director Bjorne Larson, Kill Your Darlings features a motley crew of quirky characters on a road trip to Las Vegas to see a celebrity TV psychiatrist (a “Dr. Phil” type). The adventure soon becomes a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with the group of misfits. Alexander plays Geert, a 6’4″ transvestite with suicidal tendencies after a string of relationships with cruel men.

Star spoke to the movie’s costume designer, Gina Hendrix, about what it was like dressing Alexander:

“It was a real hunt to find things that fit him. We finally found his main outfit, a dress and camisole, in a plus-size store for ladies. And let me tell you, the only women’s shoes out there that can fit a man’s size 13 foot look like they belong to a prostitute.”

The ensemble cast includes some other familiar faces, including Dexter’s Julie Benz and Boston Legal’s John Larroquette. The film was praised for its wacky, dark humor and was selected for the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.

It’s nice to see some of Alexander‘s depth as an actor. Most of us have probably only seen him playing the Viking vampire, Eric Northman, on True Blood, and perhaps as a Marine sergeant on HBO‘s Generation Kill. His role in Kill Your Darlings certainly shows his softer side! Fans of Alexander might just want to take a look at a particular scene from the movie in which he shaves his chest and legs while wearing very little clothing.


(Photo credit: Lubbe Garell)

  • Amanda

    Well, my movie came; Alex of course was great and still very cute even as a suicidal-transvestite. He was featured alot in the film, but it was a very quiet part without a whole lot of dialogue. I’m glad I watched it; I wouldn’t say it was my favorite movie ever, but it was an interesting movie and had a happy ending for such a dark-subject movie.
    I’d watch anything he was in; I’m a pretty damn level-headed grounded person, and he just MELTS me and you might say i’m twitterpated. (and for you young’uns – that terminology pre-dates Twitter by 1/4 of a century or more!) LOL; showing my age. Maybe Alex would like himself a cougar (although I’m only 2yrs older than he is?!) ROTFLMAO!! one can only dream…

    • missyella

      Amanda you are a baby Cougar, compared to my 14 years older.

      I wonder if he likes older women???? lol

      I am still awaiting my copy of Kill your Darlings, we have had so many postal strikes in London, it has now become quite annoying.

      I watched all of Cuppen (known in South Africa as Score)on You Tube, it is set in Sweden and South Africa. It has been uploaded in 8,10 minute scenes but you could follow it by episode 1 scenes 1-6 etc. There are 3 episodes in total and added together comes to around three hours.

      Good series with laugh out loud moments. my favourite lines:

      “You think Swedes are stupid, reply not just Swedes, all white people are stupid”

      “South African – come back down to the Club, Micke (alex’s character) “all that happened was that you gave us, Drinks, Drugs, Women…………………………………….which was nice” You have got to love this scene.

      One problem, the only time English is spoken, is when the South African and Alex and Ivan (another character/friend) are speaking to each other, otherwise it is in Svenska and Afrikaans.

      Om Sara is v good as well, Alex has a clear Shower Curtain scene, blink and you miss, but there non the less, followed by a self enjoyment scene while watching a Porn film, as his Girlfriend waits for him to come to Bed, falls asleep and wakes up them stumbles upon his activities.

      He has a nice Bottom scene on his Wedding night, quite painful to watch, bearing in mind what he is doing.

      Unfortunately it and the Hundtricket (The Dog Trick) are both unavailable and believe me I have tried to find them.

      I don’t know who uploaded the scenes onto You Tube, but again you can follow both by watching them in sequence.

      Sorry if my descriptions are on the carnal side, but as you say, I have also been sucked in by his beauty, and from what I have seen and heard from him, his kindness, that I cannot help but find out what he is in and like you will probably watch evrything that he has made and will make.

      Keep dreaming I know I will.

  • Rebecca

    It just goes to show that Alex is talented. I can’t wait to watch him in years to come,because I know his True Blood fans will follow him where ever he goes.

  • vampirebelle


  • I really enjoyed this film when I saw it. I thought all the actors were quite good. Nice to see him in something outside the norm. 🙂

  • Janie

    He was so funny in Zoolander! And definitely gorgeous enough to be a model.

    Amanda, I hope the movie is good! I watched parts of it to write this article and thought Alex was awesome. His character is CRAZY- I bet he had so much fun making it.

  • Amanda

    I picked this up on ebay last week for under $5 – anxiously waiting its arrival!

  • cgpunker

    Has he ever been in anything in the US that doesn’t have another vampire in it? LOL. Kellan Lutz. Julie Benz.

    I’ve seen it. It’s not great, but it’s not bad either. He’s very good in it.

    • cgpunker, Alex had a very minor role in Zoolander… With VERY short hair!

      • Cgpunker

        Isis, you’re right. I forgot about Zoolander! No other vamps in that one(that I can think of)
        just thought it was funny with Lutz in GK and Benz from Angel. Lol

    • Val

      He starred in Generation Kill on HBO-he was marvelous!!!