Alexander Skarsgard, Rutina Wesley and Nelsan Ellis At The Young Hollywood Party

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On Tuesday, December 8, 2009, Alexander Skarsgard, Rutina Welsey and Nelsan Ellis attended the InStyle 2nd Annual Golden Globe Young Hollywood Party saluting young Hollywood stars at the Nobu Los Angeles in West Hollywood, California.  It is wonderful to see some of the True Blood cast out and about allowing fans to get a glimpse of them as we all anxiously wait for season 3 to return.

Alexander Skarsgard Young Hollywood Party

Golden Globe Awards Young Hollywood Party

Rutina Wesley Golden Globe Awards Party Honoring Young Hollywood

Rutina Wesley at the Golden Globe Awards Party Young Hollywood Party

Nelsan Ellis Golden Globe Awards Young Hollywood Party

(Photo credits: Reuters/Danny Moloshok and AP Photo/Matt Sayles via

  • Kristi


  • rugby82

    oh Alex… are Eric for me…and that’s a huge compliment becouse Eric is great, is unique!!!
    btw…i can’t wait to see those flashbacks very funny as Alex described them…well Alex is always happy i guess..ahaha^^

  • inka

    oh I missed Nelsan! He’s definiately a Rat Pack.

  • inka

    Alex is the only one (almost) worthy the new BRAT PACK/RAT PACK title for me.. but rather prefer him as a new JD! don’t care if he always sport the same hipster outfit lol. it’s charming. 😛

  • Alex is simply stunning in all aspects. He is a talented and versatile actor, genuinly nice and uber sexy! He was born to play Eric Northman, but I enjoy all of AS work! <3

  • jaxx

    Anxious isn’t the word. lol. Rutina looks beautiful. I love Nelsan’s look as well. And Alex, well there are not enough words to describe that gorgeous man. If you are reading this Alex, yes, you are loved and adored by many.

    • pbartteacher

      Hey Jaxx, aren’t those photos just absolutely stunning? I think it is the color of the background and Alexander’s eyes. I am sure this photo will cause some global warming problems. LOL. Good to see you here.

  • pbartteacher

    Thanks Ollie for posting the article and absolutely gorgeous pictures of our True Blood favorites. I will admit that Alexander’s picture is already on my desktop slide show. Can never have too many Alexander pictures. 🙂

    Were there any videos from last night’s red carpet? I always enjoy those interviews and the reparte with the paparazzi and media.

    • Hi pbartteacher!

      I have been checking to see if any videos have come out from the red carpet but so far nothing. I remember there was video coverage of the event but sometimes the videos start filtering in after a day or two. I remember last year Evan Rachel Wood was featured alot in the red carpet videos, though not by the regular celebrity websites but a regular news media sites I believe. Hopefully something will pop up soon! I am keeping my eyes peeled and my computer set on alert. 🙂

      • pbartteacher

        Good to know your computer is set for vamp alerts. LOL. Thanks again for all your efforts with the site. I have been watching for the videos but nothing so far. They will show up sooner or later for sure.

        Love the red carpet videos always so interesting to watch and listen to our True Blood favs.

        Next week the Golden Globes nominations come out on the 15th of December. Keeping my fingers crossed here that True Blood has many nominations.

  • Val

    Geez Alex is GORGEOUS!