Alexander Skarsgård Podcast Interview

January 26, 2009 by  

alexswedenThe wonderful ladies at had the privilege to do a telephone interview with Alexander Skarsgård on January 25, 2009.  Alexander answered questions that were submitted by fans to The questions were wide and varied and ranged from how he started his acting career to what we may see in season 2 and what to expect from Eric Northman, the 1000 year vampire on Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV Series “True Blood”. 

Alexander provides a few details describing how he got the part of Eric Northman and how he prepared for the part.  What was interesting in the interview is Alex mentions that he had to work with a dialogue coach to sound more American when he was in “Generation Kill” and then when he started “True Blood” on the first day somone told him that he sounded too American and if he could sound more Scandinavian.  Alex mentioned he bascially had to unlearn what he learned from working on “Generatin Kill”.  As for details regarding “True Blood”,  Alex stated that he has read up to book 5 and is aware what occurs in the books as to if the show is going to follow the same path he states “we will have to wait and see.”  As to which was his favorite book he stated that Living Dead in Dallas, Book 2 intrigued him the most.  All that he could say regarding season2 in resepect to his character is that he will try to present a deeper level and more sides of his character’s personality.  Go to the’s website to hear the complete podcast and hear in detail his description regarding his acting career and some tidbits that Eric fans will enjoy.


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