Alexander Skarsgård at Season 3 True Blood Premiere in Poland

October 3, 2010 by  

Alexander Skarsgård talks about being Eric Northman, True Blood, and himself!

HBO‘s True Blood recently had its Season 3 premiere in Poland.  Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman), walked the red carpet, did interviews and chatted with fans and we have videos of his appearances.

In this first video we see Skarsgård arriving at the premiere along with fans of the show choosing I Love Eric or I Love Sookie buttons.

In this video we see Skarsgård greeted warmly at the Season 3 discussion.

In discussing the history and background of Eric Northman, Skarsgård offers us this about Eric:

“Charlane didn’t really say where he was from so I took it upon myself.  I decided he was from southeast Sweden.  That’s where my family is from.”

Alexander also discusses what they do on hiatus and how he feels about his castmates:

“You know, I’m from Stockholm, Sweden and the show films in Los Angeles which is a long way from home.  So when I’m away they are my family away from my real family”

In this video Skarsgard discusses his decision to move to America to further his career.

“I was getting typecast in Sweden, I was still playing the college football player at 26, 27. I needed new challenges”

I think we’re all pretty glad that he decided to hop the pond for new roles!

In an interview with Dzien Dobry, Alexander discusses leaving acting at a young age and why he decided to start again among other things.

“I left acting at 13.  I just quit.  I didn’t decide to come back until I was 21.”

We’re all glad he came back!  From his amazing turn in ‘Kill Your Darlings’ to our beloved Eric Northman we can all be pleased with his return to acting.

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