Alexander Skarsgard Spills Specifics to Swedish Magazine

March 15, 2010 by  

Swedish magazine “Onyanserat” got down to specifics with Alexander SkarsgardTrue Blood‘s Eric Northman — in a recent interview translated by

In the interview, Alexander describes a typical day in his life, his favorite things, and ideas for an Eric-centric spin-off of True Blood.

Alexander said he’s busy shooting True Blood Season 3 this spring, and his off-screen schedule is pretty tame.

“I get up, drink my tea, read “DN” (Swedish newspaper) on the net, go to work, come home, have dinner and go over next day scenes.”

When asked if he would consider doing a True Blood spin-off focused on his character, Alexander called the idea “brilliant.” He event suggested a possible plot for the series (though from the looks of it, he’s being facetious).

“I think Eric the Viking King would be a brilliant sitcom. Probably set in a high school environment. Kind of like an updated version of Fresh Prince.”

Alexander confessed that he doesn’t get a lot of job offers from his home county, Sweden. He has worked on Swedish movie sets in the past though, and he said the main difference from American sets is that “the hierarchy is more evident” in the states. He also said that for $10 million he would play himself in a movie.

He also answered some quickie questions about a few of his favorite things. Here are his answers:

Movie: “A Prophet” (Oscar nominated French film released in 2009)

Actor: “Jeff Bridges did deserve winning that Oscar this year.”

Director: “Would love to work with the Cohen brothers

Line: “They pissed on my fucking rug.” ( The Big Lebowski)

Tagline: “When you deal a fast shuffle, love is in the cards.” (The Lady Eve)

TV: “The Colbert Report

TV host: “Bill Moyers

Most underrated actor of all times? “Woody Harrelson


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  • anonymouse

    It’s Coen Brothers, BTW

  • AmaZen

    You gotta love this guy’s sense of humour. Eric in a sitcom?!? No. Way. And he knows that.
    Play himself for $10 mil? When he does it everyday for free?
    I think I’m in love!

  • Vero

    Yes!!! I love the idea of an Eric Spin-off!!! lol It would stop so many arguments 🙂 I would Definitely watch that show!! 😉

  • Loleaf

    How could you not love him. He’s comical, georgous, HOT, and has a good head on his shoulders. WOW!!!

  • jaxx

    He seems like such a great, fun guy. The girls should be beating down his door to date him. If I were younger and single, I know I would. 🙂 (Hey, a girl can dream can’t she!!) LOL.

    • Nia

      Hi Jaxx!!!
      How the heck are ya!
      I posted late last night after work. Jeez I should go check my spelling…its probably attrocious! LOL
      In the middle of very long bad work weeks. So I sneak in when I can.
      As to the handsome viking….as was said many times before, I would not kick him out of bed for eating crackers!!!! LOL
      Just perhaps a spanking would do!!
      Sorry just having a laugh, makes all else bearable!

      Love your viking! (definitely would make a great bumper sticker!)

      • jaxx

        Nia, too funny. I bet you would sell a lot of those bumper stickers. I know I would buy one. lol.

  • Nia

    He really is alot of fun! I like his choices!

    “The Eric the Viking Show”!

    OOOO the possibilities!! LOL

  • Rose

    The Big Lebowski is a classic! The rug brought the room together!

  • Alex’s love of The Colbert Report makes me admire him a LOT more (though I’d upgrade to adore if he’d said The Daily Show FOLLOWED BY The Colbert Report). 😀 Eh, either way… Alex is still cute, and I’m glad to hear that we have a favorite show (besides True Blood) in common!

    • Sandy

      Isis I read something ages ago (I honestly do not follow this man tho)! That he watches both. Daily & Colbert.
      He had me at Bill Moyers!! *thinks to self, have I blogged w/this Swede*?!? (if he hits the sites he’s mentioned before than possibly).


      • LOL, Sandy! I know what to talk about with Alex now if I run into him on the street! *giggling* And if he ever films in the city I live in (which is highly possible because almost everything films here at some point or other), then I can say hi and ask if he’s caught up with my two favorite shows! 😀

        • Sandy

          Well if you do let me know! I would love to photograph that face (yeah yeah, only a couple I want to photograph – the other one I met 15yrs ago HAHA). I’d have to pass on my information and ask if I could do a shoot for charity!
          *evil grin*


  • Ashley

    I love the Big Labowski! …”and pissed on your fucking rug”